Hey Guys! Seeing The World In Steps is finally back! Following on, Chapter Wanderlust, after my amazing sabbatical around Germany, Belgium, Amsterdam, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy, I will be continuing on the astounding trip of mine in the United States with my parents. I have to say this have been an amazing trip that I am still enjoying it till this moment. It has been tiring, heading out continuously for close to 50 days, but everyday is simply that magical and  Coming to think of it, making the decision to leave the comfort and fuss free life at home is not an easy decision! There might be a slight few moment where I do think of Singapore, but I would never regret taking this opportunity to undertake this adventure. After planning for more than a year I am hoping that it will turn out as much as I had expected. This is actually my first time heading to USA! WHICH MEANS! SEEING THE WORLD IN STEPS HAD MADE IT TO ANOTHER COUNTRY. Full of premium travels and adventures, the experience from this trip would definitely be amazing! 68 days away from home, it certainly isn’t an easy one.  Furthermore I will be spending my first ever thanksgiving in the USA at one of my mum friends place in New York. Stay tuned for that as I expect it to be pretty special and adventurers. Back to the point. I’m currently in Frankfurt meeting up with my parents to fly to New York City.

Previously, I have mentioned that I was on a layover ticket from Singapore to New York City, currently I will be continuing on the journey to New York. I paid an extra 100USD to have a layover and tour around europe. This means that the total mileage I paid for my flights to Frankfurt and then from Frankfurt to NYC still remains at 120,000. It sure felt good to meet up with my parents in Frankfurt after travelling solo for almost 2 months.  To share a little on how I booked this ticket, check out my europe trip introduction. After much effort in calling Krisflyer and checking the tickets regularly, I managed to get my ticket on Suites issued.

Up till today I am already away from Singapore for around 2 months. While the travelling have been amazing and the adventures are really mind blowing, I do kind of miss my friends and family! hur hur If my friends are reading this right now, I MISS YOU PEEPS! While writing this on the journey back to New York City, I am really looking forward to meeting my parents over there. Now back to Trip de Americae! I will be first heading to New York City where I will spend 6 days here then flying to Las Vegas. After hearing so much about the Big Apple and the city that never sleeps I am finally coming!!! Another highlight of my trip would be in Las Vegas where I will be doing some self drive to Grand Canyon and the Death Valley! After that I will head to Seattle, San Francisco before doing a self drive to Los Angeles to finish up this amazing trip. YES! YES! HOLLYWOOD I’M COMING! This is how my itinerary would look like in the end.


On the flights wise, after the suites experience I will be flying some internal flights on the States front, so stay tuned for a post comparing the best internal flights in USA. Given the amount of carrier I think it will be nice to compare the few main one and hopefully you all could see how different the carriers are. I will also be doing some review of the car rental companies in the country as well as sharing some driving experience of mine. One of the highlight would be driving around Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and Death Valley. Finally in the end I will be flying back from Los Angeles to Singapore via Incheon on Singapore Airlines Business Class, hopefully I will be able to experience and share with you guys the “new” SQ Business Class.

On the accommodation front, I will be mainly be staying in Starwood and Hilton properties. For most of my stays I used the 4th night free benefit with Citi Prestige which is one of the best credit cards that I recommend. Simply with this trip I am getting the rebates of about 1120 SGD back, compared to the 535 SGD Annual fee. This is actually the only credit card that I will gladly pay the annual fee since the benefit really outweighs the price. This card is definitely worth it if you travel at least twice a year. In Las Vegas, I am staying at a M Life properties since they are the major chain there, due to a collaboration with Hyatt they provide status match and gives much benefit. For my Hyatt Discoverist/Gold they are giving me the M Life Gold which gives you many perks, one of the most useful one would be free valet parking at all their properties in Vegas.

For the last stop in Los Angeles I will be choosing to stay at Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles and applying a upgrade voucher to a club room. The location is really good, despite all the comments on the metro in LA, it does get me straight to all the place that I am getting to.  Stay tuned for the hotels reviews coming your way.

I will also be heading to a three stars Michelin Restaurant, Jean Georges in NYC. I will also definitely be sharing on the 5 cities I’m going to and special interests such as Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Alcatraz, Pike Place Market, Napa Valley, Hollywood will definitely be covered. Stay tuned for them. I am sure I will take some time, actually probably ages to finish everything, but I will definitely share it with you guys. I will then wind down the trip by returning on SQ Business Class to Singapore in mid december. Similarly to the previous Trip Series, I will also share on the amount that I spend in total on this 25 Days trip in the USA. Below is a guide of the upcoming post that I will be sharing about under this trip.

Trip de Americae:
Lufthansa Senator Lounge Frankfurt
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt
Singapore Airlines SQ26 A380 FRA – JFK Suites / First Class
The Westin New York Grand Central
Statue of Liberty Tour
Thanksgiving in NYC X Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
Jean Georges*** Three Star Michelin Restaurant
Central Park
The Comfort Diner
New York City
Delta Airlines DL2619 737-900 JFK – LAS Main Cabin
New York New York Hotel & Casino
MGM Grand Buffet
The Coffee Cup
Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam
Death Valley
Las Vegas
Sixt Car Rental X Driving in Las Vegas
The Club at LAS
Hilton Seattle
Jack’s Fish Spot
Sea-Tac Alaska Airlines Boardroom
Virgin America VA1510 A319 SEA – SFO Main Cabin
Comparasion of Carriers in the States
Parc 55 Hilton San Francisco
Taylor Street Coffeeshop
Alcatraz Island
San Francisco
Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles
Shooting Experience @ Los Angeles Gun Club
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co
Los Angeles
Shopping in United States
How Much did I spend for 25 Days in USA?
Star Alliance Lounge LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal
Korean Airlines Lounge LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal
Singapore Airlines SQ007 777-300ER LAX – ICN Business Class
Silverkris Lounge Incheon Airport
Korean Airlines Lounge Incheon Airport
Singapore Airlines SQ007 777-300ER ICN – SIN Business Class

Hope that you guys will follow this trip that I am having and do give me a shout if you have any questions. Follow me on instagram at @seeingtheworldinsteps to follow my trip.

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