Nothing feels better than a hot shower after hoboing at the Airport overnight sleeping on a hard bench! That is my exact thoughts when I was in the Lufthansa Senator Lounge in Frankfurt Terminal 1. A little recap on my itinerary, on the previous night, I arrived from Bologna on Air France with a long transit in Paris. What a day of travelling it had been. I was expecting to make my way to the transit area in Terminal 1 after dropping off my bag with Singapore Airlines, but it turned out that the check in counters were closed for the night. That means Seeing The World In Steps spend its first night in an airport! It was surely different seeing one of the busiest airport in Europe turning into such a quiet place. At 5am, I managed to be the first to check in my bags and got the golden suites ticket printed and then immediately rush to the Lufthansa Senator Lounge for a much needed shower!

The Lufthansa Senator Lounge open right at 5am in the morning and is accessible for Star Alliance first class customers. Lufthansa lounges varies and have a tons of different classes and range. The First Class lounges and the First Class Terminals are instead reserved exclusively for their own First Class passengers and Hon Circle members. While instead partners passengers are allowed access to the senator and business class lounges. The lounge is located a short walk from security and it is located a level above. Once your boarding pass have been checked you can take the elevator to the second level and the entrance is right there after the glass door.

The lounge was bright and spacious, probably helped by the fact that I am the only customer there. I immediately ask where is the shower room since I was so disgusted and sticky after spending the night at the airport. I was shown to the showers which were near the spa and taken by an shower attendant. On the way there, there was some locker facility which were really nice and thoughtful. I made use of one of them to keep all my stuff while I roam around the airport.

The individual showers were spacious and clean, the rainforest shower felt especially good. One of the key negative part were the lack of individual bottles of toiletries, but instead you get those dispenser kind. A little underwhelming and low budget for a first class lounge!

After that I took a little tour of the place, and make use of the opportunity to take many pictures since there wasn’t much people! The lounge was really huge and have tons of seating, it made sense given how many premium customers Frankfurt sees. Thankful it is separately into different areas. There were lounge chairs, sofas, armchairs and of course some dining tables near the buffet area. The finishes are pretty classy and glam with the usage of marbles, brown furniture.

A little peckish, given that my previous meal was in Paris, almost 12 hours ago, I decided to check out the buffet offerings. The breakfast was pretty okay. The quality of the food was good and great, but the choices seems to be pretty limited. There were cereals scrambled eggs, croissant and of course sausages. While limited, I enjoyed everything, the eggs were divine, perhaps it is fresh but it is one of the best, creamy, smooth scrambled eggs I ever had. And the croissant was super crispy. Sausages were sausages, here, in Germany, being delicious is expected! You can find some cold cuts and yogurt as well!

Of course I down a couple cups of coffee to keep myself awake and ready to enjoy the suites later on in Singapore Airlines. While I didn’t partake in any alcohol beverages, there were liqueur, wine, champagne and of course a beer fountain as it is necessary in the morning, here! The orange juices taste awesome as well!

There was also a bar at a far corner of the lounge, although it wasn’t man at this hour of the day. I saw that there was a barista coffee machine, so I guess you could get a handmade speciality coffee here which is pretty awesome in compared to the machine made ones. In addition there was a cocktail menu as well. Hopefully I get to return here at a later time in the future!

I did went over to the Lufthansa Business Class lounge to have a look and try to see what is the difference. It was almost as spacious as well! Although the seats look much less comfy and the buffet is more limited. The offerings were not that high quality as well. Drinks were in huge bottles, there is no bar, juices were packet juices, although you can still find the beer fountain! Beer is life in Germany! Scrambled eggs were still offered here as well!

Overall, I find the Lufthansa Senator Lounge to be pretty average. I will certainly not cater much more time to spend here. It is still a okay place to rest, sit and wait in peace and enjoy some drinks and food. Nothing fancy of course. I was pleased to see that the staff were pretty friendly while Frankfurt airport security was just plain rude! It will be nice if they could offer an alacarte menu to First Class Passenger! That seems like a norm for First Class Lounge anw, especially in your own hub? Next up! I am off to check out the other Star Alliance Lounge in Fraport, the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt!

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