A city of magnificent palaces, tranquil lakes and parks. Potsdam is next up on my travels. It is a city that you definitely have to visit once. Small but there is so much to do over here in Potsdam. It is also home to the renowned, famous, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sanssouci Palace. The summer home of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. Which is the main reason for my visit. There are countless amount of palace and gardens in this prussian city. An amazing lively city that is so gorgeous, it is also a mere 30 mins train ride away from Berlin, making it a perfect reason for you to extend your stay slightly in Berlin to make a trip over. For those who are based in Berlin like me, a ABC Zone ticket will allow you to take the S Bahn from Berlin to Potsdam. Easy and fussless. Potsdam is perfect for a day trip. Small and concise but enough sights to get you by for a day. Follow on!

Arriving from the S Bahn, the Potsdam Hauptbahnhof is just on the fringe of the city or the main area such as the Dutch Quarter, from the station it is a short 15 to 20 mins stroll or you could certain take the tram. For me, I took the tram into the city since I wanted to head to the Sanssouci Palace. Then on the way back, I slowly stroll back while checking off the sights that I wanted to see. On the first glance, I love how different Potsdam is, it felt like a Munich or even a non white Vienna. So different from Berlin and the recent cities that I have been on this trip!

First up, Schloss Sanssouci! The Sanssouci Palace is probably the most famous attraction in Potsdam, an UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. It is located on the North West fringe of the city center. It is not too far of a walk from the city center and you will be able to pass by the lush grand, super huge Sanssouci Park on the way to the palace. The first thing that really caught my eye at first from pictures and make me interested in this place was the sight of it. The Palace which is perched on top of a little terrace hill neatly. Layer with terraced vines and pathway, how lovely is that sight. I like how nicely the greens are landscaped. The Sanssouci Palace is the king summer palace from the 18th century. What a nice tale it would be, coming here, sipping some bubbles while in the palace facing this gardens. I especially love the yellow color facade as well. One more UNESCO World Heritage Site off the list.

Meanwhile in the area, you also cannot or probably won’t miss walking pass the Sanssouci Gardens or park. One of the largest in the area, it is nicely landscaped and arranged. After all hey, this is all being built for Frederick the Great! So you are living like royalty right here. Perfect place for a lazy afternoon with family or friends, probably when the weather is much kinder on you!

While wandering around the park I also inadvertently chance upon something that was not on my rader before. While exploring, seemingly I wandered into another palace. The Orangery Palace. Potsdam is really a city of palaces! Orangerieschloss! Whut! A palace named after a fruit? Is it the king or his queen like to have orange or they grew oranges here in the past! I kinda love this palace and was amazed when it comes to my sight. It is very different from the palaces that I have been to, furthermore, perhaps it is the heat or anything. It look like something african, like I have been brought to Morocco or something. It is actually a renaissance palace, built from 1851. Doesn’t it look so pretty. It seems to be glistering under the sun as well. Lovely!


Meanwhile in the city center you also cannot miss seeing the Brandenburg Gate. The arch was completed in the 1770 and it is an icon of the city. From here you can also walk down straight to the Dutch Quarter, the heart of the city, It is mostly a pedestrian area only and you can see shops and eateries lined up on both sides of the street. Particularly bustling in the afternoon and people are out having lunch.

While walking back to the train station I also passed by St Nicholas Church and area nearby. The church is rather amazing and impressive with that huge dom. Here are also some of my other pictures from my short but sweet day trip in Potsdam.

That probably sum it up, my 88th city, Potsdam! Lovely old school charm in Germany, only 30 mins away from Berlin but drastically different. While I will not recommend staying in Potsdam, it is definitely a day trip from Berlin, easy and affordable to do so too! Next up, some reviews and then it is Zurich!!!

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