For my very last base in Europe and in Switzerland. I booked the Hilton Zurich Airport for my stay. Welcome to Zurich guys! I am a huge fan of Switzerland although the high cost of travelling deters me from actually doing a huge trip around the country. With that being said I am still very glad to be here in Zurich! A brand new city for me. While it might sounds a little weird for me to be staying in an Airport hotel even though I am here to check out the city and on holiday. It turn out to be the best decision I ever made for the time in Zurich. I got in on Swiss Air from Berlin as I shared in the post previously. Everything was smooth upon deplaning although there was a wait for my bags and I miss the shuttle by mins. Zurich Flu-ha-gen is one of the most beautiful airport I have ever seen as is Zurich. I love to say flughafen which means Airport in German. Probably one of my most accurate pronunciation of the language. Zurich is an expensive city and the hotel scene is by no means affordable at the very least, especially if you want to stay in the city centre, prices skyrocket. I was in Zurich for 5 nights! A pretty long stay. Somehow the prices were super high for my first night on the 31st, probably due to the fact that it is the eve of the Swiss National Day. Somehow splitting the booking makes it cheaper. I book the first night with 50,000 points which is still expensive but instead of paying 165 CHF and tax that’s not too bad. For the next 4 nights I pay around 124 CHF a night.img_8959

First up. The location and why did I choose to stay at an airport hotel! Hilton Zurich airport is located 2km from the airport and they provide an airport shuttle which literally gets you to the hotel after a couple of turns. It is complimentary when taking from the airport and 5 CHF to the airport. It runs every 20 mins in peak and 30 mins in other timing. In my opinion they should actually do it free. Signs were clear and it’s easy enough to get to the waiting area although if you just miss if you might be in for a wait. Wifi is also available in the shuttle although the ride is too short to get any benefit out of it.

At first my sole thinking would be the ability to use my benefits as well as earning a tons of points. Never did I knew that the lounge access would be that beneficial. Hello food and water prices in Zurich! I will share more on this later. Another is also the location as well as the travel day pass that the hotel provided. You get a day pass for almost the whole city of Zurich, Zone 110 and 121 if you are looking to plan your train travels. They are valid for all modes of travels. This thing cost 13.60 CHF. Public transport are by no mean affordable here. For a pax of 2, that is 27.20 CHF and then free breakfast as well?Best decision that I ever made. With the bus and the train, I took less than 15 mins to get in to the city everyday and on the way back I made use of the complimentary airport shuttle. Heck of a plan!

The shuttle takes less than 5 mins to arrive and the lobby is located on the 4th floor which is the main floor. The hotel is located on a little hill so there are rooms located on the floors below the lobby as well. The lobby is fresh and bright due to the side of the building on the restaurant side having ceiling to floor windows which allows plenty of natural light. You also have views of the suburbs and alps of Zurich! Check in was fast and I managed to get the same room for both my reservations. I was also upgraded to an executive room on the executive floor. I was also informed that I could have breakfast both in the lounge and in the restaurant. It does seems that the hotel have been renovated since I heard of bad reviews previously. Two bottles of water are given at check in as well. Kinda weird that they are not placing it in the room. Perhaps only given to silver members and above again. My room is located on the highest floor which is the executive floor. The public area look fresh and new. Staff were polite as well.

Immediately after entering the room the wardrobe is on the left and the washroom on the right. I shall touch on the wardrobe first. It’s in dark wood colours that look rather classy. I love that it is huge and have lots of compartments. Amenities are also provided. You can find all sort of stuff inside from an ironing set, luggage rack to a safe as well as all sorts of stuff including a dental kit, sewing kit, shoe polish and even shoe horn. You can even find a clothing brush! Definitely one of the most impressive one that I have seen especially in Europe.

After that you can find the mini bar set up with a Nespresso machine, a kettle and a fridge as well. After all this is Switzerland. As expected for an executive room. I love that the fridge is empty for you to place your stuff.

The room boost a large TV facing the comfy king size bed. I love how firm and comfortable the bed is. The pillow is good as well, the full size kind and not overly thin! I love that there are outlets all over the place and definitely near the bed which is very important.

