After making the way back from Pompeii I was keen to check out Naples. The train was much more spacious on the way back from pompeii, seeing that there was not as much crowd as there is in the morning on my way there. Seemingly Naples is a city that was said to be very vibrant and have an acquired vibes. But it turns out to be too “acquired” for my taste. In fact Naples was the worst city that I have been to! It felt like junk. In fact it is so dirty that it look like some third world country! I definitely did not felt save walking around in the city. It definitely did not like like Italy at all. There was more migrants than locals. more rubbish on the floor than in the bins! The local government definitely need to do something on the rubbish and migrant issues! However the locals were really nice though! I was famished after the whole morning of walking and climbing at Pompeii! While taking a walk out of the station in search of a decent restaurant. I stumble across Pizzeria Pellone which turns out to be the best pizza experience that I ever had IN MY LIFE!

While I definitely didn’t have a liking for Naples. My lunch at Pizzeria Pellone was the most authentic Pizza that I ever had and one of the best ever! Afterall I am in the city where Pizza was borned. While I did not do any research beforehand and simply decided on Pizzeria Pellone since my legs took my there and it seems one of the most decent restaurant in the neighbourhood. The exterior and surrounding of the restaurant looks extremely underwhelming but the restaurant was definitely packed to the brine! When in doubt, always follow the crowd. That is travelers advice 101! Especially when the locals are there. Queues are always the best bet to judge!

Thankfully I managed to get a seat after entering! Perks of being a loner! It seems like a culture here where everyone’s share tables. I was sharing with a couple and also another solo guy! It seems like I was the only traveler here since the people that I was sharing table with was pretty surprised. Especially after seeing me working my way through my huge pizza. The restaurant only sells pizza which you have probably thought so as well! There are numerous options to choose from and you can also design your own pizza. Here is the menu as shown below.

The prices are very affordable and you will see how good the pricing is later further on! Most of the pizza ranges between 6 Euros to 12 Euros for the more fancy ones! I choose the chef pizza out of the originals. Actually I just decided on it since I have no clue which to order since there is so much variety! Naples is truly a pizza city! The Chef is a cream base pizza which came with ham, mozzarella, mushrooms, grana and basil! It cost 9 Euros. The pizza is huge as you can see from the picture that I have attached above. Here is another shot of it! To put it in perspective, it is like a Large that we have here in singapore. It took up my share of the table.

When the pizza came smoking hot. I was shocked, I do not know where to start and the joke me just start to make my way from the middle, much to the laughter of my tables mates. We warm up slowly and strike up a conversation. We shared about our home and country. With me exploiting the opportunity to ask about Naples and the restaurant as well. They reaffirm to me that this is one of the best place in Naples. And assure me that the pizza size was a serving for one! Holy Moly! Although I have to order one for myself, it isn’t much of a outlier since everyone was having a pizza of themself here. I was like. No wonder Italians walk that much! I saw this couple opposite where they each had their own pizza and and bottles of beer! Chilli flakes and cheese can be asked from the staff and came in a huge tub!

Naples pizza are the original ones and slightly different from those you can find in other parts of Italy. If you pay attention to the picture, you will known that the pizza in Naples relies on their crust. The local favourite is Margherita! Where only tomato and cheese is put on the pizza. Southern Italy are famous for their tomatoes! This way you can get the most authentic feel! A good pizza must have a thick crust around the edges then in the center the dough is extremely thin! Wash it down with some cold beer. Perfect Italian life!

Another guy came and sat opposite me. I was taking my time working the pizza and he was nice to offer me a slice of his as he ordered the Margherita! He wanted me to try the original one! However I have to reject since I could not even finished my own! I was kind of regretting since I should try the tomato sauce when I am here. While I will not do a post on Naples, here are some of the picture of the “nicer” parts in town!

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