MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE, although a day late, but still, this is the festive period! I am especially glad these few days, especially after I received news that a fellow traveller will be collaborating on a blog post together with me, so stay tuned for that special post to come! Taking a short break from my Europe series, today I would like to share with you my short getaway to Genting!

There are two ways to go around on a trip, the ultra planner type and the other being the grab the clothes, passport and off you go. These definitely come as the latter one. Due to enlistment and being clueless to how the training would be like, it’s actually extremely difficult for me to plan a trip in advanced. I have a sense that the next couple of trips during these two years will be kinda of last min too, since I have to get my leave approved first before being able to make any planning! Although do stay tuned as I will be planning a ULTRA BACKPACKING TRIP in two years time to Europe for 3 months followed by a holiday in the states with my parents, yes, I am intending to write on the go, pretty excited even at this time! After knowing that I am able to go somewhere during my one week of block leave, I went on to do some researching. I just need to get out of this country so desperately, life of an wanderluster! I just hate travelling during the peak period and school holidays! Air tickets and hotels are just so pricey and everywhere is so so crowded, gosh, even the customs are crowded.


After some consideration and within my budget, the tickets to Genting Highlands actually caught my eye, tickets were cheap and the rooms were affordable too. I think that it’s time to get some cool weather and a break from the heat! Besides, actually, I can’t even remember when was the last time I had visited Genting, at least 8 years ago I must say! It will be pretty great to see how things have changed too after all I think they are after some intense pressure from the newer and more glamorous 2 integrated resort in Singapore. No sightseeing this time around, just plenty of eating, sleeping and maybe playing a few hands in the casino! The Bus Tickets are a bargain, which I booked online from Transtar Travels, my go to for bus travels in Malaysia, I find them to be a reputable and safe company to travel with! The tickets to Genting was about 80 bucks in Premium and 30 bucks back! It is always cheaper for the return since it is quoted in Malaysia currency. As for the Hotel, it is even cheaper, First World hotel is always cheap and available, given that it is the world largest hotel! However don’t expect large rooms. This time around I booked the recently renovated XYZ Triple sharing room which is a bargain at only 50 SGD, if you only require the small room, it is even more cheaper!


Due to this being a short getaway, I shall combine the whole trip into one single post. Eating is legit the main focus of this trip, resting, sleeping and eating. Upon arrival, we are famished and proceed on to one of the new restaurant that wasn’t here on my previous trip, Ming Ren Restaurant. However, this is not the go to restaurant that I would like to recommend to you guys. The best restaurant is actually found at the First World Side which I had dine here twice during this trip, Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant at Level two!


The first visit was for brunch, which of course Dim Sum, the greatest Brunch in this world, exquisite and taste food all washed down with a cup of strong tea, yea that’s how you should do chinese brunch in this world. Prices are also cheap when considered to Singapore, Dim sum cost around 3-4 SGD per dish. My favourite ones which I really do recommend are the Har Gow and the BBQ Pork Pastries, I find the pastries extremely moist and flavourful. The Steamed Rolls and Chicken feet pales in comparision though. Of course, Ah yat are famous for it’s abalone, I guess you are all clear for an Abalone breakfast if you want!

The second time I went would be for dinner, instead of set menus we decide to go Ala Carte, in this way we can choose what we want and we order pretty much too! Since that day was my mum lunar birthday, we ordered a fried noodles as it is and also some stewed fish maw and sea cucumber as she was craving for it! This dish was really well done and super delicious as it was tender, well cooked and the sauce that came with it……I can just polished off bowls of white rice!!! We did also ordered Cod Fish, Salted Egg Prawns and Scallop with Greens. I would like to specifically point out the Salted Egg Prawns as they did it quite uniquely! The dish came accompanied by fried tofu, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside! I feel that the chef is really smart in this aspect, we are always wondering how to pick up those delicious sauce and bits of salted egg. Seems like tofu is the answer to it! The meals were cheap, costing about 100SGD.


Now beside eating, what else did I actually do here, although, seriously, Genting is more of a kids place besides the casino, there are really limited stuff you are able to do so. I simply just took it as a few days off for me to wine and dine the days off! I went to catch a movie actually, this is something that I will always do so when I am in Genting, tickets are super cheap though, although prices have increased since 8 years ago. I caught In The Heart of The Sea for only 5 bucks, really cheap right. The show is really nice and a must watch, it is a little slow at the start but when it gets really exciting once they sail off to poach for oil. Somehow it reminds me of the movie Cast Away & Wilson!!! The rest of my time, I just spend sipping coffee in Starbucks, Coffee Bean, having fried chicken at Mary Brown. I did also play some games in the Casino, didn’t win any money though 😦 most of the time are watching actually.

Maybe I shall preach a little here, gambling really isn’t the way to go, unless you own a Casino, once during this trip, I saw this guy playing Baccarat, and he went from having 100 over thousand of chips to none in less than 30 mins. All it does in my mind is thinking about how I could use that money instead for my First Class, W hotels, St Regis and exploring new places. Cheers to the holidays ahead and hope you guys have a nice holidays. Stay tuned for more trips of mine to come!

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