After a train ride on the ICE from Munich, I arrived in Heidelberg, the next city on my list of travels. I have always wanted to visited Heidelberg, a city near Frankfurt which is famed for the amazing view and chill lax vibes. I won’t called it a town because it feels much more crowded and larger than a usual town. The city revolves around the Neckar river and on both sides of it lies lush greens with the famous Alte Brucke connecting them. The old bridge which have been in existence since 1788 and also the castle overlooking the old town is one of the main points that I am visiting Heidelberg. I choose NH Heidelberg as it is one of the few choices in town, it is also a solid 4 star hotel in the area, the location was perfect as well. It was in between the main area of my activity, the old town and the train station. While you could take the buses, I opt to simply rely on walking during my time there. It wasn’t that bad with baggage, probably took me a good 15mins walk there.

The 3 hours train journey from Munich to Heidelberg was well spend, even if I am only in second class. I was glad to met someone that I had a nice chat with! A german who work for a cruise company and stay in Singapore before. She really love Singapore and was going on about how great it is! She find it a little expensive though! Seems like we both think a like. Sometimes journey are especially nice, especially when you met someone, you will be surprised at how fast time flies! After my ride from Cologne to Brussels, this is the second time that it had happen to the lucky Dennison! The NH Heidelberg was rather outstanding from the surrounding buildings, the streets were kind of slow, probably due to the upcoming holidays! The hotel was a combination of a couple buildings and had this fancy little glass roof that connects them.

There was a couple people in front of me, although there isn’t much of a wait as there was a few counters. Surprisingly there was some asian visiting Heidelberg as well. The hotel aren’t too crowded, it is kind of a little quiet, I got my room which was on the second floor just near the leave lobby. The lobby was sparse and looks good enougth for a hotel of its caliber! Something that I really like about the hotel was the little water point set up in the lobby. There was detox water, sparking and mineral water as well as some gummy and sweets on a little counter by some lounging chairs. It is not anything huge, but it speaks of the little thought that they have for the customers. It does not cost a lot, but thoughtful. I love it, since usually after a long walk back especially when I was reaching the hotel, I was so thirsty!

My room is located on the second floor with the door facing the direction of the lobby. It felt open and bright due to the glass ceiling! I got the double room for 65 Euros a night which I believe was very fair for a solid low 4 star hotel. It was quite a good deal I believe! The room was spacious and come with a great double bed. This is one of the main highlights of the room itself cause god, I haven’t had an actual double bed for a long time. While many of the hotels and places in Europe promotes its room as a one with a double bed, many of them used the trick of combining 2 single bed together WHICH IS NOT THE SAME! It feels so good to not have that little opening in between the beds.

The bed was so comfy, it was firm to my liking and the pillows were actual pillows. I am actually pretty glad with the offer and gladly pay the price for this. I love it. Furthermore the wifi was solid, it has been sometimes that I didn’t suffer at the hands of connectivity issues! The room was spacious, with the drawers and luggage area after entering. In the main area the TV was above the mini bar area, then to the end of the corner there was a working table with all sorts of outlets.

Then at the side of the bed there was a dressing table and also a leather arm chair. I was blown away by the offerings and space. From the amount of things that they had it still felt spacious. The decor is a little over from the last decade but it still felt fine.

The bathroom was a step into the past and look depressing with the checked style tiles but it works. And that is all that it matters to me. The water pressure is good and the shower head could be taken down which is something that I appreciate. They provided toiletries and even a shoe horn. It fits all my requirement and it was spacious. i could do my laundry in ease, which is something that is very necessary in my long travelling.

Overall I am very happy with NH Heidelberg and would definitely choose to return if I am ever in Heidelberg again. The pricing is good and the offering is solid. It is a perfect 4 star hotel that you felt safe and worthy of the price. If something glam and over the top is something that you are looking for then this isn’t the place!

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