After you or before you? Probably you will be amaze with how bread could be used in cooking AFTER YOU have visited this place. While honey toast is no longer a mystery to us anymore and it is probably getting more and more common in the industry, After You Dessert & Cafe still remains to be one of the hottest cafes and place to go to when in Bangkok. Started out as a branch it became famous and slowly become one of the hottest place in the locals mind and also the tourists, now there is numerous branch throughout the whole city. Practically the main malls that all the tourists hits, you are bound to find one. The most famous one still remain to be the branch at Siam Paragon. It is always crowded, although the wait is definitely worthy for their desserts. Warm bread, some cold ice cream as the sauce, the liquid, the moisture. It hardly goes wrong. Similarly, they are always right, THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR DESSERT!


I went in the mid afternoon and there was a little wait even though it is a normal weekday. There was no need to be in the queue as a number would be given to you by the staff and then you could wait nearby. Although the staff would only call out in thai which means that for the most of us, it is good to be in sight of the counter. The cafe was in the classic brick and white finish, completed with wooden furniture. It is cosy and comfortable, perfect to take a chill pill although the crowded and constant chit chatting of others might deters you to do so! Packed to the brim, you will see dessert being collected from the counter and people doing all sort of shots to get the best angle on that iconic plate of dessert that is so guilty but definitely satisfying.


Let’s share a little on their concept first. Orders and payment are made at the counter as the norm in some cafes nowadays where they can cut down on manpower, then once you are beep by the dongle, you will collect it. Everything is self service except the clearing of tables. After You will also provide complimentary rice tea which can be pour from the dispenser in the store. The tea was actually good and thirst quenching. I actually prefer it just on it’s own, without the syrup, since the dessert that you are already having is already so sweet and cloying. The tea is a perfect match.


I opt for the original Shibuya Toast which cost 185 Baht, roughly about 7.50 SGD. Do not go for the baby size, instead go for the original one since the price difference is really insignificant. The portion was definitely great for sharing, after all you shouldn’t have the full portion too! That thick toast came well buttered and smells really good. Although it is a thick cut of bread they did well by having the insides buttered as well, this is really worth pointing out as you would not want it to be just nice on the outside and bland on the interior. It is also not greasy despite being fried. The toast came with two huge scoops of vanilla ice cream. One place on top and one on the side, along with a dash of whip cream and finished with some dusted powdered sugar. You are also served with a jug of honey to pour as you like. I will definitely recommend having some honey on the toast since that sweet buttery  The price may be similar to singapore cafe desserts but the portion is really huge and worthy. A must try and probably the reason you are here anyway.


Even the hype here is on their honey toasts, the menu consists a wide range of selections of others as well, consisting of lava cakes, fudge cakes, there is even bingsu after following that korean hype. I opt for one of the cakes to share as well, the Ferrero Milli Crepe looks decent on the display and it came at 155 Baht, roughly about 6 SGD. While it looks really good on the outside, the taste is very expected and nothing to be excited and surprise about. It just appeals as a very normal crepe cake and it is actually pretty dry as well. it is decent but not something that will makes you order it.

The menu have an extensive selection as well as a drink menu as well. The wait is well worthy and the complimentary rice tea moves is really great. After all the tea complements the sweet dessert. It is also perfect for getting away from the warm humid weather of Bangkok in the day.

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