Here is to my first hotel stay of the year barely one week into 2021! To kick things started, I will be staying at Andaz Singapore. This is one property that I have been looking forward to check out for a long time. It also marks my very first stay under the Andaz brand and my first Hyatt property in 5 years. The last being my stay at Grand Hyatt Melbourne. Andaz Singapore got some sort of bashing over the previous holiday season with tons of complaints regarding their queues, breakfast as well as the pool. Although, I am sure most of this are simply crowd based, they still have a good core. I went for a weekday stay in January which will allow me to have a non-diluted experience. Andaz is the chic, luxury lifestyle branch of Hyatt which incorporated art and design with a local flair when possible. To sum it up, it is all millenials like these days and the age of instagram. A focus on minimalist. Andaz Singapore is located in the vibrant bugis area with walking distance to both Beach Road and Haji Lane making it a different option from staying in the usual Orchard and Marina Bay area. Opened in 2017, Andaz Singapore occupies the 25th to 39th floors of DUO Tower. The honeycomb looking exterior of the building is certainly gorgeous. The property is designed by Andre Fu who incorporated lots of local influence into the property. Certainly one of my most anticipated stay.


Booking Process & Pre Arrival 

Without holding any Hyatt status, the best way for me to book the hotel was via Hyatt Prive or via 3rd party booking site. That was when I found a killer deal on Klook that got me in at a City View King room with breakfast for 2 as well as a 100 SGD F&B credit. It also comes with a guaranteed upgrade to the Deluxe City View King room. The package cost 281 SGD and I managed to apply my SRV on it as well. Bringing the cost down to 181 SGD. Treating the F&B credit at face value, I am only paying 81 SGD out of pocket for the room and breakfast. A pre arrival email will be sent out 72 hours prior to your stay. It includes the booking links for the swimming pool and some information on the changes during this period. I will also recommend you to make reservations for any of the hotel dining outlets since it can be packed these days due to capacity control. As for the pool, advance reservation will only open 3 days before your stay date. You are allowed to reserve one slot per day. You can find the link here.

As for gym usage, it will be first come first serve. You do not need to make any booking for breakfast which is served at Alley on 25 from 7.30 to 11 am daily. It is a little disappointing that Andaz Singapore does not offer any complimentary parking to guests. They do not have any partnership and parking at DUO Tower cost $3.75 per entry on the weekend. On the weekdays it will be a costly affair with hourly charges. Thankfully, the hotel have a direct underground connection to Bugis Station, this actually makes it rather fuss free for tourists travelling from Changi Airport. The base level rooms here comes in at a generous 38 Sqm. With only potentially 22 suites available for upgrades, Globalist members might find it challenging to score a complimentary suite upgrade here. Andaz Singapore has a total of 342 rooms and suites across 9 categories.

RoomsBathtubSizeNo. of Rooms
StandardNo38 Sqm140
City ViewNo38 Sqm77
DeluxeNo42 Sqm11
City View DeluxeNo42 Sqm21
Bay View DeluxeNo42 Sqm67
Studio SuiteYes76 Sqm11
Residence SuiteYes76 Sqm11
Large SuiteYes114 Sqm3
Presidential SuiteYes188 Sqm1

Checking In

I arrive at around 12pm at the hotel. The driveway is quaint and located a level up on the second floor of DUO Tower. While there are no bellboys to be seen, a staff was on hand to help me with the doors, the temperature taking as well as safe entry check in. While normally used as a concierge and reception area with the actually lobby on 25th floor, the lobby was shifted down here after COVID. There was a slight wait for a host to assist me with the check in. Andaz doesn’t have fixed check in desks but rather hosts are on hand with movable stations to assist guests.


That makes it much more informal and welcoming. I was greeted by a friendly staff and we had a funny barter about the crazy crowd previously. My room was already ready and I had a smooth proficient check in. Late check out was also extended till 1pm and further extended till 2pm on the day of check out by Gab, their guest relations team leader which is awesome. I am going to have 26 hours in this amazing room! I certainly wasn’t expecting it with mine being a 3rd party booking and I hold zero Hyatt status. Weirdly the keys card are just placed in the envelope, alongside the welcome letter. I’m all for being eco friendly and all but it’s rather weird to not to have a key card holder. 


