This is another must do when you are in Amsterdam, after all you imagine all about windmills, cheese, nature scenery and the peaceful life in Netherlands right! Boo! You can’t find any of it in Amsterdam! All you see are crowd, smell of drugs and plenty of nightlife right in the heart of the city! Zaanse Schans is a neighbourhood a little out of the city centre of Amsterdam, roughly around a 20 mins train ride out from the Amsterdam Central Station. Given the fact that you are probably staying in the city centre, the central train station is only a short hop away. Grab the tickets from the ticket machine and off you go! It is easy peasy! A return ticket cost 7.20 Euros! The train station that you should be alighting at would be Zaandijk Zaanse Schans, from here it is a short walk to the main places where you can find all the windmills and stuff. Signs are plenty, if not, offline google map is also efficient. Just a little tip, I will advise you to do a search for the trains stopping here simply on google first before heading to the train station, because the words in dutch are so hard to read and the staff are so unfriendly here!

When you have arrived, the first thing that greets will definitely be the smell of chocolates in the air. It is really like love in the air, probably chocolate is just somethings that romantic. Smell of chocolate, lovely scenery and a cool breeze, life is perfect! On the walk there, you will definitely stop numerous time for pictures and stuff! This bridge and the view is a sign that you are on the right track!

From the bridge it is a short walk to I would say a tiny village of the whole area. Here you can find all the shops, museum, cheese factory and definitely the windmills. No direction or maps is needed, the best way is to just stroll around the whole area and see what you like naturally. Anyway you will definitely be stopping for numerous photos as well. There are plenty of good photospot. Everywhere is simply so postcardy and so insta worthy. I will really advise you to head out there early in the morning to avoid the crowd if you want some nice pictures. Roughly around late afternoon the tour groups begin to arrive and the whole place gets noisy and a little crowded, totally ruining the scenic and peaceful environment.

The place is really nice and it is free to enter. Although some shops and museum you will need to pay to go in and see the windmills or something. Actually it is really unnecessary as you can get really upclose without paying as well. I really took many many nice photos here and made some spanish friends as well. I guess somehow when you are travelling alone you get to make really a lot of friends.

Check out the sun. It is simply that nice on that day. I am so lucky to have such perfect weather.

You can also visit the nearby Gouda cheese shop in the area and do some tasting. It is also a good place to learn more about the famed cheese. You can also find some chicken in the area.

Zaanse Schans is simply a must go for anyone in Amsterdam, it is perfect for a great half day trip. I score with the weather that day. The sun is out but somehow like a little egg yolk that gives me nice pictures. Let me know how you find this place!

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