Apologies for the slight disappearance in recent time, I have been pilled by my recent work commitments and a couple of other downpoint in my life where I actually really did think hard on whether, how far ahead should I push on! Tsk Tsk, SQ Cadet Interview! Anw back to my travels, I am so thankful to be finally in Cinque Terre. Pronounced as “Ching-ke Tear-ry” is it an amazing charm located on the rugged coastal area of the Italian riviera region. Rugged cliff sides, see through waters, colorful houses and jaw dropping huts, you have it all. In fact the lack of development in the area is exactly why the place is so charming! Previously as mentioned. Cinque Terre consists of 5 different villages, each of them are unique and have their own traits. From La Spezia, which is the main transportation hub, Riomaggiore is the closest! Riomaggiore is also the only town that have a natural slope down to the waters. I can’t imagine how the scene would be when it is in the summer. I am sure the kids will just fling themself straight to the waters!


Connected via its own train station as well. In fact the villages are only like 2 mins apart from each other. The distance may be short but each of the town definitely have a very distinctive feel and look! Right after arriving on the train station, you can find yourself making your way pass a tunnel to access the village itself!

In fact for all of my time in each of the 5 villages that I visited, I did not make any plans or head to any particular place to visit, but simply head to where my legs and hearts takes me! Surely, it is my eyes that got the most benefit. Like most of the other villages, Riomaggiore is pretty hilly and steep. In fact in most of the villages there is only one main street and the one in Riomaggiore is Via Colombo!

Riomaggiore is also famous for their shops selling the famed fried anchovies or seafood. It is a popular snack in the region. You can definitely find it on the main street in Riomaggiore, which is Via Colombo! Sadly it is kind of quiet when I was here in the late afternoon. Riomaggiore is a close second on my list! With my love for Manarola going too strong. I love that Riomaggiore have a very distinct look in compared to the others. As usual, the houses in Cinque Terre have striking bold colors. The one in Riomaggiore are built directly into steep sharp cliffs. The houses even look a little slanted to a side! That is two features that I love about Riomaggiore.

The first being the viewpoint on the top of the city. I took the long route to the waterfront. I hike up all the way to the top of the village on the main street. Which was tough by the way. The slope here was really steep. Then at the end there is sort of an ally that takes you to the top of the cliff near the sea.

This place was awesome, there is an amazing sight of the houses under you and seeing it together with the coastline, the little rowboats that the locals nicely lay on the slope to the waters. It is really cute to see houses and boats of striking colors. In addition, there is a nice bench here that I took the opportunity to rest my legs. Of course, some photos have to be taken as well! Thankfully I met a fellow asian traveller whom gladly be my photographer. I love the sights of the nearby hills as well. Some greens definitely makes the view an even impressive one!

I then took some stairs down to the waterfront area. I simply walk wherever there are routes, passing by some houses in the process. I was let to a little ledge over the waters which is pretty popular among the people here. It is a little more crowded than other places, which I believe the view is the only reason for this! From this viewpoint, you get a great shot of the iconic front red house, the little idyllic boats, the water and some hills in the background. It is simply lovely. From here I could also see some people fishing below!

I being the stupid chinese that people also thought, did all the scary shit and climb on the ledge for all sorts of pictures. With my photographers giving me their constant fright! Of course, I had to get that perfect instagram shot on my phone! Thinking of it, I might not have remembered where my guts came from.

With the sun seemingly setting, it creates such a nice shine on the houses and the glam of Riomaggiore! I then headed towards the water before calling it a day. It involves a little of climbing and stepping on rocks where the water was just below you! However the view always makes it worthwhile. Here I met two americans girls who are travelling through Europe as well! We had a little chat and of course help with each other in taking photos. I shall end of this post with a little nice photo of my taken by them. Simply me lying on the rocks and enjoying the sunset in front of me!

Riomaggiore! I love You!

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