City View Deluxe King Room

My room is located on the 29th floor, at the end of the corridor. I love the look of the common areas and the room doors. The designer incorporated little quirks like an old school manual door knock mechanism as well as these letterbox fitting for the door numbers with the lock scanner built in inside. Very classy and quirky. 


I definitely squeal a little when I entered the room and was pleasantly amazed. I wasn’t expecting this quality from a “base” level category room. The abundance of natural light was welcoming, helped by the ceiling to floor windows and that view! Paired it with the striking yellow doors, light brown tones and warm light fittings. What a beauty! Furthermore, the wood flooring adds up a lot of charm as well. I love non-carpeted rooms. This is my first stay at an Andaz property and I’m definitely loving their simple modern minimalist style! The room layout is a little unique due to the fact that it is a corner room. Immediately upon entering, you can find the spacious open walk in wardrobe towards the left of the entrance. I was rather amused to see the wardrobe area fitted here. It’s nicely incorporated and spacious. With an open concept, they had this huge space to open up your suitcase below the hangers. I love their dark brown and gold trimmings. Generous amounts of hangers are provided and you can also find an ironing kit and safe here.


Bath slippers are left and look at how nicely customised they are! They sure gave me a huge laugh with that local blue and white “Kopitiam” flair and that caption! “Stolen from Andaz Singapore” I love it! This is so going to be my go to flip flops now! Least to say, I’m bringing it home. 


The mini bar area was just located by the entrance. It comes with both a kettle and an Nespresso machine accompanied with 4 capsule. This is more like it for a 5 star hotel! All Andaz properties comes with complimentary mini bar with the exceptions of alcohol if provided. For Andaz Singapore everything is complimentary including the beers. Here, you can find 2 tiger beers, 2 canned tea, 2 coke and 2 energy drinks. Snacks wise, there is a kitkat and a small packet of potato chips. While not fanciful. I appreciate it. Bottled water can also be generously found both at the minibar and by the bed. They are not stingy with it. Surprisingly, the main area of the room was separated from the minibar area and wardrobe by a door. Giving it a little premium feel and “junior suite” vibe.  



Despite it being a normal city view deluxe room, one of the lower categories. I’m surprise at how nicely appropriated it is. The main room area is rectangular in shape and the room boost amazing views of the CBD, Marina area as well as the vibrant retro Bugis area. You can even get a little partial view of the bay towards the side! Stack 30 is the one to choose for Deluxe City View rooms. I definitely luck out getting a corner room which is probably more spacious as well. The ceiling to floor window panels are perfect for gazing out as well as allowing natural light in. 


The lush king size bed can be found located towards one end of the room. It is surrounded by two night stand with fully electronic lights and blinds controls. Sockets and even USB outlets can be easily found here which is very much appreciated. That’s one important criteria for Seeing The World In Steps. Bottles of water are also placed here which is a sweet touch. The king size bed is extremely comfy and the softness were just right! Personally I prefer a harder mattress for better back support. Bedding were high quality and 4 pillows were fluffy. Happy to report that they aren’t paper thin. 


Mounted on the wall in the middle of the room is a large high quality Samsung Smart TV. A decent size for the room. Sadly it only support casting for android platform phones. Thankfully you can find a healthy range of cable tv networks and even channels that broadcast live European Soccer matches. While it may seems that the TV faces the couch area. The mounting can be pivoted for the TV to face the bed area. Perfect design for a cosy movie night!


On the other end, there was a huge lazing couch which can seat 2-3 person comfortably. I love the little flair of placing a mat below the couch. There was an adjoining round table as well as an arm chairs to act as the working /dining desk! Outlets can be easily found here, wifi connection was strong throughout the room. This city view deluxe room really felt like a junior suite, while on the small side it is really comfortable.


Lastly the bathroom area. Even the bathroom boost an amazing city view! Again, I love how bright and spacious it is. I love the built in light mirror. While there are no twin sinks, you can find a little vanity corner to the side that will definitely suit the ladies very well. All the necessary amenities are provided.


Bath products are from Chistophe Laudamiel, with a specially developed signature fragrant unique to Andaz Singapore, Singapore Fusion #19. While it is my first time using it, I fell in love with it instantly. 


