Finally, the last journey on this whirlwind trip, heading back to my home, Singapore, who else could it be, of course, Singapore Airlines. I will be flying back home on their Business or J Class on board their 777. SQ007 will take me back home to Singapore via Incheon, South Korea. I am so looking forward to be back in their business class after a trying out the more older product 2 years back. Many people have said that the business class on board Singapore Airlines is so much better than what other airlines offered on First. With plenty of time left after leaving the lounge, I roam about the gorgeous Tom Bradley International Terminal for a while before heading to the gate. As I told you earlier, the check in process was crap and it turns out to be just a little beginning to what comes next!


Just a little recap on my booking process, I redeem my miles for the ticket back. I paid 68,000 Miles and 360 SGD in taxes and fees. This is a deal which currently right now you are unable to find anymore, I actually issued my ticket prior to SQ devaluation of their miles and there was also a 15% discount in the past. Now, you are able to get the ticket for 85,000 Miles and on the bright side, there are negligible fees to be paid.

It turns out that my flight, SQ7 is departing on a remote stand, it took me a far walk to a gate where we will be boarding some buses. Nothing good comes out of you departing on a remote stand! The whole boarding process is so chaotic, everyone was just squeezing around the area. Service as this outstation is simply ridiculous. Furthermore, the crew was also seen just being bus to the plane moments before boarding. What comes next was even ridiculous! I can’t comprehend how a 777-300 with only 264 seats can seem so crowded! Even though there is a premium bus it is still that pack like a sardine can since they squeeze all the First, Business and Premium Economy together! Here comes the ridiculous part. You head to this remote stand and you take the slope up to a bridge, they were not boarding yet, so in the weather and lack of air conditioning, you have 200 over people squeeze onto an enclosed space. Ridiculous Singapore Airlines!

There was about a 5 mins wait before boarding start, thankfully Singapore Airlines always have an ability to up their standards when onboard. It surely got much much better when I am onboard, even though the crew were rushed. Even with a sub par set of crew, the standard is still there on SQ. Although I have to say that this is definitely not the best crew that I have before, it was a mixed set! I was promptly welcomed onboard and ushered to my seat, 11A. Here is a tip for you. Always get the bulkhead seat. The first row in every cabin. This is the best row in the whole of business class! Extra legroom, which you are not limited by the seat in front of you. Check out the pictures! Furthermore, you are in the mini J Class cabin, which is a little more private in comparison to the larger business class cabin behind!

SQ does not installed any overhead bins above the middle seats in Business Class so the cabin look extremely spacious and sleek. Do not worry as there is always enough space in the bins for all the passenger. There will also be many compartments for your stuff. You can also put quite a lot of stuff under your seat. Let me first just share about the hard product! The seats look extremely sleek and new even though the product have already been there for a couple years. I’m gleaming in delight at that leg room! And the spacious sleeping area.

The leather seats alternate between a dark purple brown and a dark beach color. Along with the seat is a comfy plush pillow. I appreciate that it isn’t like some paper thin pillow. The menus and other amenities for the flight are also pre arranged on the seat! I have to say that Singapore Airlines are the most stingy airline in the world in the aspect of Amenity Kit as they do not provide it at all. Instead all you get are a pair of slippers, socks and eye shades on long haul flights. No pajamas are provided. Other amenities such as toothbrush, shaver could be found in the toilet!

Now for the seat itself, this version of Business Class is the one renewed after their squarish J Class. I am glad to say that it is still as spacious, one of the best in the industry, compared to other airline First Class! There are plenty of compartments! On the side of the seat you can find some lights, the ports to the charges and usb port. There is also a international power socket along with a compartments that is huge for a little bag, laptop and stuff.

Then to the window side of the seat, you can find the touch screen remote to the IFE as well as another compartment where you can find the headphones. This place is big enough to place some stuff as well. You could easily put your bottle or some stuff.

Krisworld, Singapore Airlines Inflight Entertainment system is award winning, the best in the industry. In Business Class you get a 18 inch HD LCD screen to complement that! It is definitely high definition and no flight is long enough to finish the selection of more than 1000 entertainment options. Besides the screen, you can also find more compartments to store your glasses and including a vanity mirror to ensure you look your very best!

