GHA Black and Platinum Local Experiences may be a thing of the past soon enough or in fact, already is. Hopefully, this review would still be useful seeing that actually most LE experience can be acquired via the “cold hard cash” way as well or using your Discovery Dollars. Just like this Senja Sunyi Massage at Auriga Spa which is one of the signature massages offered by Capella Singapore in-house spa. It is offered to all staying and non-staying guests. Capella Singapore remains high up on my bucket list of staycations in Singapore! However, with lead in rooms easily costing upwards of 600 SGD, it might be a dream that will never come true I will never realise. I had the fortune to check out their restaurant, The Knolls last year and this time around I will be checking out the Auriga Spa. Me, merging these little hotel reports to make up for the lack of a staycation experience. This shall be the very first Spa experience that I will be sharing in Singapore and let me go all out. Located on the prime land plot of Sentosa, south of Singapore, Capella is housed in restored 19th century British Colonial buildings on a little hilltop, surrounded by lush greenery and overlooking the South China Sea. I had a Black LE from my the good ol days of GHA Black membership to redeem and I was thinking that it might be good to redeem before the devaluation. After pondering over various Local Experiences offered in Singapore, the Senja Sunyi Massage interests me the most and it is also rather worthwhile given the prices here. 


GHA Black & Local Experience

Before I go on to share about my dining experience, let me share some context on the GHA Black membership and Local Experience. Global Hotel Alliance is a unique loyalty program where instead of the usual points, you earn awards known as Local Experience. This is applicable for the two highest levels of membership, GHA Black & GHA Platinum. Local Experience is awarded either from reaching or retaining your membership levels, Black or Platinum. They are also awarded when you stay at a new brand every calendar year for the first time. As a note, there are currently 37 brands under Global Hotel Alliance. Local Experiences are extremely worthwhile. They can go from fancy dinners to a helicopter tour of the 12 Apostles. I can easily extract values of at least 150 – 200 SGD from each of them. Going out of the way to stay at a new brand every year can be pretty worthwhile. Some of the redemptions of Local Experience requires a stay at the hotel providing them, but there are a lot that do not require them as well. You can check it out at the link here. 


Senja Sunyi Signature Massage at Auriga Spa

Auriga Spa has been constantly ranked as one of the best in town and it certainly commands the hefty price for access. The spa is open daily from 10am to 9pm with the last treatment at 8pm. It comes with 9 treatment suites including 3 of them which are couple suites. They also have a relaxation facility in the Spa which consists of separate male and female spa areas featuring a Vitality Pool, Herbal Steam Room, Ice Fountain. There is also a relaxation lounge where you can relax. You are allowed to access the facility an hour before your treatment or 30 mins after. 


The Senja Sunyi uses a combination of “Moon” stones which I guess are just hot stones and Argan Oil Shea Butter to ease out your muscle strains. The 90 min treatment cost 260 SGD per person. That brings up the value of my GHA Black LE to almost 306 SGD!!! I do wish access to the hotel pools are provided as well. 


The Spa is located on the ground floor and the minimalist entrance sets up the mood for a relaxing day with the water feature and soothing wall decoration. The spa has a very luxurious yet cosy entrance area where you can find some product display as well as some seats. 



I was immediately addressed by name and offered a seat. There is no need to do any further registration on-site, you just have to complete the form prior which will be emailed to you. Within minutes both a male and female spa attendant appeared to usher us to the respective spa area. As mentioned, the facility consists of separate male and female spa areas featuring a Vitality Pool, Herbal Steam Room, Ice Fountain.


I was helped to by a friendly attendent who first enquire if it is my first time here before giving me an in-depth introduction of the facilities and different areas. I was also informed that a dedicated locker have been assigned to me. Inside, you can find all sorts of amenities that you may require. Towels, bathrobes, bath slippers, hangers, disposable underwear and facial products. 


I was also shown the bathroom and showers area. You will be pleased to know that Aesop products are provided. This has quickly become one of my favourite toiletries and rest assured that I slather those generously during my shower when I was there. The showers were spacious and the water pressure was excellent! 


One of the most interesting aspects of the facility will be their Herbal Steam Room, the steam was incorporated with herbs and spices making it very unique. You are recommended to stay inside for 5 to 10 mins. 


Another highlight would be their Vitality Pool. The water temperature is kept at 40 degrees to help with those tense muscle of yours. The jacuzzi inside was amazing and the design allows you to lie down and relax while keeping you in place. 


Last but not least, you have to check out the two experience shower that they have. One was the Tropical Rain Experience Shower where you have water cascade all around you from all directions. 


The other would be the Cool Mist Experience Shower where you can cool down after the various hot experience. 


I would like to point out a very good amenity that Auriga Spa provides which is the spin dryer where you can put in your wet swimsuit for a quick dry. They really work well and I dried my trunks in less than a min. 


After using the facilities, it was time for the main event, a 90 min Senja Sunyi Massage. The treatment suite was luxurious and welcoming. Here are some pictures of them. The therapist will show up and introduce themself before going thru various customization. This is the time where you can inform them on which area you will like them to focus the massages on. I had a lovely time and the hot stones part were really relaxing! 



For those who drive, a parking coupon would be provided as well! It is sad to hear that GHA LE will be gone in the future, it certainly represents the value in the GHA hotel program and the worth of these awards is what makes me go out of my way to stay at a new brand each year to get them. Senja Sunyi award might just be the place where it offers the best bang for your buck in Singapore. Well, at the very least, I hope those who are looking to visit Auriga Spa would find this Spa Review useful!