Located under the glimmering Placa Reial, the gorgeous square full of restaurants, bars and clubs lies Les Quinze Nite, a gorgeous restaurants which literally translate into fifteen nights! With the cooling weather and bright and sunny sun the weather is perfect for alfresco dining, sipping a glass of wine while enjoying some people watching with those amazing fountains and trees. Putting on some shades you got the best of both worlds, great food great atmosphere! Sitting outside is a must! Just check out this amazing atmosphere!


I had my lunch here after visiting Palau Guell, which is a stone throw away, coincidentally, or perhaps not at all a coincidence since this is Barcelona. Placa Reial is partially designed and built by Gaudi too! Definitely can be said as the godfather behind the landscape of this captivating city!  Les Quinze Nits is a classy Mediterranean, Spanish restaurant that serves up authentic food at decent prices. Do not expect out of the world, mind blowing food but hearty Spanish classics such as Paella, Tapas, Western Mains and other dishes made with the daily freshest for their specials! Prices are acceptable and there are affordable set lunches available daily.


The perfect place to soak in some Catalan sun and rest our tired legs, Les Quinze Nits present me the ideal location, enjoy some drinks and food while checking out the amazing Placa Reial! Since it’s just like a little tea break 🙂 we ordered a paella for 2 and I checked out the set lunch too! Which was a bargain! The paella was great, served pipping hot and it does takes some time to come! You should always wait for paella as it is an indicator of it being freshly made and not microwaved or frozen pre made ones. Served on a paella pan, it is as traditional as it can be! Accompanied with mussels, prawns, chicken and ribs, it was a classic match which is the kind of paella I liked. The prawns may look miserable but I do really love the rice and the “sauce” which was packing with flavours. The lemon wedges place on top provides not only a visual display but also serves up a different in the texture of the dishes, with a squeeze of lemon, the dish became more refreshing!  The set lunch was definitely a worthy option for those looking for a complete meal at a reasonable price! The meals comes with a starter, a main and dessert! To complement it, you get a choice of half a bottle of either red or white wine, I guess this is how the way lunch are taken in Barcelona. Wine is the ideal complement for any meal at any time of the day! I had a great mushroom soup to start which was a delight, despite the glaring sun, the weather was pretty chilly and the hot soup was a gem for my stomach! The soup although was a tat too watery! Something slight for them to keep in mind of! Next up, I choose the grilled chicken, this was the dish that I really like! Something simple and no fills but really well done, first of all, they served up a baby spring chicken which was well tender on it’s on. With some simple seasoning and a drizzle of olive oil, Voila! The chicken was also accompanied by some potatoes. To finish up the meal was a no fills magnum ice cream served with some whipped cream.

Couldn’t say that it is the greatest restaurant in Barcelona but definitely on the top few due to its location and ambience. The price is affordable which makes it so attractive. The food is decent and good but I guess the main attraction here is the restaurant itself which makes it so great! Stay tuned for my next series in this trip!

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