I was gladly offered a welcome drink and of course I had to go with Champagne, Singapore Airlines served up Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve, it is no Dom or Krug, but definitely a solid business class champagne and perfectly drinkable. As you can see, I finish in no time. Refills are also offered during boarding! The crew also came by to offer some magazines and paper.

I love that you have two windows to myself which gave me such a great view and sunset over the coast when we are departing LAX!

Shortly after approaching cruising altitude! Service begin with a round of “after takeoff” drink. I swop to a glass of 2015 German Riesling. Germany Riesling is one of my go to for white. I love how crisp it is! In the meantime here is the menu for the flight!

For this flight, there are two service, a Dinner and Before Touchdown service. For the starter I choose the hansik options which was Marinated Seafood with Sweet Potato Noodle Salad. It is a cold appetizers which is definitely delicious. The seafood was fresh and the noodles isn’t too mushy. There was a good portion of noodles, a prawn some fish and scallop. However what was most memorable was actually the dressing! The service setting is comparable to any fine dining restaurant. The crew was also well trained and polished.

While there is no satay onboard this service, SQ have another hand up their sleeves, their SQ Garlic Bread never fails to serve, it is the best. I had a couple slices of that to go with my meal.

I do have to apologize that I did not go for something impressive from the Book The Cook, even though I did make a selection. But thankfully rather swoop for the Hansik option on the menu, since I was really sick and tired of western options. I am an asian that have been out of Singapore for 3 months! The Grilled Pork Belly in Hot Pepper Paste with Steamed Rice and Korean Soup never tasted that delicious in my life! It was served pipping hot which was polished off in no time by yours truly! The portion was good and that sauce just go so well with rice. Although it is definitely tune down for the international crowd as the dish could definitely be more spicy!

Dessert was a Cream with Tangerine Compote with is unmemorable!

With the sun setting after takeoff, it got dark after the meal service. I changed to a more comfortable t shirt to laze around. I got the crew to make the bed for me in the meanwhile. I have to say it is one of the most spacious bed in the air. For the turndown service, you get another pillow as well as a very comfortable blanket! There is a lot of complains on the bed being too hard and comfortable for me! Although I have to say that it is perfect for me since I am used to hard beds. I spend the next few hours working a bit on my laptop while grabbing some brazil coffee.

Then I spend the next hour or so chatting with the friendly Tricia and Woo Yoon who were such gems. We exchange travel adventures and our favourite places over some coffee and I also had a chance to check out the galley before I call it a night!

I have learn my lesson from previous flights that no pajamas are provided so instead, brought along a comfy tshirt, it really make such a huge difference. I was super tired and got a solid 4.5 hours sleep. The before touchdown meal started with a Marinated Crab Meat Salad which was really delicious. This is the best of the whole meal. The Crabmeat was so thick and delicious. I love the vinaigrette as well.

Next come with the huge disappointment I had with the flight, they have actually forgotten to load my mum and mine Book the Cook meal! Everyone knows you do book the cook to get a better choice that I have. The cold faced Korean Stewardess probably didn’t helped matters too! In fact, she didn’t even apologize. None of the options look appetizing at all! Given that I was not really famished at all, I got the Sauteed Fettuccine with Chicken and Arugula. It just taste alright for a plane pasta. I just had a few touch here and there before calling it quits.

I spend the next few mins liaising with the chief and FS Joshua since I had organise a surprise for my mum since it is her birthday onboard. And Joshua was such a great person. He decorated and even added some dry ice mist effect while serving the birthday cake! Furthermore his singing just made the day for my mum. The cake also came with two cute little SQ Bears. We were also offered drinks to go with it. Joshua offered me Dom from First Class which was so great! HAHA. What a great moment. We had the cake for dessert and soon we arrived at Incheon.

13 hours went by in a flash! My overall thoughts on the flight? A mixed feeling. The ground experience was a total disaster! The crew was a mixed bag! There are the good ones like Tricia, Joshua and Woo Yoon. While a couple of cold looking, emotionless ones. They messed up my meal service? Definitely not the best I had but still mangable! They do really need to improve on the ground service in LA! Stay tuned next for my review of the Incheon Silverkris Lounge and my flight to Singapore! Hope this is useful for you! SQ Business Class, always a good bet anyday, anytime!

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