I have just shared my stay at the Conrad Bangkok and have written extensively on my stay in their Grand Premium Room as well as the hotel facilities, including the executive lounge and breakfast offering. You can check that out here. In the middle of my stay, I had a chance to move to the executive suite which is actually the highest available category for diamond upgrades in this hotel. I will simply share my thoughts on the suite. Do note that the suites here are more dated as they have not been renovated recently. While extra space is always good, let’s see if we should go for size or contemporary.

Conrad Bangkok Rooms & Suites

Once again, to recap, Conrad Bangkok features 391 guest rooms and suites spread across 10 categories. You can find the breakdown below.

RoomsExecutive Lounge AccessBathtub Room Size
DeluxeNoYes41 Sqm
PremiumNoYes41 Sqm
Deluxe CornerNoYes53 Sqm
Grand PremiumNoYes53 Sqm
ExecutiveYesYes41 Sqm
Executive SuiteYesYes71 Sqm
Conrad SuiteYesYes114 Sqm
Conrad Premium SuiteYesYes114 Sqm
Terrace SuiteYesYes102 Sqm
Presidential SuiteYesYes238 Sqm

Executive Suite

The executive suite is the entry-level suite category here and it measures 71 Sqm. I was assigned the suite on the highest floor of the hotel which is on the 23rd floor, Suite 23090 to be exact. The 23rd floor is rather exclusive with only a limited amount of rooms and suites. I do feel that most of them are suites from the size of them on the floor plan. There are only 9 rooms or suites on this floor with one of them being the 238 Sqm presidential suite. Being this high up I am sure that the view will be great from my suite.  

This suite is spacious, upon entering they have an L-shape entranceway and there are some cabinets here which add up some additional storage area for longer stays. The decor was dated and doesn’t seem as welcoming as the one I had before. The wood finishing and warm lighting certainly feel more like a cigar lounge rather than a modern luxurious business hotel. I found it weird that they did not include these suites in the most recent renovations as usually, they will renovate the best available category rooms and suites to reflect the current style. 

The living area is in an elongated rectangular layout. The space is great for hosting people over. I am surprised that despite this being a full suite, it does not come with a half bath. I have always appreciated having an additional toilet as they can come in handy during certain times. Immediately on the right, you can find the minibar area setup. In contrast, to the rooms, a proper espresso coffee machine is equipped in the suites. Alongside, some packaged tea and a bottle of water are provided too. A mini fridge can be found below which comes with additional chilled bottles of water. 

The living area constitutes a little couch alongside the wall and an armchair surrounding a coffee table. This place will seat 3 to 4 people comfortably.

Opposite it, you can find a high-quality TV with a good number of cable TV channels. I did feel that the size of the TV felt a little small for a suite of this size. 

At the far end of the living area, you can find the working desk. It has a classy look. This will be a great office for any guests that need to get any work done with a great view and the proper office ergonomics chair that offers great back support. A door separates the bedroom from the living room which means that you won’t be afraid that you will disturb your other half or family that is resting. The wifi is easy to connect and the speed was fast in the suite. 

The bedroom comes with an even more amazing view of the surrounding area from the floor-to-ceiling windows. You have the Bangkok skyline right in front of you. 

The bedroom is equipped with a plush king-size bed and it is comfortable. The mattress provides awesome back support. It also comes with good quality pillows. I love the bedding that they use here. The sheets are smooth. I had a great night’s sleep. On both sides of the bed, you can find nightstands. There is a difference between the renovated and the non-renovated rooms here. Here, it does not come with an international socket and USB outlets. 

You can also find another TV opposite the bed at a slight angle. It is of the same size as the one in the living room.

The wardrobe is located by the side of the bed. The luggage storage area can be found here too. It is a touch on the smaller side and you might have difficulty fitting it in your suitcase. A nice touch would be providing those additional foldable luggage racks automatically. The wardrobe comes with all you might need including bathrobes, bath slippers and an ironing set! There are also extra pillows and a safe in the wardrobe. 

The bathroom is at the far end of the bedroom, it is on the spacious side. The bathroom comes with a separate freestanding bathtub and a standing shower. The standing shower has both a rainforest shower head and a handheld one. Water pressure and temperature control are excellent. Toiletries are similarly to Byredo Mojave Ghost. 


It is nice to be able to check out both the refreshed rooms as well as the older dated ones in Conrad Bangkok. If given the option of a Diamond upgrade, you would have to decide whether you prefer having additional space or a more modern design. I do hope that they will renovate the remaining rooms soon. If I am here with my family or huge groups, I would prefer having the extra space since it could be good for gathering or having meals. If I am just staying alone then the Grand Premium room that I shared previously will be better and more than sufficient.