One, two, three, four, five and probably even six or seven. European, American or Asian Standards? That’s the key here. First of all, number of stars. As easy as ABC, and also by the amount of money you are paying for the room, generally the higher the number of stars the better hospitality you receive and also the “better” the pay. Normally, regardless of which type of standards you are following, seven stars hotels are self declared. No association has ever rank any hotel in this category before. Although I have to say that these hotels are really seven stars, but hopefully it doesn’t cost a seven figure sum to stay in. Hey I could probably afford it in Zimbabwe dollars ! There are only 3 hotels in the world that are described as 7 stars hotel, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi and the Town House Galleria in Milan. It certain takes some powerful wallets to stay here. I had once read about Ben from One Mile at a Time having high tea at the Burj and the view was seriously amazing. Normally I would say the Asian standards and Middle East have a higher standards, expect awesome buffet breakfast large nice hotels in 4-5 Star while I would say the European Standards are low. In Europe, the stars represent what services or items the hotel provides from toilet cleaning and colour TV for 1 star to a buffet breakfast for 2 star, if you provide luggage service or internet access you get another star. Even how long the reception is open determine the ranking of the hotel. Although I have to say the Swiss are famous for its hotelier and hospitality, the service industry are hotcakes over there. Although, my stay at Grandior was pretty great too!

Now, back to Prague, prices of hotels in Prague are substantially lower than the other main European countries like Germany, France and obviously Amsterdam and London, where prices are ridiculous. Thus, this place is the only destination where I stayed at a Five Star hotel, Grandior Hotel Praha. The price was right and the location was pretty amazing. Getting to the hotel was actually pretty easy, but apparently it became a chore and tiring, partially helped by the huge suitcase over cobbles Prague streets and also me getting lost. Hey, I once heard that getting lost was also part of an travelling experience, if you are never lost, you wasted your money. From the train station the best way was to take the metro and to Florenc and walk about 5-7 mins the hotel could be reach, the only issue was that you can’t really find the hotel unless you look up, seeing the flags of the hotel on the upper floors. Clue, it is between KFC and Starbucks, there is also a pharmacy nearby. I was distraught man, passing by the hotel twice and I still couldn’t find it. My mind was probably thinking, maybe the hotel has closed down or moved, Google map can’t be wrong? I was wondering, how could I have missed such a large hotel with 300 rooms? After some sky looking, I was in the lobby and everything is great, but first toilet, did I mention how hard toilets are found in Europe and how expensive they are ?
The hotel was beautiful, with a nice stylish atmosphere in the Lobby, it was renovated recently and some parts are still in works. There were a bar, along with some nice couches for guest waiting for Check in. Service was excellent given European standards, Singaporeans usually have high expectation in service. I am sorry that I didn’t have much pictures of the hotel. I had book a triple room which the rate came along with daily breakfast, and let me say it that the breakfast was the bomb. Given the price of 112 Euros per night it was definitely worth it. The location was nice too, within walking distance to the centre in 5 – 10 mins and also close to Palladium, the largest and newest mall in Prague. There is a tram station outside too, but almost all sights are within walking distance, easy too, just walking straight down would bring you to the old town square and also Na Prikope the most famous street in Prague. The surroundings were nice, relaxing and less chaotic than the centre, given the Easter week build up, many markets could be found in Prague. The rooms were huge too, with a large flat TV and 3 single beds, and a hot tub in the toilet. Water pressure was amazing too. Loccitane toiletries were also provided.
Breakfast was most forward looking for me, hey in a 5 star hotel it is pretty good, I definitely fill myself to the brink in the morning. The restaurant was comfortable and bright, and there were many food choices, along with sparkling wine too. It is like the best think ever except champagne, having a sparkling wine breakfast buffet in the morning accompanied by piano music. Liquid breakfast was quite possible too. Did I mention piano, yes, there was someone playing piano to makes your morning a even better one. The selection was great, breads, coffee, tea, juices, wine you name it. The coffee machine was excellent too, with some delicious white hot chocolate. Another highlight would be the cooked to ordered eggs, omelette and also sunny side up. That was amazing, I had so many different combination for the omelettes, super protein feeling now too. Throughout the days, I alternate between having sunny side up or a omelette, or maybe both, HAHA I don’t know. Cakes and fruits also make a perfect closure to the meal.
IMG_2084 IMG_2085 IMG_2086 IMG_2089 IMG_2090 IMG_2093IMG_2092 IMG_2094 IMG_2095 IMG_2253
After washing up and putting our things down it is off for some Prague experience and some Easter Markets glancing and eating. Have you even been to Prague? Share with me your thoughts!

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