The last stop of my Czech adventures would be in Brno, the second largest city after Prague. While Prague is gorgeous and amazing, I am really keen to see how the rest of the life outside Prague would be like. After checking off Brno I believe that I can say that I am finished with Czech Republic! I have seen all my wishlist in the country Prague, Brno, Cesky Krumlov and Ceske Budejovice. Brno is also another city where I did couchsurfing! I stay with the lovely Marie and her dad. I really felt so warm and at home with the cosy little family. The meals and the hospitality that had shown to me were close to making me cry. Giving up the room for me to stay in, preparing dinner and breakfast for me. That is true friendship and true hospitality. It doesn’t have to be anything grand or expensive but that little thought of Goulash and Potato Pancake were warm enough. At this point I was a little 3 weeks away from home but I felt that was were I was when I was in Brno. I will share my thoughts in a separate post itself on Couchsurfing! Coming from a couple of small towns, I was ready for a city life. Brno is larger, it can be said as a student town as well, I am really looking forward since it had not been discovered by mass tourism yet!

Travelling in Brno is definitely healthy for your wallet, although a city, there a a handful of places to discover, with the bulk of them in the old town itself. It is easily walkable or if not you could just get a 48hr tram ticket that just cost around 3 -4 Euros. Trams makes it super easy to walk around. I won’t know much on the public transport and remember them since I had a friend when I was there, which is why I am just a follower. I stayed at my host place, which is a couple stops out of the city centre and I could see how the locals live too! Which is awesome. It definitely isn’t crowded here and I really like the style of the buildings here. It has a very different and distinct look that what I had in Prague or Cesky Krumlov.

Some of my favourite places in Brno were definitely be the Cabbage Market. I love visiting market, they are a good way to see the local lifestyle and i love discovering new products. Markets are a softie for Dennison. It is really lovely to see how other countries have these products that are unique to them. The cabbage market is a popular affair for the locals, it is not huge but definitely lively in the outdoor market. There was also a nice fountain but sadly it is drained as winter is coming!

Another one would be the castle area. It is located up on a hill, a little tough but definitely doable. The views here are perfect and you could see out far. I love that the castle is quaint and quiet. It definitely isn’t crowded which is the point of Brno itself. I would have lost all of its charm if the influx of tourists came. The surrounding gardens were awesome and you could get a great view of the towering church!

I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking. I EVEN CAUGHT A SIGHT OF A PONY RIGHT IN THE HEART OF THE CITY. OOOPS


Brno is easy to get in with connections to the nearby cities of Prague and also Austria. The train station is located near town and also next to the post office. If you have the time, you can check out this unique no door revolving lift that allows you to hop in and out when it pass by each level.

Food wise, I did not really check out many places since my host very kindly cook a couple of meals for me. I did once had lunch at this chain restaurant which I think is very good. It is simple and really very cheap. There is this chain restaurant called Smak, I believe that it is a chain and the locals love it. There is a set lunch menu daily that cost only 94CZK or 4 Euros. It came with a soup which was borscht soup and then there is a couple main that you can choose from. I choose a crusted chicken which came with mashed potato. It is divine. While my friend got some pork with finger potatoes. They were good, not mind blowing or anything but good.

I would also like to share this drink of mine that I tried for the first time in my life. KOFOLA! YEP! It isn’t a spelling mistake but really a knock off version of the ever famous Coca Cola. It all came by during the period of cold war where on the other side of the wall, people could not get access to American products such as Coke. I guess that love of soft drinks survived the war. Which is why the locals started their own version and named it Kofola. It is customized to the locals. I have heard that the Czech really love the drink! It taste almost the same except that the Kofola is more sweet, more caramel flavour and less gassy. I pretty love it. Thanks Marie for recommending it to me. Who knows? Maybe Coke would solve the Cold War before?

Hope you guys enjoy the little sharing on Brno. Hopefully it won’t get to crowded and touristy after my sharing! Next up I will be sharing on my adventures in Vienna!

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