Continuing on my tour in Hong Kong International Airport, and while waiting for my Cabana at The Wing, I made the journey across to The Deck, another Business Class Lounge, it is located near Gate 6, right at the far end of this area. I finally understand why CX need that much lounge in HKIA since the gates are really very far apart. I really love how classy Cathay name it’s lounge, especially their chinese name. 玲瓏堂, how cute it that! It is located a level above the gate area as well which you can easily access via the escalator. It does seems to be much smaller than the other lounges that Cathay have.

It was super busy when I was there at 7ish in the morning. Similar to the other settings in Cathay lounges there is a huge host desk at the entrance where your boarding pass are verified and I was welcomed in. Surely, the decor and style is rather similar. Cathay loves to go for dark wood finishing as well as warm lighting. Although it look rather lovely and comfy, I personally wish for more natural light, especially after being light deprived for such a long time in a metal tube.

This lounge actually have two different parts, one that is the main area, this is also the area where the main amenities could be found. The showers and toilets are located to one side near to the exit / entrance. Then the rest you can find different seating arrangements. I love this special seating that is style like a classic HK style cafe, but much nicer finishing as well.

You can find the main refreshments which is located along a pretty small buffet line along the wall. The offerings are rather similar to the other business class lounge that I have already been to. No differences in catering. While the main dining attraction is definitely the noodle bar! Although it seems that the noodle bar is much smaller than in the other lounges. However rest assured as the offerings is exactly the same. Same old Chicken Congee, 3 types of noodles including Wonton Mee and 4 types of dimsum.

Towards the end, you can find the other portion of the lounge which is like a little patio area where it open up towards the terminal. It does seem pretty nice since it is an open space, but it is so crowded and the chairs doesn’t look too nice for lounging too!

The Deck also had showers available. There were pretty awesome, same style as the ones I have been to in The Pier, decked with a little Gold and full of Aesop products. Rather amazing. However there is no attendant here, so I guess you can just find any empty room to use.

Overall, it does seem to be pretty nice, whatever that you may require in a lounge, they offer it. Same food, same dimsum, good old Cathay lounge. It is also much crowded than usual, perhaps I felt that it is more crowded since The Deck is much smaller in comparison. I was just here for a quick look and very briefly. It is however my least favourite and only the fourth best Cathay Business Class lounge after The Pier, The Bridge and The Wing. Which in fact means that it is the worst Cathay business class lounge in HKIA! In fact, given that it is a 15 mins walk from The Wing, I don’t see why you can’t use that instead. Perhaps good for a quick rest if your gate is in the area!


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