Shortly after deplaning, we had to go thru a security screening before entering the transit area! I was in a desperate need to get a shower after being in the air for more than 13 hours, feeling sticky and all after the journey. Thankful security was a breeze, we arrive late and night and got to deplane ahead of the other passenger. Incheon Airport is constantly one of the best in the world, competing with MY CHANGI AIRPORT and I am interested to see how different it will be after last being here back in 2012! The lounge is a short walk away and on the fourth level, next to the China Eastern Lounge and Korean Air Lounge. Do note that this lounge is due to be closed from 18 Jan 2018 till further notice. Trust me. It is definitely in need of a renovation! Seems like the review might not be relevant anymore, but I will just share a little on my thoughts here.

Let me just start by saying that this is the worse Singapore Airlines Lounge that I have been to! Given Singapore Airlines standard, it is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum. The traffic is high for Singapore Airlines to Incheon, there are about 4 flights daily to Incheon in addition to another 5th freedom flight to Los Angeles. This explains why the crowd level at Incheon is high, especially in the late morning and evening where you have much more premium passenger with access.

The decor was definitely out of this era, out of touch with the newer Silverkris lounge out there. Despite the flight just arriving, there was no queue to enter the lounge and upon presenting my boarding pass we were waive entrance. The lounge simply consists of one main room, On one side is the main buffet area and on the other side are just more seating. It stretches along the terminal windows. Although there is no view per say given the timing that I was here. In need of a shower, I approach the attendant and got a number, I was also told that there was a waiting list. The lounge continue to fill up till the point that most of the seats are taken. Here you can find typical lounge kind of chairs. In fact they were pretty uncomfortable. It seems that the lounge seems like a contract one that of the caliber of a 5 star airline like Singapore Airline. I’m sure you can do better for your premium customers!

I am happy to say that there were outlets that were easily located and the wifi is pretty usable, although spotty. Although I won’t fault them since there were operating near capacity. There were only 2 attendant working the lounge and an additional staff clearing the plates. So service is definitely below par.

Nearer to the buffet side, you are able to find dining tables to fit those who were looking to have a bite. Lets now talk a little more about the offering. There were a couple of hot dishes like chicken drumlets and stuff, which were not palatable. Some sandwiches and crackers. Then to suit the ‘Singapore Theme” they had some Kaya Bread! There were also some cup noodles and soup on offer to sum it up.

Drinks wise, there were a red and white on offer in addition to some Cava. No champagne, but cava. Yucks. liqueur wise, there are rum and whisky. the quality is normal only. You can also find some can drinks and water in the fridge. The only korean side? Korean beer was on offer.

All in all, this is one of the worse lounge that I have been to, furthermore for a airline lounge! Perhaps it is on the bright side that they close down! The wait for the showers were that long that I was so frustrated. I went over next door to the Korean Air Lounge, swipe my priority pass card and got a shower immediately. I will definitely not cater additional time to check out the lounge. For the passengers travelling on Singapore Airlines now, you will be able to access the Asiana Airlines Lounge.

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