Frisco, I am finally in the good old San Francisco! So happy to be here after hearing so much and seeing so much of it in movies and shows. It is my second last stop and my 4th stop in the United States! I have long heard about the culture here in the golden city as well as the strong chinese community. Furthermore I would really like to see the world most technological city given that the SF is a huge place for tech start up. On the sad side San Francisco have also turn out to be the most expensive place in the United States, even more than New York City! Besides being a tech city as well as a cosmopolitan, boosting high level of standard of living and quality of life, SF also brings a touch of the old school charm with its history dating back from the 1700s. The weather is SF is also neither too cold or warm, which makes it so nice to visit at any time of the day! Check out my stay here in San Fran!


First up in San Francisco is definitely taking a little walk thru the city, feeling the vibes and the life of the locals living here. Sometimes, walking aimlessly is a good plan for the very first evening in a new city, getting a feel and then seeing how things are like here. For the very first night that I was in, I simply walk around the neighbourhood, getting some supplies, walk by the Union Square and then grabbing dinner. There is this lovely thai place at the back of my hotel that is just on point. I got to say. After roughly 3 months away from Singapore, Asian game is strong now!

Old Siam

201 Ellis St, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA

AKA the Golden City, when you are in San Francisco, you can never ever miss checking out the Golden Gate Bridge. This is and will always be the icon of the city, the landmark of San Francisco! This iconic red colour 4,200 ft bridge is located on the northern end of the city centre. The perfect place to go check out the bridge and snap many many picture is to head to the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Centre around Crissy field, you can get a close view of the bridge with many photo spot, walk around the waterfront in the lush crissy field area as well as walk on the bridge itself. Yes in fact you can walk on the bridge, feel the breeze and how magnificent the structure is! Bus 28 takes you right to the welcome centre although  I will definitely recommend taking a Uber or Lyft instead, especially if you are sharing. Check out some of the pictures I took here. Aren’t they picturesque!

Of course, besides the Golden Gate Bridge, you also have to visit the Alcatraz Island, which I have already shared extensively in the previous post. So do check that out!

Another place that I went in San Francisco would be around the Ferry Building, which is located all the way at the end of Market St, the main street in town. The Ferry Building is a little boutique shopping mall selling mostly organic and fancy produce, but the main lovely place is the area outside of it, facing the waters, you can find many seagulls, and ferry boats.

Fisherman Wharf is also one of the other place in town. In fact it is a little like in another district, so it is a little different. I took a tram there and it was nice. Annd a ride cost 2.25 dollars. It was a sunny day and perfect for exploring the place. Strolling around the waterfront area, then having a bowl of clam chowder. The famous brand here is Boudin. Try one of their famous soup bread bowl.

In the vicinity is also Lombard St which I make a short walk over. Lombard St is the most challenging and steep road in the world. It is famous for having eight hairpin turns! Even the most experienced drivers don’t dare to try driving on this road. In fact, besides the road, nearby you can also experienced the gorgeous victorian houses.

Then right around Pier 39, you have one of another San Francisco must visit, there you can find numerous sealions. There is a whole enclave of them over there just lazing around, enjoying the sun and then go down to the water to chill out. They are just simply enjoying life.

Here are some of the other pictures that I took while wandering around the city, checking out Chinatown, the area around union square for shopping. With the festive around the corner, the lights and decoration are already up in the city. San Francisco is rather hilly, with a lot of steep slopes, so, even if it is only a short distance, it will be challenging! If walking is not your thing, you can always take a ride on one of the iconic city trams.

Reaching the festive season, I am also very glad to see the Christmas tree already up in Union Square. The Macy Tree is one of the largest in the world there is also a little nice skating ring down there.

Besides that you can also check out the famous Powell St tram, which is a delight in town. You can also try standing right at the door while it speed down the slope.

San Francisco is full of many delights, you have the tech, the high rises business district, then you also have like little old sch charms and history lying around the city. I love the chill lax life here together with a high quality of life. However it is also one of the most expensive place to be. Checking out the sites, getting a good old school brunch, one of them is Taylor Street Coffeeshop which I have shared earlier. Hope you guys like this sharing. Next up, I am moving to the City of Angels, Los Angeles. Stay Tuned!

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