After a great week in New York City I was off to Vegas, the next destination in the States. I guess everyone just needs to be in Las Vegas once in your life. It was a pretty long flight, flying from the east coast to the west. This time around, actually most of the cities that I am hitting are all on the west coast with the sole exception of NYC. Since it is my very first domestic stateside flight and my very first time on board an American carrier, I figured that it will be nice to do a flight review on it. I am also perched by the fact that I am flying Delta for the very first time. Known as the trio in the States, Delta, American and United. Delta is known as the best among them, so I am really hyped to experience it! Delta flies out of Terminal 2 from John F Kennedy, I decided to head to the airport much earlier since I was travelling on the Thanksgiving Sunday which is said to be a flying disaster!

My flight was due to depart at 1715 although I left for the airport much earlier since I was really worried about the traffic and the lines at the airport. I have heard so much about the frenetic travels on the weekend and air travel comes to a crazy schedule. Originally I got a car service thru an introduction by one of a friend that I met while travelling in Florence, that cost me $55. Although he isn’t available on the day that I was departing so I got a car from New Golden Horse which cost me $48 plus a $12 tip that I gave. The suv was new and comfortable. The ride took about 30 mins or so. Thankfully the traffic was smooth.

Terminal 2 was mainly used for Delta flights, so the whole terminal was for Delta. The terminal was definitely on the small side, nothing comparable to the scale or beauty of what we have in Singapore. I guess we are all used to the Changi Airport that we have here! Immediately after entering the terminal, the check in counters are right ahead. Actually the whole travelling style, especially when travelling domestic is very self reliant. In fact there are rarely check in counter but rather baggage drop off. You first go to the kiosk to print your boarding pass and then head to the counter to drop off your bag. Many people do not check in a bag but rather just carry on. In fact, many tickets do not include check in baggage except when you are travelling with status or first class or you are a military personnel. Baggage mostly come with a $25 cost. I have to say that America agents are pretty strict on the allowance, I had to take out some stuff since I bust the allowance on the luggage, although I have a tip for that later on!

There was a queue for security and that took me around 30 mins or so. At least the queue is moving. USA is strict! Always be prepared before heading to the checks, belts, shoes, wallets, phone, laptop. It somehow became a norm after all my travels. It was pretty a no frills terminal and sadly there is no lounge options for me here as well. Luckily seats were plenty and spacious as well!

Boarding commence roughly around 4.30pm and it was a full flight, as expected. This was in fact something very surprising for me, the gate agent actually ask for baggage to be gate checked and you could board earlier if you wish. This has in fact been an eye opener for me, i have not encounter before. It is actually a norm in the states. Earlier, my baggage was actually over the limit, so I had my backpack with me with some stuff. Now that I can gate check it? I save a $25 fee, and I could have priority in boarding as well! Score!

The flight was a single aisle 737 in 3-3 configuration. Since I was travelling in a party of 3, seating was okay for us. I even had a very beautiful view of the setting sun in New York City as I leave this city! There was nothing much to say about the flight itself, the seats were standard economy kind and the leg space was okay. Nothing much more to speak about. On the good side, the seats were actual aircraft seats, that is far more comfortable than the slimline lousy hard seats that is so popular in Europe! Here is a picture of the seats.

Each seats also comes with an entertainment system, much much better than just a budget flight I guess. The screen were high definition and easy to use. something to ponder on actually! Each seats had their own Inflight Entertainment System, even with satellite live tv. But yet, they don’t provide headphones? That is kind of cost cutting in the America Aviation industry. Each seat also come with air nozzle and sockets, which is very good!

It was a pretty good flight and we even arrive much earlier than expected which was good. Service was also provided on American Carriers and at the minimum you get your choice or non alcoholic beverages. They do also offer water as well. Something that is really commendable despite all the cost cutting! Arrival was smooth and the sight of slots machine in the airport in Las Vegas is surely something to speak for! A couple minutes after landing, I am already off to the car rental centre to pick up the rental car. Stay tuned for my adventures in Vegas! Remember! What happen in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

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