If you guys have been following STWIS for quite some time now,  you would probably have know that one of my dream in travelling and seeing the world would be to visit more or even all of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world. One of the more laid back and well kept continent on the earth, Australia contains 19 sites and right in the heart of Melbourne lies the Carlton Gardens & Royal Exhibition Building. Being a Sunday, the plan was a laid back one. Right after the heavy meal at Manchester Press, of course, it’s a definitely to walk it all out, before the upcoming late lunch coming up. The free tram zone nicely end on the fringe of the gardens, with the great weather, it would be a nice little stroll thru the greens, admiring the building before setting out to one of the most vintage area, Fitzroy. This time round, I took the tourist tram to the Carlton Gardens, the route loops around the fringe of the CBD area, taking people on stops to the various attractions near the stops. There is even a pre recorded voice guide on the tram, giving tourists a little history. Such an touristy way today huh?


 The gardens wasn’t really huge but really chill, definitely great for some fresh air and the best, it is just a short stroll from the city. Every great city need a garden or park in the heart of their soul, just like Retiro in Madrid, Hyde Park in London and now in Melbourne. This park is also so great for taking pictures. Just look at that! Greens, the breeze and the colonial style building in the back. Just like a freshly postcard off the mail. I simply love how the gardens are in the foreground and the fountain in the middle, lastly the exhibition building at the back. Together with a little sun, damn!


Right on the north east edge of the city this park/garden is popular with the locals. For a little workout, relaxing on a bench and definitely for wedding pictures. Not withstanding my short stay here, I have spotted more that a couple of them taking shots here. With me left wandering and kudos to those brides in this chilling weather. Just a little info on the gardens and building. The gardens contain of several area with different lakes, area and sculptures. Built in 1880, the building is many times older than most of us, in fact probably all of us! Originally built for the 1880 World Exhibition it survived a great fire in the 1950s and it is currently still used to host exhibitions and events. Furthermore, it is also been used as a exam hall for University of Melbourne and other schools! I will probably admire the building too much and not do my paper!


I definitely had a great time walking the grounds, you should definitely come here and stop by the building and also the great patch of gardens in front of the building and the main fountain. A Sunday will definitely be well spend here with your love, a mat and a bottle of champagne!


Sadly, the exhibition building is closed on the day that I was there, I will definitely be back if there is a exhibition which would give me the opportunity to admire the interior. Right at the back of the grounds also contain the Melbourne Museum, Imax Cinema and a playground,, although I didn’t had a chance to check it out. After that it was Fitzroy which was across the road.


How perhaps should I describe Fitzroy, it’s so different from the rest of Melbourne, it is so quirky and hype. Like the go to place with gorgeous street art and a pace of it’s on. It is just like the French Quarter in New Orleans. Here you would find low houses on the streets, mostly have been converted to hidden boutiques and restaurants. There is just a surprise to be found on every corner. It’s a quiet neighbourhood, don’t be afraid, push on, explore more! Gorgeous wall art, autumn yellowish leaves, the vibes are here for you. Full of galleries, art house, cafes the area has it’s own character and creativeness lies to be explored. I didn’t really explore much since after lunch daylight was actually going down and most shops are about to close. But I would love to return to a cafe here and read a book in the afternoon, enjoying the time to past.


I slowly strolled through the streets around Fitroy, making my way back to the CBD with the sundown on my back. Next up, I would share a little more on my wine and dine @ Fitrzoy, so stay tuned for their reviews. Have you guys visited Fitzroy? Do describe to me the feeling you guys have! the mysterious vibes of being here!



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