After a long day of travelling, there is no better place to spend the evening than dining out in London, especially in Soho or at the Oxford street area. It is actually so nice to dine out in London, of course with similarly prices to match. It is just so nice to see Londoners, up in the game, work hard play hard. I especially love their attitude in life, not like us in Singapore. Living the life and relaxing over dinner or drinks once working hours is over. It’s no difference from the weekends actually as you will see people gathering or dining out in the evening. Alright, after unpacking and washing up, I head off to grab some dinner. Daylight is getting short, tired and empty in stomach, food was the first tick off the night. Prior to my trip I have researched on Fish & Chips in London, seriously, you can’t come to the land of Fish & Chips and leave without trying some! Golden Union Fish Bar came out on some of my goggling and reviews from other blogs and articles that I have read so that was the place for tonight. Although it seems like a short walk from my hotel to the restaurant, it turns out to be quite long actually, easily a 30 mins walk. The walk was nice actually, being the interested one, I am always looking around, admiring the gorgeous Londoners and also the glam beautiful streets, houses and cars. London is a rich place and you can’t deny that! Look at these pictures, the streets in London are simply gorgeous! On my way to the restaurants I also passed by lots of beautiful and known restaurants, such as the Wild Honey. My first impression is that London is really a wealthy country and a great place to stay in.
DSC05508Golden Union Fish Bar is located on the fringe of Soho, in a alley at Poland Street which isn’t too far off from the extremely long oxford street. On my way to the restaurant, there it came the rain, speaking about London weather, you will definitely not know how unpredictable it is unless you are there. Hungry cold and drenched, my hopes for the long awaited saliva inducing Fish & Chips faded out. We decided to take shelter and also feed our stomach at a restaurant known as Spaghetti House located at Argyll Street. It was dinner time and all establishment are full, packed with hungry diners, thankfully we got a table within minutes, the table was pretty good too, with a view of the kitchen, plus free wifi there isn’t a better way to spend your time waiting for the delicious food. The serving staff in London are good too, hey nothing can be better than ordering straight with your nice command of English and paying bills seems so much better too.
IMG_2284Spaghetti House is a nice restaurant to find, I won’t say affordable but reasonable Italian food, by London standards okay! All prices in London is a strong blow to any Singaporeans wallets! The menu could be found here. There are various location located throughout London, the decor is chic with a highly energetic work pace, the well polished waitress are busy, here and there, coping with the kitchen and serving those plates of food. The smell is way good, perhaps I am too hungry at this point. We had a pizza and a pasta to share, hey, prices isn’t cheap in London. We got the Parma e rucola Pizza which contains mozzarella, tomato, Parma ham & wild rocket, this cost 11.50 Pounds and the Linguine gamberoni e zucchini Pasta with king prawns, zucchini, white wine, garlic, lemon zest & chill and this was 14.95 Pounds. Told you! Eating out isn’t cheap, 2 dishes and it cost around 60 SGD. Thankfully the food was as amazing as the price.
IMG_2285The pizza was heaven, the fragrant salty thinly slices of Parma Ham going with the crunch of the rockets complement with the melted cheese and the crust which had that smoky taste from the wood flamed oven there are cooked in. Seriously comparable with eating in Italy, totally worth the price I would say. CAN I HAVE SOME NOW! The tomato base was good enough too.

IMG_2287The pasta was out of this world, perhaps the only issue is the serving size, double or triple it, I could still polish it clean. The noodle itself was normal, perhaps the norm in pasta, however it is worth nothing that the sauce was simple yet delicious, only done with white wine, garlic and olive oil but really great. Garlic olive style pasta are my favourites, I love the perfuming garlic fragrance that goes along so well with the noodles. It is said that the pasta are made freshly each day here. Can I just have some now, please.

Seemly that the rain has stop and the sense of satisfaction is still lacking from our tummy, a happy me goes forward from some Beer Batter Fish & Chips, seriously there is no better end to an meal. From Spaghetti House, it is just a short walk round the corner. The decor was really in the 1980s I would say, just like a old fashion bar or pubs that appears in those old TV series, the environment was conducive for families, in a striking yellow decor there lies the crispy flaky fish.
IMG_2293I am actually quite confuse as there a 2 different menus one on the wall for takeout and one on the actual menu on the tables. The differences in price is actually quite difference. Golden Union not only has a variety of fish but also some other meals accept for Fish & Chips. The variety of fish is amazing here from the favourite Cod to Haddock, Plaice, Salmon, Pollock and Coley. But guys, cod is the way to go. I ordered the large Cod & Chips and it was amazing. I think I am running out of words to describe my meals, the disadvantage of knowing limited adjectives. The fish was huge, flaky boneless white meat encrusted with a flavourful crispy batter that cracks at the slightest touch of your knife. Accompanied with the famous chips, crispy on the outside but moist tender and chunky potatoes inside, they just looks like fries of the finger size. I will recommend trying the malt vinegar even for the non vinegar eating people, the malt vinegar is actually on the sweet side going so well with the chips actually. Even after polishing off everything with some Guinness, I could handle a couple more man. That’s how good it is. The menu can be found here.

With the stomach filled, it’s time for a nice stroll along the less crowded oxford street back to the hotel. Doesn’t the evening sounds amazing to you guys? Time for some visual satisfaction too!

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