Tapa, which also mean appetizer in English. The restaurant name literally translates appetizer appetizer! Appetizer or perhaps the Spanish equivalent, Tapas is a known cuisine by itself and there is so much to be learned from it! It may be an appetizer but it can definitely be a replacement for dinner, actually, even better than dinner! This is also one of the reason why I love Tapas so much, the portion aren’t huge and when sharing wth friends, you could even order many different kinds to share! There isn’t anything better than having some of the best local, subtle but definitely Catalan Tapas in Barcelona! With plates of Tapas, a glass of wine, friendship are forged and relationships are made! Tapa Tapa is a chain restaurant in Barcelona that serve up delicious authentic Tapas! some of the adventures of eating here include the great variation of dishes! The benefits of eating in a chain restaurants also means that the menu are likely to be cater towards the foreigners, menus in different languages will be provided and the locations are likely to be close to the city area and convenient with public transport. Many people think that such places are usually overpriced and lacking in depth, however, Tapa Tapa prices are fair and the food is definitely delicious!


The restaurant that I visited was in Passing de Garcia, the hotspot for cultural and shopping, located right at the heart of Barcelona, if you do not know how to come to the area, simple ask and follow the crowd. You would probably be in it without even realising it! Below is a picture of the menu from their website, I was here straight out from my hotel, looking for a spot to feed my tummy, Tapa Tapa is perfect for brunch! In case you didn’t know, Spanish do not wake up early and rarely take in Breakfast, this is especially prevalent in Madrid! Although I guessed, no one minds a lazy brunch everyday!


To start of course was the usual classics and favourite but surprisingly I have never try these few dishes before! Which is also the reason why I never get tired of Tapas, there are always new ones for you to explore and try! Now, let’s begin the journey, First up we had some coffee and a pastry to start which was great. It is surprising how well the Spanish do their coffee, which always leaves me amazed! Given that they are not known for it! Whenever, we talk about coffee, we will always hear how fantastic or stringent the Italians have on them, but never the Spaniards! Next up, is some tomato brushed baguette! Their style is pretty unique and perhaps a local Catalan delicacy, this way of doing up their breads is actually pretty common in Spain, especially in Barcelona!


However I was pretty puzzled since, I have never ever seen or tried it before until now! What a waste of my previous visit in Spain, since this bread is legit good! I have tried various version of it after visiting Tapa Tapa and also Catulunya Singapore but none matched up to the one I had at Tapa Tapa! Crunch! Sweetness! Freshness! These are what you could get, theirs was special as they choose to take out all the white part of the bread, leaving only the thin crust of the baguette! Then they grilled it to the point of absolute crisp, generously spread with fresh tomato puree where they finish off with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil! Tasting the combination of the fruity olives oil with the tomato and all on a crisp crust, that, that is Voila!
Right after that the rest of our orders came, first up were the eggs, brunch or breakfast can never go without eggs I would say? Spanish Eggs to be exact. Of course, we ordered the Tortilla, Spanish omelette for those who are unsure, it is a omelette that is mad with a combination of potatoes and eggs, filling and delicious, at a price of 3.65 euros, it is a good portion! The we had another egg dish, Spanish scrambled eggs topped with shaved jammon! This was my favourite, where the salty savoury jammon were such a great combination for the runny tender eggs! The eggs were deliberately undercooked slightly for it to be runny and act as a sauce on it’s on! This was perfect, since they lay some patatas right below, which soaks up all the eggs and together with the jammon, it was a great bite you get, layers of textures and flavours! Then we had some skewers, which was pretty great as well. We had some chicken and pork Broquetes, personally I prefer the pork one as I find it more well seasoned and flavourful, Spanish are always well associated with pork, they seems to always be able to cook it very well! 
Next up, I would like to share this special Tapas with you all! Cod, or salted cod to be exact are very famously in used in Catalan cuisine, where historically in the past fisherman used to preserve their stocks the most primitive way, salt, a natural preservative and then they will dry the fish up! Now you are able to get both dried or just salted cod! This is frequently seen in the markets along the Mediterranean cities! Fried cod coquettes! This was the first time I had it too!  It was a good combination of fish and flour, which was excellent! It is crucial that you are still able to taste the fish and not overly chewy because of the addition of the flour! This dish was a little more pricey, at 7.35 Euros, but definitely worth it given it’s quality! Finally, we had some seafood of course to finish up the meal, some scallop it had to be, given that we are on such an amazing coastal city. Grilled on its own shell, it was done to perfection and simply seasoned since it’s own juices which was cooked on was the natural flavouring. Using a torch to flame the top, chives and zest were sprinkled on to provide some freshness!

If you are ever in Barcelona and could not make up your mind on where to go for a meal or just passing by, do ponder on and try out Tapa Tapa, a fuss-less restaurants ever for the beginners in this city and Tapas!

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