I was coming off my flight from Bologna, making my long journey to Frankfurt and then my SQ flight the next day to New York City for the second part of my adventures. Due to scheduling and flight timing, I would need to arrive the night in Frankfurt before to make it in time for the SQ flight to NYC. What a long day of travelling. I actually made 3 cities, 3 flights all in less than 30 hours. I had a long transit in Paris CDG, more than 7 hours actually. Once arrival in Terminal 2G, I made the long way to T1, which is the international departure and main airport in CDG. I first made my way to the tax refund counter to get everything settled since this is technically one of my last stop in Europe. I then headed my way to the SQ counter to see if I could try to get a lounge pass. I had a long layover and then I am going to spend the night at Frankfurt Airport from 10pm till my next flight to NYC at 8am. It is going to be crucial if I can rest for a little while and feed myself.


I could actually enter the Star Alliance Lounge and some other ones using my Priority Pass although it is subjected to availability at the Star Alliance crowd, so it is a little of a risk. Do note that you actually get entrance to the business class lounge using Priority Pass so it is one of the better lounge in the network. A slight tip if you are travelling through CDG. The SQ desk at CDG are open at the timing that I was there since SQ333 was departing later on in the day at 6pm. I asked to see the Station Manager and David was there to assist me. I ask very politely and explained my situation to him that I was flying SQ26 out of Frankfurt to NYC tomorrow at 8am. I told him the full story that I had to fly tonight to make it for my flight in time tomorrow and how I had a long layover and say it would be nice if I could rest and take a shower in comfort. He was understanding and pull up my reservation on his computer. At first he thought I was a clueless customer that went to the wrong airport that was miles away. I then ask if he could write me a lounge pass and told that if it is not possible is it okay.


5 mins later, I got the handwritten lounge pass in hand, which makes my heart flutter a little on the inside, I also got my boarding pass pre printed in the iconic red boarding card for First Class. In frankfurt there aren’t any suites so there is no gold card there. I was so thankful and totally understand that it is an exception that David made for me. Thank you so much David for your understanding. I am not sure if it is because I was flying Suites or anything? I am not sure if it will works for Business Class but I have to say this. Even around the world, SQ staff are one of the best in the industry, their will go their extra mile to help their passenger, this is one of the touches that makes Singapore Airlines A Great Way To Fly.

David also pass me a fast track security card before escorting me to departures. He even hand me his name card and ask me to email him if I ever need any help while in the airport. SQ MANAGEMENT PLEASE GIVE HIM A THUMB UP. While amazing service is expected in Singapore and Changi Airport where it is their hub, it is oftenly the most needed when we are outstation!


The Star Alliance lounge is located on the 11 floor and you are able to find the lift to it easily. The Qatar lounge is also located on the same level. You then go through a nice corridor on the left and soon enough you are able to see the entrance. The desk is located immediately after entering. The decor is one of the nicest that I have seen around the world. The entrance have marble floorings and nice wood finishings on the corridor, where you can find clocks for various part of the world and then a departure screen showing all Star Alliance flights.


The first class section was located on the same floor right next to the entrance by a glass door, with the business class lounge on the lower level which is accessible by the stairs ahead.


I was ushered in when presenting my “FRA – NYC” boarding pass. The lounge pass was not even needed at all. Say hello to this gorgeous First Class Lounge. Where I have the whole place to myself. It is surely an experience when you have the whole place to yoursels. What a delight.



The first class lounge was actually pretty compact. It is just a rectangular room with many classy seatings and lounge chairs. The furniture were top notch and the seatings were comfortable. It seems to be a classy wine room. They use different seatings to sort of space out the room into different areas, making it more private. The lounge was super quiet since I was the only one there. At first I thought that the lounge seems a little small for being the only lounge for all Star Alliance flights, although it seems that there are not much First Class passengers in Paris. I guess most of the flights do not have first class at all. Perhaps Lufthansa and SQ only. SQ flights are operated by 777, so at the max, there are only 4 passengers from SQ in the lounge at the same time. The lounge feels like it could fit around 20 pax. Although for the time there I was there, I only saw another guy later on!



Perfect for my sleeping then! Score. I really love the furniture and decor in the lounge. I settled on a far corner. The lounge also have natural lights which is what I loved. Although the views are largely blocked and not near to the tarmac. Wifi was fast and sockets were readily available. The staff were also very polite and helpful. They helped me to call the bank to settled some issues.


The lounge had two toilet which were all reserved for the first class section. They were clean, spacious and nice. Although it was worth noting that there are no showers in the First Class section, with the showers in on the business class lounge. This is in fact the other downside of the lounge since I waited super long for the showers. Partly due to a fact of some Japanese guy that love to shower according to the staff. HAHA.


The offerings in the lounge were pretty okay. There wasn’t much, but everything was of good quality and fancy. First up on the drinks. There were couple of a couple of wine, spirits, XO, soft drinks, individual juices bottle and fancy beers like 1664. Then something really fancy were the VOSS water which is really upmarket.


They also served Moet in the lounge which I might accidentally finish the bottle?


Here are the other booze offerings!


Food wise there was salads, fruits platter, cheese, smoked salmon, which were very fresh. The hot offerings were really lacking, there was only one dish, which is some braised beef which seems kind of underwhelming for a First Class dish. I am a person that doesn’t take beer so that it. I mean, if the crowd was that little, why not do alacarte serving instead? This is one of the downside of this lounge!






In comparison, the business class section which was accessible by a flight of stairs was crowded, I guess the ANA flight delay might have been the factor. I got a brief look at the lounge and definitely it feels less comfortable.


A side fact is that the business class lounge have more food offerings which was so weird. Which was so much more delightful than the first class ones. Although the drinks here are not individually bottled in compared to the First class part. A side note on the water, you get large Evian compared to individually Voss! Here are some pictures of the Business Class section. It will be really awesome if you enter here via Priority Pass, that might be the best 27 USD well spent.



Without David I might just have to hobo for more 7 hours in CDG, another 10 hours in FRA before I could take a shower and sleep. This sums up my adventure in Europe and one of the final post in Chapter Wanderlust! I will then finish up the chapter with my thoughts on travelling solo and also share my spending for this trip!


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