The moment I arrived, the first impression of mine, was the feelings and vibes that came from the name of the hotel, it really seems that the name matches the building and the hotel rooms itself. First of all, the hotel is really located on Gran Via, the iconic street in Madrid that is said to never sleep and perhaps never quiet too. The bustling nightlife and the lifestyle of the Spanish proves to be a point. The location of the hotel was perfect, which is one of the main point why I love this hotel so much, within walking distance of at least 3 metro station and the centre of Madrid, SOL. From this spot, you are able to access any place in Madrid and within walking distance of most shopping and cuisine highlights. Located between Callao and Plaza de Espana Metro Station. Callao is one of the central station, connecting most metro lines, it itself is a shopping heaven and near to SOL, the only place where shops are open on Sunday. Plaza de Espana station is on Line 8, providing easy access to the Airport and also a direct line to Santiago Bernabeu, the other highlight of my stay here, which I will share with you another day. Spain and Madrid is just that different, bright and sunny, a drastic change from the gloomy and depressing London!

The building itself was actually quite past its prime, but well maintained I would say, retaining itself charm on the iconic wide Gran Via, the room and the lift I would say to be a little under maintained as the ceiling fan in my room was producing some terrifying sounds, I would always fear of it dropping on us when I am sleeping. The lift too, whenever the lifts door open the lifts aren’t actually level with the level and a little off the beat, so that is something to take note of if you choose to stay here. Other than that everything was fine, seemly perfect too, bottles of water was provided in the rooms and the staff were polite too. It is also worth noting that the staff here are proficient enough in the command of English, which might be quite rare in Spain from my experience and this definitely prove to be a convenience for us tourists.
I had stay in a triple room, the room was huge, with a king bed and also an extra single bed, given our amount of baggage, I would say that the room was good and large, you would feel that the room decor is pretty out of date and the wooden planks floor shows the difference from the usual carpeted hotel rooms, I am actually fine with the room, after all it is only for resting. Hotels usually are a less concern for me in terms of gleam and decoration. My main concern would be safety and cleanliness. After all usually I am out exploring and limited time would be spend in the rooms itself. However with that being said, my 2 biggest concern would be the shower and the bed. The bed have to be of a certain hardness, given my back, I always hate hotels beds that are so soft that you can see the dent of your body, it may be comfy but definitely gives you a tired back for the next day. Seemingly, I have already come to accept that pillows in hotels are always soft that you can fold I like a pastry dough. if you are thinking of bath tubs and double sinks, no, that isn’t my main concern too, my main concern would be the water pressure actually, which make so much difference when you are showering, thank god that the hotel lives up to its name as a Spa Hotel, the water pressure was so great, excellent I would say, making a shower one of the delight of my stay here. Previous I had stay at the luxury millennium hotel in London, but the shower really sucks, making my time in the toilet miserably sad.
For a price of around 160 per night, it is a worth, given the size and the location, and I would definitely return here in the future. Stay Tuned for my post on the once in a life time experience at Santiago Bernabeu!

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