Finally it’s for me to talk on the first of my celebrity chef dining with many more to come, I had done the research online and made reservation way in advanced for my meal here, Gordon Ramsey is the deal here, especially in London. After countless episodes on Masterchef and other reality show, it is time for my virgin experience at one of his famed restaurant. Gordon Ramsey has actually a couple of restaurants in London and if I am not wrong he currently holds 7 Michelin Stars. Bread Street Restaurant was one of the fuss less and chic restaurant that serve up authentic British food. This is a good place to try some of his cooking and thoughts on his menu since it is one of the more affordable ones. 

Located in Bread Street, Bread Street Kitchen is huge spanning over 3 levels, with the ground level being sort of a cosy bar and the main dining room on the second level, the ceiling is super high and the decor is in industrial looking. This is their unique style. Just very chic and hip with a no fills and yet fine dining experience. It is just super relaxing there. The place is huge with a couple different dining section there is also a semi opened bar and kitchen where you could also spot the wood oven. I really like the place, although busy at times I was there in the late afternoon with seemly lesser crowd, glass covered the exterior from ceiling to flow, allowing lots of natural light in. It is really a relaxing experience and nice for some late night drinks too. The location was perfect, near the St Paul Cathedral which makes it good for some strolling after the satisfied meal and definitely some photo taking. In the mean time here are the pictures of the menu and the restaurant.
IMG_2417 IMG_2420IMG_2413 IMG_2414 IMG_2415 IMG_2416 IMG_2444 IMG_2446
Although Gordon Ramsey wasn’t there to welcome me and show me my table but I was served promptly by a friendly waitress whom was perfect. Her engagement, knowledge and interaction was perfect. Polished and well trained. Water was served and the menu was layout for us. The waitress was also very interacting, recommending some dishes for us order and even try to help us visualise the taste. It seems that the staff here are not only well experienced one but they had also try out the dishes to be able to recommend them to customers. We decided to skip on the starters and went straight to the mains. We ordered the Steamed Sea Bream with braised leeks, brown shrimps, sea purslane and shell fish dressing which was an extremely light dish but absolutely delicious. The flaky white fish just falls apart and were extremely tender, accompanied with the savoury tender leeks and crunchy shrimps the feeling was so different and multi layered. The dressing also provides an extra flavour to the dish while at the same time not too overpowering and heavy.
The Goosnargh Duck Breast was another dish that we have ordered. Medium well was chosen as we do not really eat rare stuff, but this was extremely well too, tender and extremely flavourful. A heavier dish then the fish the meat was extremely flavourful and the berries sauce was well too, the pairing was great with the tangy berry sauce reducing some of the after heaviness duck. Accompanied was an awesome cabbage puree and also boulangere potatoes, which fills you up. I extremely like the potato as it is tender to the point where it is not exactly falling apart but also very creamy and flavourful.
Personally, I had the slow roasted Cumbrian Saddleback Pork belly which is famed across the Bread Street Kitchen worldwide, this is one of their signature touch across the branch. But how could I not try out the original one at Bread Street. Along with the home made spiced apple sauce, one word, delicious! You could never go wrong with pork and apples, heaven made combination. The pork was tender and the idea of it along with some of the melted fat slipping down your throat is worth killing for. Then you get the crispy crust which is just noise pollution whenever you bite it. Absolute perfection.
Although being awfully full, how can you not end a meal the normal way? Especially when there is a selection of artisan dessert available, after the recommendation from the knowledgeable waiter this time, I decided to go ahead with the Yorkshire Rhubarb, hazelnut and almond crumble with vanilla custard. Served on a Dutch pan straight from the oven, it was piping how, accompanied with the thick cold fragrant vanilla custard, it warms your stomach and leave your tongue satisfied. The dessert was great, tangy, crispy, sweet, three layers of texture and taste.
After some photo taking in the restaurant, it is time to ask for the bill and the end to a nice dining experience. We asked the nice waiter to take a picture for us and he joking said that it will cost 15 pounds, me joking replied perhaps only with Gordon Ramsey in it. We also asked when Gordon will show up in the restaurant. It was a nice ending. Although with the bill coming to around 80 pounds, this was still a great meal. I have just dine at the newly openly branch in Singapore, so stay tuned for my post on it and the comparison to the original one in London.

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