I have just shared extensively on Conrad Manila in the previous post so do check out that out if you would like to hear more about the common area and the lounge. I was in the Bay View King Premier Suite previously, although on the last night I got a further upgrade to a Bay View Diplomatic Suite and would just like to share briefly on this amazing suite. It is so nice to have such great elite recognition as this property. I would share briefly on my thoughts regarding the suite as well as pointing out the main difference between the Diplomatic Suite and the King Premier Suite. I do understand that this is a very rare upgrade for hilton members. My new suite is located just round the corner from the Executive Lounge on the 7th floor which is a lot more convenient than my previous one given that it is far away from the lift. I am glad to have almost 12 hours or more in the suite. The Bay View Diplomatic Suite is even more luxurious than my previous one, coming at 95 Sqm it is super spacious and probably the largest suite that I have ever stayed in. Perfect for a party, this is a suite that easily goes for 560 SGD a night!

The room is described as “Experience complete luxury in a corner one-bedroom suite, and enjoy stunning views of Manila Bay. Bathrooms have a separate shower and bath, and are designed for efficiency with a thoughtful, clever use of space. The main highlights of the bathroom are the hydrotherapy shower experience, a vanity room, a bathtub and in-mirror TVs”

One of the main reason why the Diplomatic Suite looks especially spacious is that they are corner suites making them extra huge. I feel like I could easily host a party for 20 people easily. This new suite is definitely much more easier since it is just a stone throw away from the elevator and the executive lounge. Wow, simply wow! Immediately after entering, the lounge is like a little square shaped round the corner. After the entrance it split off left towards a walkway which leads to the half bath as well as the walk in wardrobe, luggage area as well as the ensuite toilet. I will come back to this later on. The living area is almost the same as the Bay View King Premier Suite but much more spacious and impressive. The living area similarly comes with almost the same fitting. A large sofa, TV as well as a working desk perched off the bay window. You can tell that it is much larger from the two side tables besides the sofa.

In addition, the main real difference in the living room was the minibar area. Another reason why this suite is so perfect for a little celebration. It comes with a wet bar. Yes, you heard me correct. I am actually feeling a little W Hotel right now. The mini bar is a gem. Coming with some nice racks, showing the collection of drinks. Following that you can also find a nespresso machine as well. Sadly I barely use this space.

The bedroom is also separately by sliding doors and this is another wow factor in this suite. Much much different from my previous room. This is exactly where it shine. Instead of facing the TV, the large luxurious king size bed is facing the awesome Manila Bay. It is kind of like a circular shape where you can almost get a 360 degrees view. You get a little of the hotel as well as the open sea. What a sight that is! To be fair, similarly, the windows aren’t that clean! The suite comes with plenty of space round the window and the bay window sofa is the perfect place to gaze out. I surely partake in lots of photo taking. What a nice spot. I shall let the photos do the rest of the talking!

Lastly. The washroom as well as the wardrobe area. It is kinda link from the living area as well. It is indescribable how much space there is. The wardrobe area is even more spacious and it is in a L shape corner. You can have tons of storage for your bags.

Another favourite aspect of the room would be the washroom. It is a lot more spacious than the previous one. Similarly, the showering area and the toilet area are separated and there is also twin basin. Really nice if you are sharing the space. THE GREATEST DELIGHT IS THE VIEW. YES! VIEW IN THE WASHROOM! As if there is too little view in the room. You are not missing out when you are brushing your teeth or taking a soak as well. The amazing bathtub faces the bay! How lovely. I definitely took much longer than I need while showering that evening.

I was amazed by the suite and it is definitely the most luxurious one that I have ever spend a night in. I will probably not spend this amount on the room if I have to pay for it in cold hard cash but getting it as an upgrade is this amazing. While not common as a Diamond Upgrade and the Premier Suite is perfectly good enough. I can see how useful it would be to pay for the Diplomatic Suite if I am throwing a celebration or a party. How I wish I had more than one night here.

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