One thing that is really lacking in this room is a tub. Sadly only Suites here come with bathtubs. The toilet and standing shower are located in separate rooms. I love that there’s a rainforest fixture with a removable shower head installed as well. Temperature control and water pressure is good! 



A unique concept to the Andaz brand, while Andaz do not come with an executive or club lounge, they usually have a place that provide some sort of all day refreshment to their in-house guests. This is not an official policy or brand amenity and are not found in all Andaz. This is known as the Sunroom in Andaz Singapore, located on the 25th floor, just off the usual lobby area. Sunroom is open from 7.30am to 10.30pm. It provide all day drinks as well as some packaged snacks. Sunroom offers; Andaz Iced Tea, Lemonade, Sparkling or Still Water, Coffee, Tea and Soft drinks. Think of it as something like an executive lounge but without food. It’s a nice space to chill or work outside your room. It is certainly a useful facility when you are waiting for your room to be ready or for your next appointment after check out. 


I love having a place to pop by for some coffee or tea in the middle of the day and the Sunroom is perfect. During my stay I tried a glass of Ice Mocha as well as some TWG Moroccan Mint tea. There was some cost cutting recently due to COVID as I have heard that prior to that, you can find a evening daily wine hour where they serve wine and beers to all in-house guest! 



The pool at Andaz is the highlight of the entire stay. Located on the 25th floor this outdoor infinity pool boosting a scenic picturesque view of Marina Bay and CBD. It is the go to place for all instagrammers. Pool space at Andaz are prime property and as shared above, it will be highly recommended to make a reservation at your earliest opportunity. With capacity cap at 25 pax at a time, they are limited. Extra slots can be granted on a first come first serve basis when the timing slot is not fully reserved. The pool is really amazing and pretty for pictures. Bottled water and towels are provided by the attendant. Although being so high up and with the weather nowadays it might get a little chilly! I certainly enjoy the pool with my partner and we had lots of fun chilling by the pool and taking tons of pictures. 




While I did not partake in it, I still managed to check out the Gym which is located on the 38th floor. It boost an amazing view over the city to accompany your cardio session. Due to current health requirement the gym is cap at 8 pax at a time. No reservations is needed and you can use it on a first come first serve basis. To access the place, you will have to get a special key card for access from the reception. The gym seems well equipped and spacious. 



Breakfast was served daily at Alley on 25 from 7.30 to 11am. No reservations are required. I was down for breakfast at 9am, there isn’t a wait but it is rather crowded. While service wasn’t bad, I certainly will not go to the extent of attentive. I was shown to my seat without any offer of drinks or anything. I was left alone until I managed to wave down an attendant. You can check out the menu for breakfast below. Breakfast is served a la carte now given hygiene concerns. Previously guests were allowed unlimited orders although now, you are limited to one main course choice. You can still order unlimited continental options and drinks. 

Andaz Breakfast Menu

I started out with a triple drink, consisting of a Latte, Daily Detox Juice as well as the Antioxidant Smoothie. The coffee tasted good and seems to came from an actual espresso machine rather than those instant one. Perfectly executed with a robust brew and milk froth. I love their detox juice which is a blend of watermelon, mint and ginger. It’s so refreshing and such a great way to start the meal. I love how hydrating it is after a deep slumber. I couldn’t get any hint of the ginger though. For those who are looking for a quick breakfast or on the go, the smoothie is a great way to do it. It’s packed full of banana, oats and berries, very satisfying and chunky. 


In addition to the mains, I ordered a cold cut plate as well as the bakery basket as well. I love the ham and the turkey breast. The baked were flaky and fresh, especially the little nutella donuts. Nutella always doesn’t disappoint!  


For the main course, we got the Guacamole Toast and Eggs Cocotte. They were served with a side of bacon, chicken sausage, mushroom, baked beans and hash brown. Let me first share about the Egg Cocotte, a dish that I really love and I am happy to say that Andaz does it rather well. I love the spinach and cheddar in it. However, perhaps it was sitting around a little longer before being brought over, resulting the eggs being a little overcooked and not runny enough. The best I had still was in Melbourne at Hardware Societe 5 years ago, that Chorizo baked eggs, one and only breakfast that I will think of.   


