With the amazing experience I had back in January, I couldn’t pass up another opportunity to be back at Shangri-La Valley Wing. Even though the upgrade trick via booking a Luxury Circle rate was canned, Traveloka has been running crazy sales recently that make it possible to book a Valley Wing Deluxe room for 200-300 SGD directly after applying all the discount and SingapoRediscover Vouchers. With that in mind, I am heading back to pamper myself once again. Shangri-La Singapore Valley Wing is after all ranked the first on Seeing The World In Steps staycation list. Given how extensively I have already shared about Valley Wing back in January, this time around I will just share my thoughts on the Deluxe Room. You can refer to my previous post for an in-depth review of the entire property. I am keen to see how the basic Valley Wing Deluxe Room hold up to the Shangri-La Valley Wing experience I had. Will the normal rooms be as good?


Booking Process & Pre Arrival

As mentioned earlier, I book this room for 300 SGD for a weekday stay from one of the crazy Traveloka Flash Sales. It is possible to get up to 225 SGD off your room rates if you managed to apply all the codes and your SRV vouchers. As of now, do note that SRV Vouchers validity are extended till the end of the year. I was also guaranteed early check-in at 11 am and late check-out at 4 pm in advance of the stay, this was further extended till 5 pm on the day of check out.


Checking In

I arrived at the hotel right around 11 am, one of the staff immediately came over to assist me with my bags as I pulled up to the driveway. Do note to use the exclusive Valley Wing driveway off Anderson Road. While back in Jan, I stayed in the amazing 1 bedroom suite. This time around I was in Valley Wing entry level room. I was excited to check out the Deluxe Room which I am sure is nothing but basic! Just a little recap, there are a total of 131 rooms and suites in Valley Wing with 106 Deluxe rooms making up the bulk of it! Aishah very nicely allocated the best king deluxe room in the entire Valley Wing for my stay. In her words, “this is one of her favourite rooms”, one of the 4 with a balcony!


I noticed a little detail this time around at the hotel, they have customized carpets in the lift for every day of the week! Look at how lovely this is!


Valley Wing King Deluxe Room

I was assigned room 1751, located on the highest floor of the hotel. Being one of the four special deluxe rooms in the entire Valley Wing, these are the ones that uniquely comes with a balcony. They are also slightly more spacious than the rest when accounting for the balcony space. Upon entering, the room was rather similar to the suite that I stayed in January with the exception of the living room. A short corridor leads you into the main space itself.


Near the entrance, a nicely decorated console serves as the minibar. Bottles of water are left here alongside a Nespresso machine with 6 capsules are provided. Setting it apart from the suites, non-branded bottled water are provided here rather than Evian. A little cost-cutting and cheap in my opinion given how pricy rooms usually goes for here! Furthermore, the minibar is complimentary at the Valley Wing and you can easily order Evian and Badoit. These are replenished by Housekeeping daily and during turndown service as well. You can find a fruit bowl in the room. A personalised note and some pralines are left on the console as well. Inside the console you can find a fridge, a kettle as well as some packaged tea. Shangri-La does have some of the most amazing tea sachets ever. I particularly love their Osmanthus Oolong tea. As per current covid measures, the minibar is left empty but you can order from the hotel online interface. All non-alcoholic drinks are complimentary for Valley Wing guests.


Next to the mini-bar you can find a little vanity area which I’m sure the ladies would love. It’s a nice space and perfect for dressing up. A hairdryer is also located in the drawers here. Weirdly the diffuser with the hotel signature scent is missing.


In the middle of the room, you can find a high quality Smart TV. I do feel that the size is a little small for the room. A nice selection of cable tv channels can be found.


The room comes with a proper traditional working desk and armchair which can be found at the far end of the room. Sadly, the traditional armchair lack proper back support for prolonged working. It will be lovely if they could put some of those fancy ergonomics chair, that shouldn’t be too hard at this hotel price point. Outlets are conveniently located by the desk. Wifi is easy to connect and fast. You can find a care kit consisting of some masks and wipes left on the desk.


Then we have the luxurious king size bed in the middle of the room. Surrounded by 2 nightstands and chandeliers perched above it. Controls for the lights and blinds can be easily found at the side. Per my original review, there aren’t any outlets installed by the  side of the bed and that is super disappointing. The bed and sheets are super comfy and one of the best that I had slept on. Pillows were rather paper thin but firmer ones can be requested from housekeeping.


Near the balcony, you can find a couch and an armchair which easily seats 3 people. This can totally be classified as a junior suite in my opinion. A small cake and some decor can be found left since it was my friend birthday on the day of our stay.



Now for something special, the balcony! Perched over the entire neighbourhood, you get an amazing bird’s eye view of Shangri-La as well as the quaint orchard residential area. Look at this amazing sight of the pool from the balcony.



The spacious balcony is perfect for lazing around with your other half. You can find two comfy chairs placed in the balcony, perfect for reading a book over a cup of coffee.



The wardrobe and bathroom area is near the entrance. I love the setup of a mini partition separating the space from the rest of the room, creating a little enclave. The wardrobe area and luggage racks are pretty spacious. Inside you can find an ironing set as well as a safe. Bathrobes and bath slippers are provided as well.


The bathroom is exactly the same as the one I had in the suite. Furnished classically with white marbles and silver finishing. The bathroom comes with a separate bathtub and standing shower. In the deluxe rooms, L’occitane Jasmin & Bergamote toiletries are provided rather than Acqua di Parma which can be found in the suite. They were lovely and one of my personal favourite. Water pressure and temperature control are excellent!


Valley Wing Lounge

There was no change to the menu at Valley Wing Lounge. Happy to announce that free flow of Veuve Clicquot Champagne is here to stay.


I will just share some pictures of the Afternoon Tea and Evening Canapes for my stay this time around. The drinks menu are the same and you can refer to the previous post!



Oh! I also realised, if you want you can get some fried nuggets and fries unofficially from the kid’s menu if you are craving for some fried food! Fries and free flow Gin Tonics, that’s an adult Happy Meal!


Breakfast @ Summit Room

Breakfast at Summit Room was always a treat! It is something that I am looking forward to  every morning. This time around we got the bikini sandwiches which was amazingly good! Give me a basket of these sandwiches and I will leave you along while munching on it! This is the one item that you have to order when having breakfast at the Summit Room. Perfectly toasted bread sandwiching this amazing spread of truffle cream and ham. They were divine! Wash it all down with a fresh flute of Veuve Clicquot, life is that amazing at this  moment! I just wish the portion were slightly bigger for this! I could just munch on them all day long!


We also got some Steak & Eggs, the staff were happy to accord our customization for scrambled eggs. Happy to report that the eggs were freshly cooked! They were buttery and silky! 


I also ordered the Salmon Bruschetta, this is one of the healthier choices on the menu. The salmon was simply pan-fried and left on top of a toast. The fish was fresh and perfectly cooked, nicely seared with the moisture sealed inside. You won’t want to eat overcooked and dry salmon. Sadly, they didn’t have any avocados on the day when we were staying. Some of it would be perfect with this dish!


Upon the staff recommendation, we got the French Toast as well which was pretty good. It was a thick slice of brioche served with whipped cream and maple syrup on the side!  



I had an amazing stay again at Shangri-La Valley Wing. The service was polished and impeccable, never once was I disappointed. Even the entry level Deluxe Room here was a treat and that should not come as a surprise given that they easily go for 500 to 600 SGD a pop. While the suites clearly give you the extra space which is great for family stay, the deluxe room equally holds up to the Valley Wing quality. I really love the balcony as well. Shangri-La is always a lovely treat and yes, I am looking to be back again in May!

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