This is going to be rather refreshing and it got to be a first! Welcome to the first-ever hostel review on Seeing The World In Steps. Hopefully, this isn’t too weird! It got to be the more unique one! It wasn’t my first rodeo in a hostel but certainly the first review on my website. Milestone achieved! I have been always wanting to stay and check out this hostel after hearing so much about it since pre-covid times. Let’s just say that the hostel has been on my bucketlist after reading all the raved reviews. Furthermore, the pictures on its Instagram and website are simply captivating. Seeing that I had some time and was planning to be in Canggu. I decided to stay here for 2 nights.  

Booking Process & Pre Arrival

You have your choice of booking either directly from their website or Hostelworld. Hostelworld is an OTA, something like Traveloka or but caters toward Hostels. When I speak of hostels, I do not mean those that are like a dim alley hole kind of dorms but some of these hostels look absolutely gorgeous. I did a stay previously in Slumber Party and it was amazing. I book my stay from Hostelworld and you have to pay a deposit which is fully refundable and the remaining on arrival, which can be settled in cash or card. Rates start from 265,000 IDR. You can also choose if you would like to have breakfast included or not. In my opinion, just go for the basic beds. You can always pay for breakfast on your own if you would like to dine in the cafe and the prices are really good. I will share more on this later on.

Checking In

I took a grab which takes about 45 mins to arrive from the Kuta area given the bad traffic and it cost around 100K. The hostel is pretty hidden and google maps wasn’t reflecting the correct location. Look for Alternative Beach, which will guide you more accurately. My room was already ready when I arrive and after some registration and paying for the remainder, I was shown to my room. Well, the staff even ushered me and help me with my bags to the dorms which was a really lovely touch. I was certainly not expecting this when at a hostel! I love the vibes and it was sure nice to see how happening this place is. 


You have your choice of a mixed dorm here or a female-only dorm! So it should fit all your requirement. The dorms come with private safety boxes, charging points, reading lights, mini wardrobes, bed linen and towels. Towels do require a 100,000 IDR deposit. I was assigned the bottom bed in room one which is on the second level. Check out my crib for the stay! 

The bunk was comfy and despite what the website shows, there are a total of 8 bunks in each room. I got the mixed dorm and there are 4 beds on each side, 2 bottom and 2 top. It’s pretty spacious and each comes with a super single size bed with a blanket and 2 pillows. You will require a key card to access the room. On the top of the bed, you can find a power outlet, a lamp as well as a safe that you can lock using a password you set. This is useful for keeping all your valuables. Curtains are installed for added privacy. 

At the foot of your bed, you can find some hangers on the wall as well as some shelves to store some items. I am pretty happy with the space.

On the way to the room the staff also show me where the washroom was located and a brief introduction of the showers. The toilets and showers are alright and come with hot water. Water pressure was decent and there was space inside for you to place your personal belongings.

Pool & Bar

This got to be the main draw of a hostel. The facilities! The two items that a hostel cannot do without are a gorgeous pool as well as a fully stocked bar that keeps the alcohol thirsty party-goers happy! Let me share some pictures of the common areas as well as the bar. You have some swings and even a jacuzzi on my level!

If you are too hungover to get to the showers or even to the ground level via the stairs, you can also take a slide down from your room, straight down into the pool!

The pool is gorgeous and it is all you need to laze the afternoon away. It is as if once you are inside this enclave, all your world worries are kept away. All you need to think about is what drinks to order and why is the sun not out. There are tons of day beds or areas by the pool to hang out.

Coconut and the sun for company? That is all you need.

Eat Me Cafe

Kosone Hostel has its in-house cafe and restaurant and it is called Eat Me! Well, I shall not comment further on the naming but it is open from 7am to 11am for breakfast and then till 6pm for lunch and dinner. The cafe is gorgeous and overlooks the pool below.

Check out the menu of the cafe here. The prices are really good! You can find an assortment of dishes, from local dishes to bowls and western selections. I got the opportunity to grab a late lunch here and had the chicken burger with wedges. It was so tasty and as good as food from a top tier cafe. I love the pairing of the grilled chicken with avocados. 

I also tried the Aglio Olio with Prawns and it was alright. Nothing memorable but edible too.


It’s a really nice hostel and you get to meet plenty of people here. I enjoyed my stay here! You get to meet lots of people and mingle. The beds are comfy and clean too! For those who are coming to Canggu, feel free to give this a try. They are very affordable and the food is good too. The location is great in Canggu and is located on the main streets with tons of bars, restaurants and cafes. Even the in-house cafe offers great food at good prices. I had a late lunch there one day and thoroughly enjoyed my food. You can walk to most places in Canggu! The hostels have different events every day and the pool party on Sat is the highlight of all. It is not one hostel where you are slumming it out. If you wanna enjoy these vibes but prefer a more private accommodation you can check out their private rooms hotel which is known as Canggu Village Accommodation. Would love to be back anytime soon!