Having started this travelogue of mine about half a year ago, I do have to say that I am pretty pleased with the way how things are going, maybe just having a little trouble, having to control the amount of media on the blog due to limited space! The no. of viewers aren’t my primary concern but I do appreciate having loyal readers whom share the same interest as me and enjoy reading the way that I have been sharing these while. My key is still to document down all my travels and beside sharing, I hope I can recap my own travels! And my English language isn’t really good, which you guys probably knows other than my love for Champagne, Tapas and Premium Travels! Trotamundo Tapas Bar, my very first meal in Barcelona, started out as an mistake but turns out to be a blessing within the fault.


Located just off Passing de Garcia and near to the great store of Zara at the Fountain was a stone throw away from my Hotel. After commutating from Madrid and checking in at the Hotel, we were famished! Tapas 24 which is famed was my original destination, but, but I actually entered the wrong restaurant!!! I will probably blame the Google Maps but I feel that my stomach was actually the culprit. Travel Blogger also will have such mistake hor! Time to take a rain check on Tapas 24, which will definitely be on my mind when I have the chance to step foot in this Catalan land again. Putting the wrong behind us, Trotamundo was a surprise as well, super great review for this travel blog too! For all the Singapore Spanish food, it’s a disgraced when in comparison!


Prices are affordable given the place and the restaurant is definitely gorgeous, set in a cellar style, this place is perfect as a Tapas Bar! We ordered a couple of Tapas and Paella and grilled chicken. Spain is famous for salted cod, which means we can’t come without ordering one! Bacalao a la Llauna, Baked Salted Cod with garlic, paprika and drizzled generously with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Typical Spanish cooking style, flaky white cod fillet on a piece of bread, dunk into the olive oil. There is no better way to have this! I especially love the sweetness that you can taste in the paprika that complement so well with the fish! The only concern is that the portion is kinda small though!


Another favourite of mine and also a must order would also be Gambas al Ajillo, Gambas are my favourite! It basically means Prawns cooked in olive oil and generously infused with Garlic! Actually, instead of the prawns the garlic are my favourite parts of the dish. I loved how the garlic have combined with the fruity olive oil and prawns, which the garlic becomes a carrier for them, bursting it out once you mash the garlic with your tongue. This is by far my favourite hot tapas! All washed down with Sangria of course 🙂


We also ordered two main course since we are really famished! Paella and also Grilled Chicken! The Grilled Chicken was really ordinary and the sauce helped it but was really salty.


The Paella was good, cooked from the grains and stock, it took some time, but good, good paella should never be rushed since it takes time. I can taste the grains season full of the prawns, clams, meat and of course the saffron which was faint of course. I will highly recommend the Paella since they are one of the better ones. However they are quite stingy with the ingredients!

Overall,my verdict for Trotamundo would be 7/10. They are a decent restaurant with good Spanish flair but considerable pricey since the portion are really little. If you are in the vicinity, this place is a good bet!

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