Finally the last series in this episode, sorry for taking such a long time to complete even such a sort trip. I have been pretty busy recently, perhaps you aren’t aware, I am serving my nation for the next two years but I would never give up on Seeing The World In Steps, both this blog and also seeing the world, it is my dream and also passion to see this Blue Earth, hopping for more trips to come. This review will be special since the flight is special in the first place, I have actually been looking forward to sharing this flight with you guys since it is such a fun one! If you have remember the couple previous series you will have know the built up to this flight of mine. To say to meet a friend outside incidental is tough, what would you say about knowing a friend overseas? And I would say mine was even more special, fate I would say really! To be able to meet someone so friendly and comfortable to talk with and naturally strike up a conversation! That would be something rare I would say in this world! Besides enjoying this awesome A380 Business class flight before I return to work the next day, it’s totally awesome to meet Josie, the new friend that I made onboard the short 4 hours flight!


Only deciding to upgrade just before checking in online and making the seats and meal selection, I was all set to go. This time I choose to sit on the left hand side of the aircraft, hopping to see if the experience was different. Everything was smooth from the start, a queue less checking in process and a stress less process once I stepped onboard the aircraft. Seemingly as usual, I was prominently greeted by name and then ushered to my seat, this time on row A a window seat. Without saying, the stewardess whom ushered me was Josie, she will be in charge of the section of the aircraft and working along the asle. A welcome beverage was offered and of course champagne was the way to go, accompanied by warm nuts! While waiting during the boarding process a couple of stewardess also came over to welcome me onboard and also offer magazines and newspaper. I guess there aren’t any news stand with gorgeous ladies offering papers elsewhere? Professional and well trained, Singapore Cabin Crews are always up to the standard and will never let you down!


A point that I have to point out which makes the premium customers felt welcome on this flight was the personal touch, despite a couple experience in Premium Cabin, this was the first time that I saw the senior crew member going around the Cabin, greeting you, introducing themselves and then asking if we have any need! To me, this was first class standards and rarely seen in Business Class, thus being a surprise! While reading some of the Mags, one of the older crew approach me, the Chief Steward apparently, whom came over and greeted me by name, welcoming me onboard and thank me for flying with Singapore Airlines and asking me if I have any need! At this point I feel that I am more appreciated and will be more loyal to SQ, not because of it’s hard products but rather this particular staff. It is people like them that make SQ such a great Airline! Being the thick skin me, which can’t let go of such a good opportunities, I took the chance to ask the steward if I could get a tour of the suites and also the crew rest area, which he agrees to show me the suites after landing.


It was a smooth takeoff and without noticing, drinks order were taken and my Book The Cook Selection had been confirmed. After having my favourite Lobster Termidor on most of my flight, it’s time to try something different which I had opt for the Pan-fried seabass with sun-dried tomato pesto and accompanied by jumbo couscous. To share with you guys, here is a picture of the Menu for the flight.


To Start I had a great marinated prawns, prosciutto ham and rockmelon salad. Despite not having the special uniquely SQ Satay, the salad was great, I especially love the tomato and mozzarella combination, all flushed down with some great Champagne and also the best garlic bread in the world!


Next up was my main course, courtesy of being prepared by Josie, it was served pipping hot and I had a great glass or Riesling to accompany the Fish. I am glad that the fish was moist and it blended well with the pesto too, since it is always a risk eating fish while flying as it gets dried out easily. But rest assured, SQ always serve quality meals! Regarding the couscous, it was my first time having it, rather special, the texture was qq like and it felt great to chew on, however I would say that when eating on it by it self it is rather tasteless, perhaps something to improve on!


Dessert was a great tiramisu, served with coffee sauce! I had Josie prepared an iced coffee with bailey for me which is such a good companion! The service was done actually pretty fast, with about 2 and a half hours to go. As people always say, in Econ you hope time would fly, but in premium cabin you hope time will stop, especially when I have such great crews onboard with me!


Although the business class seats are fully flat,super comfy and the entertainment system was great, I actually spend about an hour standing on the asle and having a chat with Josie, it was really the greatest time spend onboard an air plane, sharing the travels tips that we have and learning more about cabin crews from her. I really understand more about their job, of course the glamorous part of being able to travel around the world and seeing great stuff to perhaps the tough stuff too! Every jobs has it’s ugly side I guess. Being interested in the aviation sector, I am actually so apologetic for taking up so much of her time and probably affecting her rest. Can’t wait to fly with you again!


After all, I am so pleased to know many of the industry secrets from her and also stuff that I have never realised such as the “n” in Singapore Airlines logo and also the direction of the logo. I seems like after all the feng shui goes into a little of the success! Probably only finish up the conversation when the pilots spoke on the PA, I watched an episode of tv series onboard while the plane was approaching Singapore. During approach, the same Chief Steward came again and make another round of walks, thanking the passengers, he also remembers and politely inform me to stay behind to bring me down to the suites.


After bidding goodbye to Josie, I followed the steward down the stairs and finally saw the suites for the first time. It definitely awed me and the first thing that comes to my mind was saving up miles for it. HAHA, one day, I will definitely be able to fly on it! The crew serving the suites were also extremely friendly, proactively showing me around and giving me info, they also asked me to try on the seats and take some pictures of me. I also had a very brief chat with one of the Chief Stewardess and really admire her passion for flying and working in the Hospitality sector.


Overall, this is simply a great flight, perfect companion by having Josie onboard. Definitely perk me up even when work is up the next day, never ever regret flying on this flight, SQ861. Really want to show my appreciation to Josie the other crew too! I hope that you all will see this post and hope to fly with you again!

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