I trust that all of you are familiar with the Priority Pass program, in Frankfurt International Airport where there is Terminal 1 and 2, there are a couple of lounges that are affiliated with the Priority Pass program. However there is only 1 options in Terminal 1. If you do not have any status or are flying economy, Priority Pass remains your best options for a lounge. Terminal 1 is the main terminal in Frankfurt. It is also the nearest terminal to the train station. After a 15 mins train ride from the central station you will lead out straight to Terminal 1. Frankfurt certainly have the easiest airport ground transport, it isn’t cheap though! With a one way ticket costing 4.80 Euros.

LuxxLounge is accessible via Priority Pass and located in Terminal 1. In fact it is pretty unique as it is located in the general area and not the transit area. Personally I do not really fancy this since I believe that one of the best perks of having a nice lounge is the ability to rest in the lounge till boarding. With the lounge in the transit area, all you have to cater for would be just the walking time you need to reach the gate. It sure didn’t feel as useful to have a lounge outside the transit area. On the good side, it seems that you don’t have to be flying to use the lounge since I was never asked for my boarding pass. LuxxLounge is located on a level above the check in counter at the Reisemarkt area.

It seems to be affiliated to TAP Portugal airline and some other partners as well. The exterior was a wooden door and you will have to be buzzed to entered. The attendant seems annoyed and disturbed when someone turns up. It felt like we were annoying him instead. He didn’t speak more than 5 words from me turning up and swiping my Priority Pass card.

The decor of the lounge was mainly decked out in wood colors and it felt pretty okay. It surely isn’t new, but I would say well mainted in fact. The lounge was rectangle in shape and consists of two main rooms. Immediately after entering to the right was a room filled with typical lounge chairs. The lounge wasn’t crowded although there was a few people here and there. Then you pass by a corridor to the next room, here is also the place where you can find the washrooms.

After that you will pass by the buffet area. Here you can find the set up of food and drinks. I would say that the offerings were actually pretty good for a contract lounge. There were a decent coffee machine, juices, soft drinks, spirits and of course beer, Come on you are in Germany!

Then there were fruits, a little salad set up, potato soup and sausages on offer. Very germanly like. I had a bowl of soup and a couple sausages. There were pretty nice. The buffet area had a table with 4 chairs.

Further in you will find another room, I would say that this is the main part of the lounge since it is the wider of the two and there were more seats here. On one side they had the lounges chair along the windows and on the other side you had them in groups.

The lounge was okay I would say. The environment was nice, there was a couple offerings of food. It is nice to have such a place for free. The lounge also look bright with all the natural light coming in from the windows. Most of the people where here taking a nap. With the cost of food and drinks at the airports. It might be nice to have a place where you can grab some drinks or coffee. With much time left in place, I went to check out the other lounges in Frankfurt Airport!

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