Singapore Airlines does not operate its lounge in Haneda and uses the ANA Lounge at Haneda Airport Terminal 3. This is part of the Star Alliance network. The lounge is one of the airline’s flagship offerings. I have never been to an ANA Lounge and was keen to see how things are at ANA and also to get a shower after a long day out in the city. We had some time to kill since we arrive at the airport right on the dot where check-in opens. The lounge is a short walk from immigration and security. ANA operates two lounges at Haneda Airport Terminal 3. This is the main one near Gate 110.

Access Requirements

The ANA Lounge is open from 5am till the last ANA-operated flight of the day. Currently, all Star Alliance premium cabin customers, PPS Status and above holders as well as Star Alliance Status holders are allowed access to the lounge. Typical Star Alliance access rules for guests follow. First Class passengers, Diamond Service Members, ANA Million Miler Program “Lounge Access Card” holders as well as Star Alliance Gold members are allowed to bring one guest on the same flight. Previously, you can access this lounge via lounge program membership like Priority Pass. I have an unlimited Priority Pass thru my Citi Prestige Credit Card. A normal entrance will cost 32 USD. Do note that entrance via PP might be limited at times when there is overcrowding which happens pretty often given the travel demand right now in Japan. This has since been removed and the lounge is no longer on the PP network.

Arrival & Location

The ANA Lounge is a short walk away from immigration and security. The lines were fast and we had fast-track entrance as well. Signs are available to direct you to the lounge. It is above the main floor. Both the ANA Lounge and ANA Suite Lounge are located in the same location. There was a slight wait at the entrance given how crowded it is. I was politely welcomed in after presenting my boarding pass. I got a huge shock when I entered the lounge.

Air Nippon Airlines Lounge 

The lounge is super huge which kind of makes sense given how crowded this place gets with all the Star Alliance traffic and they are also doing Priority Pass when I visited. It is certainly on the brink of capacity. I do not appreciate the money-maximizing strategy that they are doing. The lounge is mainly rectangular in configuration and features plenty of seats. It kind of stretches along the terminal.

I felt that the place is quite rigid and boring. Here are some pictures of the lounge. The crowd kind of makes it less enjoyable than it is. Taking out the complimentary drinks and food, you might be better off in the terminal itself.

Toilets and Showers

I did not manage to check out the showers even though I want to have one after a long day out in the city. Despite arriving right after clearing immigration and right when the check-in opens, the waiting time was already ridiculous. It is like 8 hours long and more than 50 people are waiting for the showers. I am unsure how many showers they have in the lounge but it is unable to meet the demand. I have never encountered a situation this bad at a lounge. The toilets are very basic and even for these there is a huge queue and wait. I couldn’t find a cubicle at first. Ridiculous!

Food and Drinks

Let me share the refreshments in the lounge. Drinks and snacks are self-served. I have to say that the food and drinks offerings are pretty good for a contract lounge. It can be further refined for a flagship lounge at an airline hub. You have two different refreshment areas. One larger one at the front of the lounge and another one in the other direction. I have to commend the rate of food replenishment. They certainly do a better job in managing this when compared to the showers. You have a couple of hot items and snacks such as nigiri sushi, ANA Signature Curry Chicken, Chicken Karaage and some packaged sandwiches.

Complementing the buffet lines, they have a small menu that you can order from. Here is the menu. The ramen is especially good! You order via a QR code that is fixated to the tables and when it is ready, you can head over to the collection point.

I tried most of the items and they are pretty good.

The drinks options are pretty good. You have those fantastic Japanese beer machines, Sake, Whiskey and all sorts of wine. Non-alcoholic drinks wise consists of a soda fountain and green tea. The green tea is very good.


I certainly expected more! After all, this is one of their flagship lounge in their hub. The crowd were epic with the travelling demand of Japan! I certainly do not appreciate them opening up access to Priority Pass members when they are already having so many travellers with access. The evening peak is crazy with both Turkish Airlines and Singapore Airlines flights departing around the same time. I needed a shower and to see wait times of 10 hours is astonishing. This is ridiculous. I am glad to see that steps have been taken to mitigate this such as the opening of the satellite facility and also removing the lounge from Priority Pass Program. Great lounge if you use the contract lounge yardstick but lacklustre for an Airline operated flagship lounge at their home hub.