Continue my adventures of checking out Priority Pass lounges at Frankfurt am Main or Fraport in short! I cater extra time prior to my flight. Leaving the LuxxLounge in Terminal 1 I head off to check out the Air France Lounge in Terminal 2. At first I had the idea to head to Terminal 2 inside the transit area since the lounge is located there. I had information that it was possible to do it in the transit area using the airtrain. However it turns out to be one huge circle for me! KEEP IN MIND, YOU CANNOT CHANGE TERMINALS IN THE SECURE AREA! I guess that this is due to the Schengen area thinggi that is making things such a mess. I am so used to the Singapore pattern where all the secure area are linked. It just makes things so much easier. A certain tour of the Frankfurt Airport results in me entering and leaving Europe in less than a hour!

The Air France Lounge is located in Terminal 2 near gate D26. This requires you to pass thru security and customs again. And yes when you are leaving, you will have to pass by customs again, which results in me leaving and entering Europe. Usually the agents will be a bit weird although simply telling them that you are using the lounge will do fine. Same for the customs agent.

It is located all the way at the end of the terminal. The Air France lounge is located next to the Iberia Lounge. This lounge also seems to be the main offering to all Skyteam Airlines operating out of here. Do keep in mind that although the lounge is open from 0545 till 2015 everyday, on wed during 1645 to 1830, priority pass holders are not allowed access. In fact some airlines lounges are open to allowing priority pass customers as it is a great way to recoup some of their expenses in running the lounge. Afterall during periods where they are no flights and the lounge have high capacity. It is a great way to get some of the money from Priority Pass. For every entrance, Priority Pass would have to pay the operating lounge. This is exactly why they accept us since when I entered the lounge it was totally empty. I was only sharing it with one other guy. After being in quite a number of lounge I would say that this is the first.

In a sharp contrast to the previous lounge, the attendant here was friendly and even apologise as I had to use the washroom outside. Yes, one of the bad side of this lounge was the lack of washroom inside it. The lounge was fresh and bright, it was helped by the usage of light colors furniture and also the natural light in the lounge. I was really glad that the lounge was empty. For once I was proudly taking pictures and having a nice time.

The lounge was pretty huge, but made use of blinds to sector out different areas to make it a little more private. While most parts of the lounges has those usual lounge chair, there were pretty stylish and comfortable. It is pretty huge though. near the entrance were a couple of high top tables which seems not to be that comfy after all. Actually I find the practicality of such tables given that it is a lounge. Besides aesthetic purposes it is hard to find another reason for such tables. I don’t think that it is possible to have large groups travelling in business class together?

The buffet area were in the centre part of the lounge around the walls, here you have some tables with cushion seats. I guess it is the main dining area of the lounge. The were fruits, some pastries, sandwiches and yogurt and stuff. Then they had also some chips on offer. On the drinks side, there were two reds on offer and also a couple spirits. Of course there are bottled beers and soft drinks.

There were only the same steamed sausages that I had in the previous lounge and some instant soup. For the refreshment, I find it to be disappointment given that it is a lounge for Air France and Skyteam. What a let down. It seems that the sausages seems like a thing for Frankfurt Airport. While they are okay, they are a packet supermarket made snack! Adding to a little class for Air France was the individual bottles sparking and natural mineral water that you can find!

For the Air France premium customers, this is such a let down. But for the Priority Pass customers this is a solid choice. Hope you all like this sharing.

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