This is one of the best accomodation that I had in Vienna. In fact it wasn’t my first choice since it is a little more expensive that my other choice. Blame on me for not pulling the trigger on the other one. Given that this trip of mine is a little backpacking kind like and I really want to save on the accomodation side, I did not stayed at very nice hotels and stuff. City Pension Stephansplatz can be said as one of the nicest place that I had in the whole trip. Although it is a Pension which is a bed and breakfast it literally felt like a 4 star hotel simply without a nice lobby. A strong 4 star contender for the price of a 3 star. Modern, clean and new it is just like its city Vienna. Just like the name of the accomodation, it is located just around the corner of the Stephansplatz which is the most iconic St Stephen Cathedral and central location of Vienna! A Little gem in the heart of Vienna!

The Stephansplatz is 3 Underground stops away from the train station which takes about 10mins. The stop is around the corner from City Pension Stephansplatz. It is located in a building on the M floor which I believe is the second floor. There isn’t a lobby like a hotel which is an inconvenient that you have to accept for the price of a bed and breakfast. It is sure easy to find as you can see the logo and name of the place on the street and there are very clear direction to the place itself. The check in area is right in front of the entrance, the lady who work there were nice and friendly. Keys were given and my room was ready when I was there. I had book a double room as the single one were fully booked. The decor of the place was very nice and imperialistic. The feel was like a St Regis, very royalty like and very majestic. It fits into the profile of Vienna, which is how I think it should be! I paid 80 Euros a night for the Classic Double Room which includes one drink per day from the mini bar.

I was assigned room 27 which is around the corridor. I really love that the corridor has nice little snippets of how Vienna looks like in the past and it is really lovely. The room was pretty small but well appointed. A lovely double bed that is nicely prepared greeted me and the room looks fresh and new. The sheets were comfortable as well. It was really small in size but for the price that I was paying and it being Vienna, I should not find fault with it. There wasn’t much space to mingle around but it should be comfortable for 2 adults. Best of everything was the pillows, they were firm and had structure, aren’t like those that goes flat when you just lie on them.

There was a small little table in front of the bed and also a side desk with the minibar under it. It felt like a squeeze, In fact with the size of the room, I felt that it will be better without the side table. Having three chairs in total in a small room for 2 adults is kind of an overkill. I love that they make use of having the tv on the side with the mounting allowing it to be dragged out. It somehow makes it feel less claustrophobic. The room also had well appointed sockets by the bed which was really commendable. Sometimes, hotels and places get something this simple all wrong and missed. One of life’s greatest joy is lying on the bed and using your phone. The sockets makes point since you are probably coming back with a flat phone after a day out.

The toilets were tiny but clean and chic. The water pressure was amazing and hairdryer was provided. They even had those amazing towel warmer which is so great in this weather. The only complain that I had was the tiny basin. In the evening when I was back, they even had turn down service with a slight touch of some sweets and fruit. I love that they had a little personalized note for me as well.

I really love my time at City Pension Stephansplatz. If I am ever back in Vienna, I will return back. Price is well. Location is good. The room also felt fresh and new, furthermore they fits are my requirement and pressure point. Wifi is fast, pillow is good, water pressure is good. That is my main requirement in a accomodation. To sum it up, a bed and breakfast price for a 4 star boutique hotel experience.

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