Cesky Krumlov is another dream came true from me right after Hallstatt, it is pretty awesome to plan them both right after each other since both of them are way up on my list. To be very frank, I can’t seems to compare them against each other since they are both so different! While I love them both, both towns are so distinct from each other. I like that both are small, peaceful, dreamy and relaxing. The vibes are just that different from the cosmopolitan and city life that I am used to having. Back to Cesky Krumlov, previously I touch a little on the background of this small little dreamy town. It is located in the south, roughly 3 hours from Prague. Also located by the Vltava River it is as dreamy and gorgeous as you can expect. It is just a small town located after driving through winding hills and roads. Perfect as it should be since it is like a little gem to be discovered and hidden by the hilly region. While the Czech doesn’t appears to be the most friendly person on earth, they are just cold outside, but definitely warm and friendly once they open up. Seemingly by staying in this small little town, I felt home!

You may wonder, how actually small is small, since that is a word that I have frequently use above, Cesky Krumlov, also pronounced as “Ches-key Krum-loft” has only slightly above 13,000 in population. Seemingly the day trippers and travellers makes the town appear to be more lively in the day, it gets pretty quiet when most of the travellers leave in the evening. However I believe that this is the vibes that I am looking for. Sometimes it is just so nice to take a lovely stroll and feel the quaint and peaceful vibes. While a party night out, having friends around, beers chugging, deafening music, sometimes on the other side, the peace does makes your heart smile a little. The little boy me definitely felt like unicorns were spewing out of me when I had that amazing sight of the old town from the castle!

In fact it is so idyllic that you can probably cover the whole town in less than 30 mins. Adding to the charms of the town is the little cobblestones covered roads that filled the whole area, making it feels like a fairytale dream for you. As romantic as it sounds, it is a tough road ahead of you, especially with the hilly conditions and the incline of slopes that you can find. The whole old town is also mainly a pedestrian zone. Thankfully being in such a place means you should take your time and enjoy the sights while strolling, occasionally stopping by for some coffee, food and also performance. There was once where I braved the cold wind blowing, sat at the bench in the town square and enjoyed the talented musician playing his guitar. There was even a set where he played a classic chinese love song “月亮代表我的心”.


There are two bus stations in town, each located around a 15mins walk from the centre. This makes it perfect for a day trip. You can definitely choose to rush through the city, in fact this is the way most people do it but Seeing The World In Steps recommendation is to minimally stay for a night. There shouldn’t be much plan you will need to have for touring around this place, since the main plan would be to Stroll and Discover! But I do have to say to plan the trip to the castle since it might be closed on certain days and in the winter season there are many timings where it will be closed. If you didn’t head into the castle grounds, you are missing out on more than half of Cesky Krumlov. From the castle and many places in the old town, there are just so many great photo point where you can get such great photos. I am also very honoured to be able to meet a fellow Singaporean while walking around in Cesky Krumlov which gave me so many and many numerous gorgeous pictures! Sometimes the greatest starter is simply a “Hi, I am sorry, would you be able to help me take a picture?”! Thank you Chloe! We were so glad to met someone back from home and we decided to walk around for an hour or two to be each other photographer! #InstaCeskyKrumlov #SeeingTheWorldInSteps

Following on this post, I will be showing you all my side of Cesky Krumlov through the various photos that I have taken at different sites. These are the locations that you can easily access to take them as well. Cesky Krumlov is full of nice spots, the castle is one of them and while exploring the rest of the old town, you can also discover a couple of outlooks. First up is the Castle!

The castle grounds is a photographer haven! I will definitely love to come back here fro wedding photoshoots! First and foremost, the castle grounds are free to access and it is really beautiful inside. The garden is also extremely popular. In fact, the castle is the number 1 attraction in Cesky Krumlov! What I really like about the castle were the view that you can get of the whole old town and the winding river that seems to be wrapping the town and protecting it. Just check out these pictures.

I also got the ticket to head up to the tower and get an even better view of the whole area. The effort worth to climb up there was definitely worthy!

Next up would be the famed wooden bridge. The link across the river. It is also a crowded area as it is the main connection that link the castle side to the main square. Here you get a closed up view of the rushing river and also the gush of the water. Here you get a slight of how majestic the castle that was built in 1200s is!

There are a couple outlooks in town too.

My favourite would be the spots by the river and you can just get a nice cool picture while sited on the bench here. It is a pretty chill place to sit down and read a book too! I really enjoyed taking so many pictures here. My advice would be to walk around the fringe of the town, near the river to get all the nice pictures.

Food wise, prices in Cesky Krumlov and in fact Czech Republic are lower than the rest of Western Europe. Food in Cesky Krumlov are very good, in fact I didn’t really plan for any of my meals there and I am really happy with all my meals here. Although the main dishes here are very meaty and heavy, they never disappoints! I have heard about the restaurant Krčma v Šatlavské which is very famous and nice, it is also housed in a old jailhouse. It is famed for the grilled meat. Although on both times that I am here, it is full. Some of my recommendations would be Na Louzi, it is like a traven, simple yet good. The price is affordable too. I paid like 10 Euros for a main course and a drink, which I believe is very fair.

Do note that Cesky Krumlov is a small town, there is only a couple atms and a bank in town. Which is usually closed on sundays and holidays. Do bring some cash with you although most establishments will accept cards. I don’t think the money changer offers very good rates, in fact I think each establishments provide a even better rate when you pay in Euros, if not, card is the better choice. I think I spent less than 50 Euros for 3 days that I was here. I will have a detailed guide on how much I spent in Europe at the end of the trip series! Another place that you have to try would be the nice chic cafe called Kolektiv, prices are cheap and the coffee is good. The environment is thumbs up! I had a super amazing quiche and cappuccino for around 3 Euros. Deal.

With the price point and lovely scenery, vibes I will recommend Cesky Krumlov to anyone! Let me know what do you think of this place?

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