Next up the Guacamole Toast. It came topped with scrambled eggs. I am rather surprised that it works well together since usually a poached egg pairing is done. While I love their amazing guaca spread it is a little weird having it between the scrambled eggs and the toast. I would rather the eggs be placed on the side. When you don’t finish it immediately it gets rather messy and soggy from the moist scrambled eggs. The scrambled eggs were well cooked, creamy and fluffy. With regards to the trimmings, I love their hash brown, sausages and bacon. The mushrooms were unmemorable.


Overall, breakfast was good. While it kinda stinks a little given that previously they allows unlimited orders. The portion are more than enough and filling, especially when you combined it with the continental selections! I might just rank it as my top 3 staycations breakfast in Singapore, together with St Regis and Conrad.  

665°F Steakhouse

During my stay, I grab lunch at 665°F Steakhouse, Andaz inhouse intimate steakhouse located at the 38th floor. This is by far the best restaurant here and it is a cosy affair. Reservations are highly recommended as the restaurant is very small. Even at max capacity they can only fit a max of 28 pax. 665°F boost impressive view of both the city and the bay. The open kitchen concept also adds up a lot to the ambience here!


Service was good and polished. I was shown in and my drinks order taken. While prices are definitely not on the affordable side, the Set Lunch is a great deal to try the cooking here. Coming at 38 SGD for 2 course and 48 SGD for 3 course. You can find the menu here. 

665 Set Lunch Menu

I was brought over some warm toasted baguette to start the meal which is served with butter and salt on the side. While the baguette was ordinary I appreciate that it was fresh and warm.  


For my starter I got the Crab Cake. Crab cake are one of my favourite dishes and the one here do not disappoints. Good crab cakes are tough to find in Singapore. If anyone knows any great places, please let me know. Every bite was filled with huge chunks of crab meat and that spicy pepper dip, it is to kill for. It was gone in no time! Just wish that there was more than one! 


I got the Wagyu flank steak MBS 4/5 from Australia as my main with a chef recommended chimichurri sauce on the side. It was served with my choice of side, truffle fries and Aioli sauce. The steak came accompanied with some oven roasted garlic as well. I really enjoy my steak. It was well seasoned and nicely charred. Thankfully it was well executed as the flank cut can be too tough and dry, given that it is a very lean cut. 


Lastly, for desserts upon the manager recommendation I got the Creme Caramel. You can really taste the high quality vanilla used inside and it was really fragrant and creamy. The burnt salted caramel also adds up a lovely contrast. The dish was really good and a healthy portion as well. I would definitely recommend it. The whole meal came up to 55 SGD after taxes, nicely covered by my credits. You have to dine here at least once and the set lunch is an affordable way to do it!


Mr Stork

Andaz Singapore is also known for their rooftop bar, Mr Stork, which is located on the 39th floor. This is also a popular place for outside guests, reservations are definitely recommended way in advance. I made a reservations for drinks at 6.45pm and the view is really lovely. I love how expansive the view is, you can see all the way from the marina area to the city view of Bugis area and even as far as Padang. Check out some pictures of the place and the view.




6.45pm is the best timing to come since you get both the day view, sunset and the night view while the city is lighting up. You can also get some pictures while it’s still bright. Being in house guests we were brought over complimentary welcome shots to start things going. 


There is a minimum spending of 10 SGD for food per pax here. Prices are definitely on the high side and I have to say that the food were alright. They aren’t amazing. You are certainly paying for the ambience rather than the quality of the food. We got the grilled squid and corn chips to share and I got an Aperol Spritz to pair it.  


This is really a lovely place to wine down the night. While it isn’t affordable, I can definitely see myself coming back for a special occasion and hopefully with less cloudy skies.  


After such an amazing experience and enjoyment stay here, I am really seeing more value in going for Hyatt top tier status. Especially if I could travel this upcoming few months. I had an extremely pleasant stay at Andaz Singapore and was rather amazed by their lower categories room. Hopefully there would be a chance to try out their suites in the near future. The Klook deal was a killer with breakfast and F&B credits included and it is still available now at the point of writing. I will even go further and rank it as one of my top 3 staycations, up there with both St Regis and Conrad. 

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