I shall not dwell too much into the name of the name of the bed and breakfast since I have totally no idea how to pronounce it. Suffice to say, I had plan to spend 4 nights in Rome, it is kinda a long stay that I plan given that it is my second time in town actually. Rome is a huge city, furthermore there is also the Vatican nearby. I hate to rush and I have also planned to near to Pompeii and Naples for a day trip on one of the days. This is also why I have plan a healthy amount of time here. Rome is a touristy place and accomodations is not cheap either. Thankfully I found Il Fascino di Roma B&B which is a pretty cool, boutique accommodation located near Plaza della Repubblica! It is also of walking distance from the Termini Station!

What I really love about Il Fascino di Roma B&B this place is the location and also the price point. The place is really very centrally located, that is what I feel. The Termini Station is about 10mins stroll away, there is a metro stop right next to it if that is what you need then all the major various sites are all nearby within walking distance. The Trevi, Colosseum, Plazza Barberini are all walkable. In fact I walk everywhere in rome, legs are always the best choice. However my real decision factor is the place being close to the Termini station, it is a place that am passing by when I arrived and leave the city, and I am also taking an early train in and out of the station to Naples for a day trip. Best of all, the decor look amazing on the website and the price is good. I paid 50 euros a night and also the usual city tax of 3.50 Euros. Furthermore breakfast is included.

As per the norm, the reception is not open 24 hours, which is always one of the downside of staying in a Pension or Bed & Breakfast. It is located in a typical rome building which is kind of another charm. One thing that I really do not like about the place is the entrance, it is so hard to find the place even though I have read up on it. Google Map doesn’t help either, however that is only the difficulty that you faced the first time around. The main entrance was a wooden door which blends in so well, neither are there the signs outside. Just a small tip, the entrance is located on the street where you can find the McDonalds. Then there is a bar and a grocery store on the street. Just pay attention to the wooden doors and then the bell. Only at the button there can you find the name of the place.

Security seems to be pretty well since there was the main door and then immediately after that there is another door. The place is located on the second level and you can take the cool little fancy oldies lift where it will only work when you manually close the door. There was this little reception and the person working it was pretty nice, showing me all the various keys and stuff.

I got the single room since that is all I need. My room was located on the opposite site of the reception and it was pretty well appointed. The size was cosy I would say, it look fresh and new that I would say. It seems more like a home instead. The bed was inside to the left immediately after entering. It looks pretty nice, then there is a side table and then another mini bar area after that.

To the right of the room is the wardrobe and then a small coffee table with a single chair. They use the room space quite well since it was of a smaller size. They had the tv mounted on top of the door and I would say it work pretty well. In fact it is one of the better ones I had this trip. I really bad side of the place that I did not love was the lack of power outlets. They almost had none. I had to unplug the lamp ones to use it for my own electronics.

Then there was the toilet! I would say that it is way too cosy for my liking. It is too small. The toilet seems to be on two levels. With the shower immediately to the left then up a steps you can find the basin and everything else. It is small. Especially the shower. I definitely didn’t have a good time showering everyday. The area was small. Small till you can turn around without squating. And then the water pressure is bad which is a no no to me.

I had breakfast almost every day at Il Fascino di Roma B&B since it is included. I miss once since I was leaving early for my train to Naples. It was pretty simple, more like a continental option. There was some diluted juice that is overly sweet, a average coffee machine, some cold cuts and pastry. The croissant and toast was pretty awesome. It is a pretty okay offering, although you can’t fault being able to get a good toast right out of your doorstep for the price that you are paying.

The stuff and fitting was really chic and good, the location as well. However the power plugs and also the toilet is making me rethink my options if I ever wanted to come back here. The wifi at my room was also very bad! The only good side of the place is really the price and also the location which is impeccable!

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