Finally I would like to share with you the cream of the corp, the love of my life, Manarola! It is the gem of Cinque Terre. Manarola is also the place where I use as a base to explore Cinque Terre! Out of the 5 village of Cinque Terre, I love Manarola the most. it has that undesirable charm and pull on me! It felt like a little romantic spot off the coast! The day that I saw the sun set over the horizon, it is one that I will never forget! Of the 5 Manarola is also the most picturesque one. I love how the village look when the sun falls on it, especially during sunset!

Manarola is in fact the second smallest town out of the 5 in the Cinque Terre park. Manarola is a perfect base to use for exploring Cinque Terre since the train station is easily accessible! I love the apartments that I stayed at in Manarola, under Arbaspaa which I have shared on earlier! Check it out!

You can find the usual stores in Manarola, two small supermarkets and many great restaurants. There is however only an atm in Manarola! For a bank you would have to head to Riomaggiore! Do note that most of the stores and restaurants do take a little break in the afternoon and have different opening timings! The supermarket are mostly open till evening! The train station is connected to the village via a tunnel. It is mostly quiet and unmanned, perhaps it is the season that I was in! Tickets can be bought from the machine!

What I really love about Manarola is the various viewpoint and also the hiking routes! They provide such an immecaple view of the village! Speaking of the landscape, Manarola is also the one that I love the most! There are various places where you can get a perfect view of Manarola! It is also where you can get the perfect pictures. It is always a little dull and quaint in the morning! Then later on you will see how busy the village get when all the day trippers gets in! The landscape is most beautiful when the sun is beginning to set! It just look so radiance!

Out of the 5 village, I spend the most time in Manarola! Here are some of the places that I think it is worth exploring! I would say that the village can be separated into two distinct part. I would segregate it along the place where you enter the tunnel to the train station. Manarola is perched on the cliff side, it is a little much higher than Riomaggiore and Vernazza, so you can find steep cliff sides and sweeping views into the waters. You can still get down to the waters, where there is a steep slope down. On the sides of the houses you can also find the usual fisherman boats covered and layed on the side! The area in front of the entrance to the waters is also pretty perfect for some pictures as well! The backdrop is quite nice!

One main place that I really love is around the coast area. Just next to the waters, you can find a link way there. There is this very romantic walkway that is built on the side of the snaking cliff. For better navigation, it is around the place where you can the restaurant Nessun Dorma. Google map is a pretty reliable match for this! As it bends along the coast, you get a whole view of the village. It is so nice and beautiful! You have a little bit of the waters, the stones and definitely the houses. Just check out these pictures that I took!

Here, it is a popular spot for catching the sunset and definitely one for many pictures to be taken. There are many spots along the walkway that are simply too lovely! Walk around, explore and find your favourite spot! On the first day that I was here, there was even some models having a photoshoot here! Now you know that this is the good one! This path also used to be part of the hiking route between Manarola and Corniglia. Although part of the connection is destroyed now and block off!

I especially love that you can just look over the boundless sea over the horizon when you are here. It gives you the very boundless feeling, like there is no end, the world is simply too big. It was very inspirative!

On the path, there are also some stairs that you can climb up. Here is also where you can find the restaurant Nessum Dorma. There is a little park here that is pretty lovely. Due to the difference in the height you get a very different vantage point! I met some aussie here that gives me plenty of lovely pictures! Super Romantic!

While I thought that I have seen all of Manarola, on my last day, I found another hidden spot while wandering around. On the way up the slope to the top of Manarola there is this little pathway that leads up to the nearby hill! It is the little terrace that I have saw while dining earlier at Trattoria dal Billy! It is a little trail that starts near one of the houses or restaurant so pay attention to that. It is pretty steep and slippery so do take care when you are on it! However, it is definitely worth it as the views are so great. It is kind of different! Another thing why I love Manarola is how different it is from various angles and perspective! It is pretty rustic as well up there! You go around the hills and the trees, it sort of comes to a dead end though! So you can only get out the same way you come in! Definitely worth making the walk!

Of course, being in Manarola means you have to try the various impeccable restaurant there. There is the Trattoria dal Billy that I have shared about extensively before then there is also the impeccable restaurant Marina Piccola that boost one michelin star. Restaurant Marina Piccola also have a great location. It is right by the sea so you get the sound of the waves crashing and the view of the sea to accompany you!

I will advise you to dine here during sunset so you can enjoy the great view! When it gets dark all you are left is the sound of the waves crashing to accompany your delicious Seafood Pasta!


Manarola is definitely a dream come true for me! Never miss the hike, the sunset, the food and the pictures. I love you Manarola!

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