What else could it be besides Singapore Airlines? I finally flew with them to HK after planning for the third time! The third time is the charm. Furthermore, they were running a spontaneous sale and I managed to get tickets 30% off the rate. How amazing is that! I finally made it onboard a Singapore Airlines flight to Hong Kong after three tries. Demand was not as high as the ATB days and I got redemption tickets easily this time around even when it is a very last-minute booking. I paid just 23,800 miles per way. That is quite a deal. I will be taking the Long Haul variant A350 to Hong Kong. It is one of the longer regional routes. It is lovely to have a long-haul product for just a hop to Hong Kong. You can check out one of my older reviews of the product on a long-haul flight here. These are my favourite SQ business class seats. Furthermore, I managed to get bulkhead seats for this flight.

Checking In

I arrive at around 6am for my flight. I had some errands to run in the morning and figures that I will just get breakfast at the lounge. Changi Airport is so quaint in the morning. It is rather quiet given the holidays. Check-in was smooth and I was immediately helped by a friendly staff at the business class counters. I even swap my 11A seat to the second mini cabin since there is no one there. I am secretly hoping that I get the entire cabin to myself. I love how efficient Changi Airport is.

Boarding Process

My flight departs at 9.55am from gate A3 which is just a short walk away from the lounge. This is one of the bigger areas with multiple gates. Changi Airport security is at the individual gates so do cater some time for it. Boarding started slightly ahead of time. I jump on the bandwagon to get some really good pictures of the empty cabin. I was warmly welcomed by the IFM and the Leading Stewardess at the door who wish me a very nice welcome onboard. It is always so nice to fly on a SQ flight.

One bad aspect of being in the second mini business class cabin is the foot traffic during boarding. Economy board via the second door and everyone will pass by you. Service is also rather sparse on the mini cabin. I do love the privacy since I had the entire place to myself without any other business-class cabin. It felt like a private plane during the flight. The crew soon came by to introduce herself and helped me with my jacket. I was also offered a welcome drink and even score an amenity kit. These are usually only available on flights more than 6 hours.

We push back shortly after 9.54am and took off at 10.15am after a short delay. It is a rainy day in Singapore and there wasn’t much of a view for the first half of the flight.

Singapore Airlines A350 Long Haul Business Class

I love bulkhead seats. They are the best seats onboard the A350. Go for seats in rows 11 and 19 if it is available. Most of the time they are blocked for PPS members. You can try selecting it during online check-in. If you are a solo traveller, seats A & K would be the best. The bulkhead seats offer additional space around the ottoman area and you do not have to lie at an angle.

On the A350 LH Variant, there are a total of 42 Business Class Seats separated into two cabins. The first cabin which is the larger one consists of 26 seats and then you have a mini cabin of 4 rows right in front of PY. Seats are in a 1-2-1 configuration, all seats get direct aisle access. As mentioned, I had the entire mini cabin all to myself. It is so exclusive having all 16 seats. Here are some pictures of my seat and the cabin. How nice is it to finally get lovely pictures of the sleek cabin without anyone else? I certainly couldn’t pass up on the opportunity and got the crew to help me with a little photoshoot session. Lynette and Sarah were amazing.

These 2013 J Class seats on the 777 and A350 LH, ULH are my favourite SQ business class seats. They offer so much space. They are as good as first class on other airlines. The lack of overhead compartments in the middle also makes the cabin less claustrophobic. There shouldn’t be a lack of space for your carry-on. It is more than sufficient for all the business class passengers.

You have a high-quality TV paired with the award-winning KrisWorld entertainment system with more than enough movies and TV shows to keep you entertained. Paired with it will be a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

The A350s are also equipped with Wi-Fi and business class passengers currently enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi without any cap for the entire flight duration. All you need to do is to input your seat and booking details. The connection can get spotty at times but is generally acceptable for in-flight Wi-Fi.

You have to commend the Singapore Airlines crew for their hospitality and service. SQ have constantly one of the cleanest toilets onboard in the air. The crew constantly tidied and freshen up the toilets during the flight. This is something that often goes without acknowledgement. Business Class toilets are stocked with Penhaligon’s amenities. I am a huge fan of the Facial Mist. All sorts of other amenities such as a shaver, toothbrush, and sanitary pads can be found in the drawers too.

Meal Service

It took a while for service to start after levelling off. Things are not that much of a rush for a flight of this distance. Meals were served roughly around 45 mins after take off. In the meantime, after take off drinks was offered and I got one of my favourite onboard, SilverKris Sling.

I had reserved the Nyonya Ikan Assam Pedas dan Sambal Udang from the Book The Cook selection. I have been wanting to try this dish for a long time. Meanwhile, you can find the menu for the flight here. Weirdly, meals were served with white table cloth and also on a tray. Given that this was a breakfast service, the crew first brought out a fruit plate before Lynette enquire if I would like any muesli or yoghurt. Soon the crew also came out with a basket of pastries and bakes. I usually go for garlic bread but this is not available for breakfast. I got one of the danish which was alright. It isn’t very fresh.

Soon the crew came out with the mains. The Sambal Udang is something new for me. I figure it makes more sense to order something Asian and spicy before I head to HK. The dish consists of seabass in a tamarind-turmeric gravy, chilli prawns, fried anchovies and peanuts. This is paired with coconut rice. The dish is specially designed by Singaporean chef- Shermay Lee. This dish is delicious! It is one of the best Book The Cook item that I have tried. I will recommend you order this. The coconut rice was super fragrant and both the sauce from the prawns and fish goes so well with it. The portion is just nice and not overly heavy on carbs. I can still remember the epic Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice.

I had some sake with the meal which was delicious. Lynette is more than happy to keep my glass full. Weirdly, the crew dim the lights after the meal service which seems odd given that it is noon time.

And the view for company as we fly towards HK.

A double espresso to kick things off on the ground after landing.


A super fun flight! This is one of the best flights I ever had. I am sure the private cabin makes a difference. I would like to commend the crew for making it so fun for me. Lynette, Sarah and Stan were amazing! Great crew and service. This is one flight that I do not want it to end. I wish I had them for a ULH flight! The HKG route seems to be a nice time to properly enjoy a business class flight. You have a carefree meal pace and after you still can relax for a bit before the cabin is being prepped for landing. It is a super sweet deal getting this at just 23800 miles. A Great Way to Fly!