Welcome to another brand new trip series of mine! Penang Mattress Run! I finally decide to check off another bucketlist of mine, especially in South East Asia. Penang, a city that I have wanted to head to for ages, especially after watching the drama that was filmed in Penang. Travelling never stops for Seeing The World In Steps! Fresh off Europe and even a trip to KL with my besties, I am constantly complexed by my need to travel. Seeing that I had time on my hand as well as needing to clock some nights to renew my status for Hilton. There comes about this trip. Furthermore tickets were rather affordable and there is a huge promo for Hilton. I will share more on it when I get to the hotel review next! First up. TGM! A restaurant under Priority Pass! Now, is this a lounge or a restaurant? I am sure that everyone is very familiar with Priority Pass but this restaurant thing is rather “new”. Priority Pass takes in some restaurant where members get a credit to spend on food items in places when lounge options are hard to come by. They are usually stateside, although surprising there is one in my home airport, Singapore Changi Airport. I went about to try it during this trip of mine. TGM is said as an Japanese Korean cuisine restaurant

Given that there is no lack of Priority Pass lounge in Singapore, it is kind of a surprise that there is a restaurant offering here. While it works both ways that we as passengers get more offerings, restaurants are also able to have the opportunity to make more revenue while they have spare capacity. TGM is located in Terminal 2. You are able to access it given that Singapore shares a common sterile transit area, might be a little trouble if you are flying out from Terminal 4. TGM also works for both Arrival and Departure! So if you want to solve your dinner after landing prior to heading home you can do so here as well. TGM is open from 0600 to 0100 Daily. Last order seems to be around 0000 midnight from my experience. I tried it both during the departure of this trip and also after arrival. Perks of having an unlimited Priority Pass.

Even though I am not flying out of Terminal 2 it is easy enough to get there with the sky train. Furthermore, in Singapore you can clear immigration at any of the terminals, provided that you do not have checked baggage out of a particular terminal. It is located a level above the main terminal. It is quite easy to find, first you approach the staff near the entrance and inform that you will like to use Priority Pass then after swiping the card and seeing your boarding pass he will be able to take your order from their Corporate Set. Each entrance allows you to choose one item from the set. You are able to use your guesting privileges here as well. In contrast to the usual credit kind at Priority Pass restaurant, here you choose an item from their Corporate Set which is pretty extensive, there are 7 items on the list, ranging from Sashimi Bento Set to Saba, Tempura or even a Korean Rice Cake Set. The meals are served bento way. There is also a drink included and you can choose various can soft drinks. Of course being a restaurant you can order from their normal ala carte menu as well.

The environment is pretty nice and on both of my visit it is always quiet. Although since this is a restaurant there isn’t really any privacy or lounging space. It is an actual restaurant. The food will then be brought to you once ready. Everything is prep fresh from othering since this is a restaurant. Serving time pretty slow around 15 mins. The advantage here over a normal lounge is that you food is cooked fresh to order rather than a mediocre buffet line you can usually find.

The Food was good, high quality and delicious as well. I tried a couple of them between my choice and my family. We got the Salmon Butteryaki, Chicken Teriyaki as well as the Saba Teriyaki set. The portion is pretty substantial. Besides the bento you also get a soup and a rice. Satisfying. They also come with a couple of side dishes and fruits as well. It is a whole meal. Here are some pictures.

The Salmon Butteryaki is definitely my recommends, the salmon is fresh and cooked perfectly. The butter glaze of finish is also tasty. I love it. I really like the concept of the restaurant and it is really a nice option for us using the Changi Airport. Although I get that a main ideal concept of a lounge is to be able to have some drinks and a nice place to rest up while waiting for your flight or to work. TGM do not satisfy any of this. But their food is hands down the best when compared with the PP lounges. Best is you have an unlimited card, head to TGM for a meal first and then go to a lounge to chill before your flight.

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