Watching too many action movies like Mission Impossible or Die Hard? Or the classic HK Police dramas and TV series that you have been harp on since your. I am sure that you would like to try your hands at one of the guns that you have been seeing on your tv and movie screen. For the people like us, who lives in a strict gun control place such as Singapore, one of the way that you can try firing a firearm would be when you are in the United States! Although the guys us, do get to have an experience when we are serving in the military. However I sure did enjoying shooting my glock and beretta without the need to clean the gun after that! HAHA. I have been researching on where to head to when I know that I will be travelling to the United States. The cheapest place is to definitely do it in Texas. Between the cities that I will be travelling to. Both Las Vegas and Los Angeles offer the opportunity to do so, but I decide to head to the Los Angeles Gun Club since it is more affordable!

The LAGC or Los Angeles Gun Club, is located in the vicinity of Downtown, but still pretty inaccessible. The best way there would be a uber or lyft. It is located in somce warehouse area. The lyft ride there cost me around 6 bucks from DTLA so it is still pretty affordable. It is open daily, but I do suggest you to check their website before heading down. Some rules for shooting in the state of California. For the tourist like us, you will need to be in a party of 2 since you are going to rent a gun. In fact you can share a lane in party of 2. The youngest age allowed is 10 but you will need to be accompanied by an adult of 21. No experience is needed, staff would be there to guide you. You will need to have your ID along.


I thought that it would be rather quiet and quaint, but in fact when I was there, it turn out to be rather packed and bustling. The staff even said that it is a quiet day. In fact on certain days, there could be queues of up to 3 hours. Thankfully there was no wait when I was there.

Seems like there are a lot of gun fanatics in town! The moment after entering, you will see an assortment of guns on the walls and shelves, it just look like a armory that you see in the shows. Whatever guys you name it, most likely you will find it there. You can choose what you want to shoot and also the caliber that you want as well. Check them out!

Now! How much does it cost you to shoot here? The general guide is that it will cost you around 50 bucks for 2 person. It actually depends on how many guns you want to try and the number of bullets you want to shoot! Rental charge of the lane cost $24 for the 1st person and $6 for the 2nd person. It is a flat fee and you can use for 2 hours. Rental of guns cost from $5 – $25 and ammunition starts from about $15. The target paper cost around 50 cents. I spend a total of $64.83. Rental cost me $30, I got a Glock that cost $5 and a Beretta that cost $10. Two targets that cost me $0.90 and a box of 9mm bullets that cost $15.98.

I really wanted to try a Glock since they are the most popular handgun in the world and I have seen it so many times in the shows and movies. The settled on a beretta since they are like an icon. I settled on the same caliber so I can share a box of the ammunition. First you approach one of the staff then he will guide you through, you find up a disclaimer form and then they check your ID. Then you can start telling him what gun you want and stuff. The staff will be there to guide you. If you do not know how to operate the gun, they will show you the basics as well!

After that you will collect everything and proceed into the range. Then you can start to shoot. Of course, I believe that all of us wants to take some pictures with the gun and stuff. Just make sure that you do it safely and not point at anyone. You can then just shoot at your own time. Here are some of the pictures of my shooting experience!

Hey hey, seems like I am quite the marksman alright! These are my results!

Overall it was such a fun time at the range with my mum. And I get to shoot my Glock, like how it is on all the cop shows. All in all, it took me about 1 hours plus without any wait. Of course, half the time was spent on taking pictures and stuff. Remember this! Shoot for the moon and you will land among the stars!

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