It’s been quite some time, finally, another flight review that I have done. Really much apologies for using so much time to finish up this trip series, but I do hope that you guys have enjoy it! Besides the logging down of my own travels, I also hope to share these fun and memorable experiences with you! I would also love for you guys to share them with me, we could even do a post together if possible. Finally, I am going to write about a flight review, been some time ah! Furthermore, this time will be even more special as it’s gonna be the first time that I will be reviewing Turkish Airlines. Cheers for another milestone, of course, deep deep in my heart, Singapore Airlines would always be my very best but I would love to review and experience as many products and airlines as possible. You only live once though. Seemingly not as well known or as hype as the 3 famous Middle Eastern airlines, Emirates, Etihad and Qatar, Turkish Airlines is actually the best European Airline and holds the award for world best premium economy class for 3 consecutive years! It is also the airlines with most destinations in the world, speaking about the ease on flying them. Istanbul, the gateway between Europe and Asia, Istanbul present the most perfect location for flight connection. With the expansion and the scale of Turkish Airlines, Istanbul Ataturk Airport have actually seem to be over stretching, awfully crowded! Although Turkish Airlines have a fantastic lounge there which I will cover soon too! Being a Star Airlines member flying Turkish become even more convenient for me !

By this time, I am already slowly on my way back to Singapore after this amazing great Europe trip, travelling from Barcelona to Istanbul before making my flight on Business class back to Singapore. Without saying Turkish Airlines makes the perfect choice, a full fledged airlines with great hard product and service. It’s a pity that this route does not have great timing, that is why I choose to spend 3 days in Istanbul instead of making a direct transfer to my SQ flight back to Singapore. Barcelona Airport was great, easy and queues are not overly long, plenty of shops there too, which is welcoming since my flight was delay for about an hour! Enjoying some of the sights at the airport too, some of the great Mediterranean views from the airport. Really sorry for not having pictures!

Boarding was smooth and we will finally on time for a departure, some Turkish delight were given out during the boarding process which was lovely, especially in Economy Class. This is probably unexpected and a step above SQ. I will always go for Econ flights for intra Europe or short flights, as I don’t see the need to go for Premium Flights, Econ is nice enough, especially on this flight where they use an international flight configuration rather than those Intra-Europe flight where they just leave out the middle seat in Business!

Turkish Airlines staff were well trained and polished, providing a great meal service, the service was done efficiently. For a price of 300, this flight was well worth it, a full airlines with drinks and food. In case you wonder, baggage allowance was allowed up to 30kg and huge bags are allowed with each weighting up to 32kg, allowance were based on total passengers together on the ticket! With this being said Turkish entertainment system is one of the leading one in the industry, great shows selection and availability of movies! Perfect for burning some of the flight time. When you are in economy, a great entertainment system is extremely crucial as it can turn your flight from a nay to yea!

If I really need to pick on something, it still falls down to the cabin crew! No matter how well trained and polished the crew are they still can’t be compared to the friendliness and natural feeling that you get from the Asian airlines crew, especially the SQ cabin crews. Somehow the homely and inviting feeling were lacking and you could not feel the interest and genuine interest from these bunch of cabin crews! However the skills of the pilots are perfect and the landing was legit smooth as silk and I am off to this new place. Gaining new experience and probably quite unexpected ones in Istanbul which I would never have expected!

What are your favourite airlines? Have you guys flown Turkish Airlines before? Once again so sorry for the lack of pictures!

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