Penning down my very first time on Ryan Air, I am sad to say that it is probably going to be my very last time as well. This is going to be less of a flight review but rather more of my whole flight experience on board Ryan Air. Europe most infamous budget air. Or the one that tries to milk out everyone. I do not know much but perhaps it seems that they have a much more profitable model than conventional ones. Continuing on my journey, my next destination is Dublin. The only direct flights are Aer Lingus but operated by Stobart Air or by Ryan Air. Ryan Air timing works better and they are like cheaper by 300. In total I paid for 195 SGD for 3 tickets and 2 add on bags. Which is why I go ahead with them. I guess it is also interesting to try out the most notorious airline in the world.

Knowing or all the unique and out of the blue rules and policies of Ryan Air, I did much research and read up on them before booking the tickets and to also make sure that I have everything on hand. Simply do this even if you are a frequent flyer. Everything is different. No cabin baggage, print your own boarding pass, if not that would be 40 euros. That cost more than my tickets itself. Furthermore, I read that you have to get a chop for non european passport at the baggage desk, although it turn out to be unnecessary.

Booking process was actually the most “easy” part of the whole experience. Similar to the cookiecutter airlines, there are tons of add ons. Baggage also cost lesser when adding them at the point of booking. I would also like to say that the baggage part is the most inflexible ones that I have encountered among budget airlines. E.g When buying baggage you will need to buy for all the passenger in your booking and not just one person. This system is super annoying especially since I just want to add a carry on.

Ryan Air just constantly prompt you for extras. They is nothing much to talk about a 1hr flight. But it is literally the worst. It all starts when I arrive at the airport even though I gave myself a 3 hr buffer. There was a super long q at the baggage drop, people were queuing with their “luggages” like literally! It seems that I have just arrive behind a group of middle east travellers. Who were annoying and dumb. Ryanair strictly only open their desk 2 hours before departure which makes me wonder if I would make it to my flight. These travellers, 90% of them have overweight baggage, adding up so much time to clear since the ground staff are money grabbers!

I had experience with Budget but this is way more budget. Cater extra extra time! I took me around 1.5hr to drop off my bags. Security was long as well in Glasgow taking me about 20 mins to get pass. Timing is really tight and I am constantly stress over making it to my flight. We had less than 15 mins from the time the gate is announced to final call. Well but then boarding is delay and a rush as well. It was said that 1455 was the last call but the plane is not even there.

Boating only really started around 1545 and here is another round of checks or money collection. This time it is for carry ons. The same bunch of passengers simply do not know the rules and they are constantly having to pay for their bags. I would love to be a ground staff here if I get commissions.

Milking Process 1: Ground Staff being a cashier at baggage drop

Milking Process 2: Ground Staff being a cashier at boarding desk.

In total, I can’t comprehend how much this group of people are paying in total or how much Ryanair makes from these add ons. The Ground Staff looks much more like the cashier in a local supermarket.

Finally I am onboard the aircraft and the seats are actually alright. Not much different from a full fledged airlines. But the crew are really strict on no bags in the overhead compartments. I am alright with the leg room and all but the cabin was kept really warm. By the time we got airborne it will be my arrival time. I feel that customers need to be better informed but the main issue is they do not even tell us the flight is delayed.

Just continue reading if you like to read all the bad stuff. I slept thru most of the flight. Best tip ever if you are flying on a shitty airline. The crew did some service as well, selling drinks and all. Finally we arrive in Glasgow and had a super long taxi but it does seems to be really fast one.

Phew! You can’t imagine how glad I am to get it behind me! Finally getting on ground in Dublin. I had a friend who had the experience of sleeping in Rome Airport because of Ryan Air previously as well. Getting a feel of the realistic troublesome air travel after being pampered by sq way too much. I will surely hate travelling if all flights are like this! Overall I think that the hard product is perfect alright especially for such a short flight. The main issue would be how they handle stuff on the ground!

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  1. There is a special arrangement between the Republic of Ireland and the UK. Passport check not required even though they are two different countries. That’s why passport check was not required.


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