Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, these are the usual cuisine that people usually think and go! Whenever a special occasion comes, people also go with these directions. Of course, I aren’t against any of them but perhaps for my personal favourite, Spanish Food always comes to my mind. Just to digress a bit, speaking of Spanish Food and Tapas in fact, are a gem to be found in Singapore, it is extremely hard to find quality and affordable Spanish food and Tapas in Singapore. Any simple tapas bar in Madrid would just beat all the Spanish food in Singapore hands down! Personally, being a Singaporean, Chinese food are too common but still best for meals together with family and it is just fun eating together. French food are high quality meals where the ambience, service, plating are plays an important part, I love them but the portion is just too little. Italian are nice but equals pasta oriented! Lastly, I don’t really love raw food thus Jap is out! Now back to Spanish, I have a feeling that it is the most understated cuisine in the world, hopping that more people would fall in love with them soon! Hearty, Variety, Herbs and Spice, and most importantly, the culture that they have just make me love it so so much, especially eating Tapas. I shall bring you through some of my food journey in Madrid!


Paella, practically the most representative dish of Spain, actually it is the home dish of the Valencia region and traditionally it is to be cooked with rabbit. Think of it as Spanish fried rice that is flavoured with saffron and stock, full of seafood galore and chicken or meat. How delicious it must taste! I especially love the squid and the mussels, the rice is just so unbelievable! The dish can be found almost anywhere in town and the best one I had is located around callao theatre called La Tortillita, I am just salivating while simply typing this! Some tips for you guys, the legit Paella usually requires a min order of 2 pax and price aren’t affordable, usually around 12Euros for a pax portion. The time taken to cook Paella is also usually around half an hour. Thus if it comes too fast or the portion size is for one, it is bad Paella, usually frozen or manufactured ones.


Now Tapas, the favourite of the most, actually not meant for meals but for pre meals drinks at a bar, they are usually snacks either hot or cold and may be topped on bread, usually to accompany drinks when people are just chilling and chatting with friends. Since the Spanish eating timing is a little later than the world, the usually time for Tapas is around 5-7pm while dinner is around 10. But actually, tapas is all day long HAHA!


One common component of Spanish Food includes the Jammon! The Pride and Glory of Spanish Food, pronounced as “hammon” it is the world famous Spanish Cured Ham and it varies of different grade, from the usual Serrano to the highest grade called Iberico, where the black pig are well taken care of, fed with the highest grade corn and lives on the mountains area breathing the freshest air.


Some of the tapas that are my favourite includes the Tortilla, Garlic Prawns which is definitely a must order!!! Shown earlier above! Another must order and unique in Madrid are Calamari! Although Madrid is a land locked city, where the nearest coast is at least 300 km and 6 hours train ride away! Surprisingly, it has high quality seafood! Trust me, there is nothing better in this world than this, close your eyes, then imagine this, sitting outdoors with the sun basking on your sunglasses and the cool breeze blowing on you, munching on the fresh prawns and souping up the olive oil based sauce with a piece of baguette! Then having a bite of the garlic too! Washing it all down with a sip of Sangria! OMG can I just return to Madrid.


Lastly, I would like to recommend you all to Mercando San Miguel, here you could get no fuss Tapas and drinks. Packed to the brim with tapas and people, most of the tapas just cost one euros, you might have to queue though!  Having all the best food and accompany with the perfect ambience to wine and dine the nite away. My way to do it is to Queue, Eat, Drink and then repeat the process. Give or take 10-20 euros, you will be full.

I hope you guys enjoy this post, next on I will move on to another magnificent Spanish city, Barcelona, stay tuned for more of my tapasing and sightseeing there. Stay tuned! Have you all been to Madrid?

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