Happy New Year Everyone! Barcelona of course! Totally suitable to recommend my accommodation for the new year ahead! Perhaps it’s time for you guys to plan a trip to this magical Gaudi city? Getting to the hotel, which was located near Plaza Catalunya and Passing de Garcia was a breeze! Being near these attractions was the greatest selling point of the hotel, this practically means that anywhere was within walking distance, the free use of your legs! Las Rambles was a 5 min walk away and same was Mercat de Boqueria! The beachfront was also only slightly further down, even Sagrada Familia the furtherest was able to reach in 45 mins which is easy in the cooling weather! Currently I am having a little break from my national service which I will be travelling to Malaysia soon, life is pretty great at this moment now! Totally can’t wait to be checking out a place that I hadn’t been to in 8 years! Plenty of eating and catching up to do! Back to Barca, an gorgeous city and charming in Gaudi way, also known as Gaudi City! I had arrived at Barcelona Sants Station, Sants is huge and crowded being the main transportation hub of the city it is well connected to the public transport. If no fuss is the key to your travels, feel free to grab a cab here since I personally find that the rates in Barcelona are affordable and fairly priced! The fixed price from any place in town to the airport cost 29 Euros! Please do take care of your belonging here as it is known for pickpockets to target tourists here! A small tip for you guys, instead of taking the metro, I had opt to take the Renfe regional train which has a direct stop to Passing de Garcia, only one stop and the tickets are cheap too!


From Passing de Garcia station it is a short walk to the hotel, about 5 mins though and the cold wind blows, the feeling of the breeze blowing on your face, through strands of your hair are extremely exhilarating! Can’t stand the Singapore heat anymore, Europe is too perfect for me! Petit Palace Barcelona is a 4 star hotel located in the heart of the city, perfect location and balance for price too, Petit Palace are a chain of hotels where it corporate style and trendy as its appeal, the finishing and products are also of high qualities.


This particular hotels uses black finishing and sport lights to give off that cool feeling, I was allocated a fairly large room on the ground floor. The room was large and with an extra bed which was great, the bed was hard to a extent that I find it comfy. If you have been following my travels, you would have found out that I am actually a fan of harder beds instead of the soft and fluffy ones. I find soft beds to bad for my back! There were some paintings that complement the hotel decoration! I love how the stools they placed in the corner of the room, great for some coffee drinking session over there!


If I had a complain about the room, it would be the extra bed height, too low for comfort!


Next comes the highlight of my stay in Petit Palace Barcelona, this is definitely the best part of the stay and the hotel! TOILET! Actually, frankly speaking, toilet is one of the most important aspect of the place when you vet it! Beside the placement and cleanliness of the “equipment” kind of mind block right now, can’t really find a word for it! Most important one would be the shower head, the best would be a movable one and not those which are fixed to the wall. Next up, the water pressure, I hate hotels whom scrimp on it which makes showering so much more difficult.

In this case, the toilet is just awesome, just check out this piece of hardware, definitely need some experimenting before you are able to grasp what is actually going on! Plus a large bathroom, I am a happy person. For a price of 130 Euros per night it is a worth one, the staff were helpful and pro actively showing me the direction and helping me with the transport.

To conclude, it is a great place to stay at given the safety, the quality and the location of the hotel which was perfect, although it might get to quiet when late at night! Have you guys been to Barcelona? Which part do you guys usually love to stay at ?

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