Classic American Breakfast! Or a lazy brunch! There’s is simply nothing better to do that waking up late in the morning. Dragging your feet out of the house, heading to a nice cafe and grabbing a hearty meal! Comfy at the max as time pass by! Brunch, a clever word where it combines both breakfast and lunch! Breakfast and brunch is a thing here in San Francisco or in fact the culture in the states. One of the recommended one is definitely Taylor Street Coffeeshop which is famous for their bacons. It’s small and nice,  very boutique style! In fact there are no more than 20 seats in the cafefrom what I can see!

The location is pretty perfect, just steps from union square and less than a 5 mins walk away from my hotel! The perfect place for some comforting food once I am awake! Even thou that I was there bright and early on a tuesday morning! The cafe was already filled up! Thankfully it was only a short wait before I got a table!

For those who are interested! You can find the menu below! Taylor Street Coffeeshop is open daily from 7am to 2pm! This is really a popular local spot!

The interior was small but comfy! They had warm tall ceilings! The place just feels very inviting and comfy, with the aroma of food coming from the kitchen in front! Lining up the sides on the wall were a couple of paintings and some books! This place really felt inviting! I’m sure I could spend some time here over some coffee and using my laptops, although I guess that there aren’t enough space for me to do so!

Prices aren’t cheap but I would say that it’s probably fair, given the high cost of living here in San Francisco! Prices are always higher in the city! We got the sailor hash which is one of this specials here as well! It’s kind of unique, since it’s like a overturned hash that is top with scrambled eggs, bacon, shrimp, blue crab, garlic and cherry pepper! It’s huge! Although coming at 19 USD! Let me just say that the portion here are always more than enough!!! Finally it’s finished with smoked salmon and cheese! What a deluxe breakfast! I love the hash! It made fresh from grated potato, seasoned slightly and pan fried till it’s crispy on the exterior! I love the savoury scrambled eggs which were a little runny and acts like a sauce to the hash! The set also come with some side toast as well!

We also got the two eggs set with housemade chicken mango sausages! This also came with hash as well as toast! I love the flexibility in diners and cafe in the states! They usually have huge flexibility in allowing you to customised your meal! Here as well! You can choose to have a fruit salad and also choose the kind of bread that you want! Wheat, white, sourdough, rue or even muffin! The set comes in at 14 USD! While the eggs were nicely done and the hash was good as usual! I kinda regret ordering this as the sausage was so underwhelming! It was badly cooked and tasted nothing special! Kinda of annoyed as I should have tried something else!

Overall, I really enjoyed coming here to Taylor Street Coffeeshop! The place was nice and the food was mostly good! The location was accessible! Prices are high, but that is something you got to accept while coming to San Francisco! Really a little hidden spot right in the centre of San Francisco, to be discovered!

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