Finally the time have come, I hope you guys have been waiting for this. Come on all Europe lovers, I am going to get started on my amazing, indescribable trip which I have just taken to Europe. To speak frankly, this trip was not as relaxing as it seems, simply, the planning part of this trip perhaps took me more than a year to do so. Some of the braincells killing parts were getting the seats on Business Class and also plans for getting to cities we were travelling to in Europe, which means complex internal flights connection and the train tickets. Although I have to say some of the booking were done by my Citibank Prestige Card Concierge, which were a great help, both in bookings and also dining recommendation and reservations. For me personally this was definitely useful given that I do not speak or read any European Languages which made it hard in looking at menus and calling to reserve tables. For you guys, this means looking forward to some amazing restaurants reviews, a preview of some of the amazing food I had in Europe.
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Furthermore, in this part of the series I will do a comparison about the internal flights in Europe on Lufthansa, British Airways, Iberia Airlines and also the Spain AVE High Speed Train. To share some of my trip planning. I had first book and waitlist my flights in Singapore Airlines Business Class as soon as they are open for reservation, which is usually about 11 months in advance on the website. Singapore Airlines seems to be lacking in European destination when you compare them to other airlines such as the Middle East giants, but they are the best way to fly, even the business class seats are comparable to other airlines first class cabins. However, they usually only release 2 seats on the Saver class for redemption, other than that you will have to go for standard class redemption. Although to say, you can definitely waitlist for the saver class. If you have an elite status with the airlines, it definitely make thing much easier, I will share with you in a couple post on that soon.
To share a bit of tips on Singapore Airlines redemption booking, there are 3 classes for redemption, the saver class is the cheapest and also have the most limited seats, although when the flight is closer they sure will release the seats depending on commercial booking. After all, why leave the seat empty. The best way is to redeem your miles online, where you get a 15% discount also, for European destination, Copenhagen and Amsterdam are the most worth it. You will get to enjoy the hospitality and seat for close to 13 hours for 51,000 Miles where other popular European destination such as Frankfurt, Zurich and London cost 68,000 Miles. I have to say that for the most of us “Popular” means that you are less likely to be successful in getting a seat or in your waitlist unless you do have an elite status with the airline. But then, I have seen people with PPS Solitaire also didn’t managed to be successful on their waitlist. The trick that I use was actually separating up our booking to each person as a waitlist for 1 pax is definitely easier to get than for 3. To contact me if you want another cunning trick that I have for Krisflyer redemption !!! I have decided to fly to Istanbul, which is a bargain to me actually, first of all, it only cost 38,250 Miles and Istanbul is only about 2 hours from most European Cities. After all life can’t sucks when you enjoyed on a 13 hour Business Class flight and just spent about 150 bucks and 1 hour plus on economy.
After some researching and testing out on the connection, my destination and itinerary have a structure. With these key notes in mind, I started the planning, first of all, I wanted to visit London, which I missed out my 2012 Europe Trip. You just can’t miss out London right, after hearing and seeing virtually so many times, you just go to see it with your naked eyes. I had also wanted to return to Madrid again, I love Spanish Cuisine and my parents didn’t visit Madrid when I was here last year, furthermore it will be my dream to watch a Real Madrid soccer match at Santiago Bernabeau with Cristiano Ronaldo sprinting down the Pitch. Prague, and there was Prague, my mum have always wanted to visit this beautiful sight on earth after watching a Korean drama that was filmed here. With Madrid in mind, since you are going Madrid, why not Barcelona also. Barcelona is one of the top tourists attraction in the world.
Therefore as the final itinerary stands I will be flying for Singapore to Istanbul, Munich, Prague, London, Madrid and Barcelona with a stayover in Istanbul at the end before returning to Singapore. Although I have to say I totally regretted the stay in Istanbul, which I will share more in the near future. The Istanbul stay was decided simply because we have to had an overnight before the flight back to Singapore. Munich was also not wasted as in came above my expectation, the place the people and the culture. After all Germany is very fresh to me, I can actually say that Paris was my most unlikable place in Europe, I just hate the rush and the people. No difference from Singapore. With all these I depart for a 21 days trip to Europe that I have live out of my life. Due to the length and the immerse coverage of these reviews, I will be splitting up into many parts and days, stay tuned for those articles to come soon ! To sum up, below is a travel map of mine.

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