It does seems that I have been praising AA too much these days, now, let me bring them back to earth! While there used to be 2 Admirals Club in JFK, one of them became the current Flagship Lounge. The remaining one was located in another concourse and near gate 42! It was a short walk there. The Admirals Club is kind of like a membership lounge and you can pay to have access. Besides elite status, you can have access as well if you hold a Admirals Club Membership, which is actually pricy or a Citi AAdvantage Executive World EliteTM MasterCard primary cardholders. Oneworld elites get access as well. I don’t see that you should pay for access since they are pretty crap. It is nice to see that US Military get access as well when travelling.

I decided to make the journey there to get a comparison of how it looks like with the Flagship Lounge and get a true idea. The Admirals Club is also located above the main terminal and there are signs to the lift. Similar to the Flagship Lounge, after entering, there are numerous desks that the staff there will verify your entrance. The staff were great and even look super surprised why im here, when in fact I had access to the better Flagship Lounge. I was promptly admitted after I told them I just want to check it out.

Now this felt like what a classic American lounge is. The design is old and there is a stale smell. The decor is definitely of the previous era. It certainly looks like a depressing contract lounge and not one that is operated by an Airline. Heck, even some of the contract lounge that I have been to, seems to be nicer than them.

Immediately after the entrance, there are some seats, which actually look comfy and then there is a manned bar. There isn’t much people in the area. Although it looks good, you actually have to pay for any drinks or food here. For those who might be interested, here is the menu. It does seems ridiculous for the general public who pay to get an Admirals Club Membership, once inside, you have to pay again for the food and drinks.

Further into the lounge, you can find more seatings and even some that faces the apron as well. Although it does not look like any of those are private or comfortable. This looks to be on the level of the old Alaska Airlines Boardroom and even that look nicer.

Refreshments wise, they are really basic and cookie cutter. There are some snack bites, soup, salad, cookies along with some water. The offering is super bad. Again, there is a menu to get more substantial food.

Overall, I think that the space is not very huge, afterall, there use to be two Admirals Club in JFK and one of them was use to rebuilt the current Flagship Lounge. This is the lounge that I do not think it is worth coming early for and definitely not pay to enter it. It is probably useful for a drink or just to get a seat especially when your gate is nearby. You might do better with a Priority Pass Lounge!

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