I will say that the room is pretty spacious. There is also an actual working desk near the window. This is another highlight of the room. Allowing plenty of natural light in as well as scenic view of the surrounding area. It is also pretty awesome since you are almost right on the approach path of the airport. Those view of Swiss Air on approach were amazing. Perfect for some plane stalking. I’m definitely sleeping with the curtains open!

On the side you also have a side table and lounging chair.

The washroom is pretty nice and clean. Decor might not be the best in the toilet. More of the older style of Hilton. It come with a shower cum bathtub configuration. Amenities were the typical Crabtree and Evelyn. Water pressure is alright but temp control is bad and the shower head is flimsy as well. The shower space is also a little tight.

I got access to the executive lounge which is located on the lobby floor just to the side of the restaurant. The lounge is open all day long and serving breakfast from 6am to 10.30am and snacks from 3pm to 5pm. There is also evening receptions from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. I went to check out the lounge which is not huge by any margin. Pretty small but never too crowded with the exception of evening receptions. It is quite a nice space and with lots of natural light. You also get to have views of the surrounding area. Staff were super polite as well.

During the afternoon reception, you can find some snacks, cakes and pastries. Pretty tasty brownies that I got along coffee, soft drinks, water and juices. It is nice if you want to work here for a bit.

The next day I check out the breakfast selection. It’s kind of miserable, nothing too fancy and a very cut down version of what’s serve at the restaurant! Can’t complain too much given the prices here! You are definitely better off dining in the restaurant for breakfast. Evening reception is much more awesome with a couple of hot dishes and snacks. I also love that the hot dishes changes everyday. For example I had chicken on my first night and pasta on the other. There is also some rice on one day as well.

You can also find some cold cuts, cheese, breads and olives. It can definitely be a good light dinner substitute especially since Zurich is such an expensive place to dine out. The lounge definitely save me lots of money.

There is a good selection of drinks in the lounge. There are wine, prosecco, beers. Then you can find some liquor as well including Aperol! I enjoy the countless number so Aperol Spritz over my stay. Omg I love it! You can also find some water, soft drinks.

Breakfast is served from 6am to 10am at the Horizon Restaurant which is located just off the reception at the lobby. The restaurant is pretty with an open kitchen concept as well as dropping view of the surrounding area which is nice. Plane Spotting with a cappuccino! First up! I have to commend the hotel where they actually reserve space by the window for premium members. Such a nice touch! The staff were polite and nice! Breakfast is included for premium members and you are allow access to the whole buffet. So generous. As a matter of fact this will cost 39 CHF per person. Wow! I luck out staying here and saving so much money.

The selection is pretty amazing and varied. You can find literally anything that you might want for breakfast. The food is good quality as well. Service was excellent in the restaurant. I was shown to the table and ask for my drink order. The coffee made by the staff are awesome and from an actual espresso machine from over at the bar next door.  Cappuccinos and lattes that I had were amazing everyday. So much better than the machine ones. You can find some juices as well on the buffet line.

You can find cold cuts, yogurt, cheese, smoke salmon and a salad bar. For those who want something lighter there is also cereals. There is an assortments of baked goods and pastries. They were fresh!

For hot food there are scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns, beans and even some porridge. There is also an egg station. There are a lot of fruits on offer as well! Breakfast was an international affair as well with lots of aircrew dining with you. I saw quite a few airlines putting up here, including Emirates and Thai Airways. Lastly, I really have to commend the staff here. They remember my spot from yesterday and reserve it for me for the following.

Overall it is such an awesome stay and one of the more memorable hiltons in Europe. I feel that the price I paid was a steal given the breakfast, lounge and travel pass. I am super fortunate to be here during the Swiss National Day. The reception is also super helpful and help me with lots of my travel planning since I went to the Rhine falls and gave me information about the fireworks and all. Location is perfect in my opinion. Easy access to the airport in mins for free with lots of bus outside and the airport train station is a major one to take you anywhere. Can’t imagine the amount of money I would need to spend if I’m not staying here!

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