After two amazing days in Hallstatt, it is finally time for me to be heading to the next location to continue Seeing The World In Steps. Cesky Krumlov, another bucketlist of mine! I have long seen those tempting pictures of Cesky Krumlov at numerous places, a little dreamy red roof houses in a small town. If you guys had not heard of Cesky Krumlov, it is this little Czech town about 3 hours out from Prague. It is a little pretty Bohemian town. Austria borders Czech Republic, which makes it perfect to explore this little place right after Hallstatt. While I could probably take the ferry and the train which is so much more troublesome. I decided to take the car transfer from Hallstatt to Cesky Krumlov straight. CK Shuttle provides shuttle services to many places in the Austria, Germany and Czech Republic region. Their prices are fair. It isn’t really comfy after realising that the shared shuttle is being packed to the brim.

A private transfer does cost more, being the budget me, I paid about 55 SGD for the transfer which takes me from the bus stop at Hallstatt, right outside my hotel, to my hotel in Cesky Krumlov. It is really fuss less. They usually do a pickup at the same area for Hallstatt then drop you at wherever you are staying at in the old town.

Pension Danny is something that I have found online while researching for my trip at that time. While prices in Czech Republic are much more affordable than other destination in Europe, I still expect that prices would be pretty high in Cesky Krumlov as well since it is quite a touristy place. If you guys are unsure what a Pension is, in certain places in Europe a Pension is a type of family run bed and breakfast. They are definitely not as luxury as a hotel but provide good and well maintained cosy style housing, most of them come with a inhouse restaurant also. Sometimes if you are not after the brand, it is definitely more worth it to stay in such Pensions. The exterior of Pension Danny definitely looks underwhelming. As per the norm of Pensions, the receptions here aren’t open 24 hours also. Actually when I got here in the late afternoon, there was no one and the room was still being tidied.

I was able to put down the baggage while the do the finishing touch on the room. It is actually a twin room with 2 single bed. But since I was only paying for a single room, only one bed had sheets on. It feels kind of cheap though. The room was simple and really fussless. The tv was about the size of my laptop also and couldn’t work, I was not really bordered by it since I don’t really watch tv while travelling. The room face the street outside which was ok. It is not really noisy since it get pretty quiet in the evening. Thankfully the room was clean and was a fair size. That is all that matters to me actually. Keep to the fact that I paid about only 35 Euros per night. That is really cheap. Even for a bed and breakfast. To put it into comparison, a night in a hostel at Amsterdam were probably cost the same or even more. I am happy enough to be paying this price for my own room with my own toilet. Furthermore, breakfast was even included which I will share on it later.

The toilet was okay. It is really simple and average size. The water pressure wasn’t quiet good as well. But I can’t have too high standards. Something that I would really like to point out was the fact that no toilet paper was provided. It got to be the first for me to find out that no toilet papers are being provided. I understand that this is probably a 1 star place and I shouldn’t expect it. However it is really funny that a hairdryer is provided, yet toilet papers are not? That’s pretty ironic?

The staff was pretty nice and friendly. They may look cool and aloof as most Czech looks like but actually they are a bunch of very warm friendly people. There were extremely helpful and provided me with directions as well. Location wise, Cesky Krumlov is a small town, you can easily walk across the town in 20 mins or so. If you wanna walk on the outskirts of the city, it may take you about one hour to go a circle. Perfectly easily to do so. The only thing would be the cobblestones road in the old town which were pretty hard to walk on. You get tired easily. There is a nice pizza place just around the corner where you grab a pizza for like 1.50Euros and a very chill cafe where I really love also. There is a supermarket just across the place. The castle which is the top attraction in Cesky Krumlov is also only just beside Pension Danny. In fact if you check out google map you may feel that the places are far apart but you are actually able to complete it in 30 mins across?

Breakfast is served every morning in the restaurant below near the entrance. It is really home cooked and no fills. There are a couple of cold cuts, cheese and some breads and that is all. The coffee were instant ones and the juices seems to be those diluted ones. I won’t have much to talk about it. I will rather you grab breakfast at the nice chic cafe called Kolektiv, prices are cheap and you will definitely just spend about less than 8 euros on a hearty breakfast. In fact I had a super amazing quiche and cappuccino for around 3 Euros. Deal.

In fact I will recommend Pension Danny to travellers who want to keep it on a budget, getting 35 euros on a night at a touristy town is a pretty good deal. In fact your dinner might be even more expensive. I am unsure about the safety concern in the town but in Pension Danny, the main door is locked and there is a door to your side of room and then your room door. I felt safe. 35 Euros for a private room with toilet and breakfast, that is pretty good deal. If I am ever back, I won’t mind staying here! Check it out!

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